Thursday, August 28, 2008

Matsuri@VivoCity Aug 2008

Local japan-influenced bands, talents from Ocean Butterfly performances are happening in the cosplay event. Details are shown as below:

Day One - Music Matsuri

• Official Bands & Singers Showcase 2008

Day One - Music Matsuri(JRock/ Punk/ Pop Rock/ Visual Kei/ Lolita)

Date: 30th Aug 08, Sat
Booth: 11am-8pm
ShowTime: 3pm – 8pm

Note: Time & order of band(s) showcase to be confirmed.

Path Records (Artiste):

1) Ana Natasha
2) Latest Artiste Rock Band (to be revealed)

Special Guest appearance:

1) Jack & Rai (from EIC)
2) Talents from Ocean Butterfly community bands/ singers:

1) Band Name : Cloud Sef.

Day Two – Cosplay Matsuri(Cosplay/Anime/ Games/ Movies)

Date: 31th Aug 08
SunBooth: 11am-7pm
ShowTime: 2pm – 7pm

Cosplay AllStars Selection Autumn 2008

Cosplay in character outfit based on Anime, Manga, Games & Movie.

Interested participant(s) pls register by 27th Aug08.

Contestants must report 1hr before contest time.

Individual:* Round 1- 2pm* Round 2 -4pm

Team:* Round 1 - 3pm* Round 2 - 5pm

Announcement of winner(s) @ 6pm
• Dance ShowcaseStreet/ Anime related/ Para/ FusionMusic to be used: Kpop, JPop, Songs/ Sound track from anime/ games

• Cosplayers' love Train 2008 (WGR)

• Others cosplay, anime related showsSupporting Partners

• 77th Street
• TimeZone
• The Axxis
• SouthWest CDC
• Ocean Butterfly
• Path Records
• Pan-In-The-Box
• Attic Gothic
• Mr Cosplay's Otaku House
• Inoue School of Japanese Language & Arts

• Others Pls pm for:

1) booth rental,
2) performing slots for both days
3) CosplayAllStars contest
4) Cosplayers' love Train 2008 (WGR)

Event Promotion start 010808 At Timezone, 77th Street, and others

Do take note for the special event/member/new member sign-up packages!!!Limited event official apparels package (More than just t-shirt) - booking & purchase by members only (limited 2pcs per member)

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