Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bevlyn in Concert - Lonely Afternoon 2nite - 13thAug08

Hey guys,

2nite is the concert of our local songwriter Bevlyn Khoo who have sung in various venues and even on radio 1003fm. If u guys have heard of the songs "Lonely Afternoon" or "When I am 80" in my blog, she is the one who composed and sang the songs. For more information about her, u can check out my previous blog posts: Time to Explore Art Sounds...!!! & Jazz in July - Bevlyn Khoo (Les Chansons Français). For new visitors on the block, do check out my previous blog posts in the month of August & July. Why? Simply due to too much new information (auditions, gigs, album launch, copyright digital music works license) updated...that I can hardly catch my breath lol... . Anyway back to the topic, the concert details are as mentioned below:

Concert: Bevlyn in Concert - Lonely Afternoon
Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Location: University Cultural Centre Theatre
Street: 50 Kent Ridge Crescent
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Below is the excerpt taken from her facebook page:

Bevlyn's first EP album 'Lonely Afternoon' was released in Jan 2008, and after a series of promotional activities through radios, schools and charity functions, she is looking forward to this proper concert where you can hear and see her deliver music from the album in the University Cultural Centre Theatre. (We all know how hard it is for local musicians to find a proper venue to perform!)

Other than providing guitar and harmonica accompaniment, madboy Tien-yao will also be delivering his original songs. Shawn Kok will be on percussion, Lim Chun and Lim Hui on violin, and James Yeo will be on piano and bass!You can also get a sneak preview of "No problem", a single by singer-songwriter Yet Dunhong, who will be launching his full-length album in September.

The concert promises to be an intimate evening of sharing of inspirations behind their original works, new songs, a few of their favorite covers, and mindless banter.

You are welcome to join them if you are free that evening, It is entirely FOC, well except:

1. Pay for the transport to NUS UCC
2. Spare the time to be there early and grab a seat because it's free-seating. Tickets are available 1 hour before the show at the ticketing counter.
3. Bring $13.90 to buy a copy (or 2) of Bevlyn's album if you do not have 1 yet.

Post a message here if there's any cover(s) you want us to do that evening. We are still open to suggestions!

If you miss this, Bevlyn also has no idea when the next one will be. See you there!

Credits:Photography - Gabriel Mendes Photography (
Poster Design - Edgar Lim
Videography - Vocare Media (

N.B. Banter will be mainly in Mandarin and English

Event information contribution

Credits given to: Bevlyn Khoo

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