Sunday, October 11, 2009

Esplanade Presents: Late Nite - Raw Jazz by hanjin - 27 Nov 09

In Nov 2009...Catch our local Hong Kong based singer and music producer "Hanjin" back in Singapore! Well he is definitely someone worth catching with so many credits under his musical belt. Examples like these would probably surprise you:

1. An original song "No Regrets" written for international Mandarin Pop Heavenly King known widely as "Song of God" - Jackie Cheung in 1998

2. Pepsi Campaign
In 2007, Hanjin produced a song for international sensation Christina Aguilera and Korean pop idol, Rain, for a Pepsi Campaign.

3. Music collaboration with a famous Hong Kong Music Artist and actor would know. His infamous acts really have made big sensations...on the female Hong Kong celebrities and the whole music/acting industry. For those who don't know, just be patient.

Well the credits are shown on his website or videos of him. la...I will show you at the end of the post. Enjoy his performances first:

Performance at College of International Education

Performance at Timbre@Arts House - For Jazz Music Lovers - He is performing the original fantastic music piece "Spain" written by the great international USA based jazz pianist/keyboardist legend Chick Corea!!!

Performance in Jazz at SouthBridge with our renowned international jazz pianist Jeremy Monteiro & Hong Kong guitarist Eugene Bao with local musicians.

Here comes the famous Hong Kong Artist "Edison Chen" who was featured in a few music videos with Hanjin. For those who don't know Edison, he is the one huge Hong Kong music artist who got himself into trouble when clips and pictures of him bedding with Hong Kong celebrities were stolen from his computer.

Note that in no way that I am trying to give a bad name on HanJin by featuring him with Edison. It is to show the real fact that even such "famous" artist like Edison work with our local musician like Hanjin. It shows that we have real breed local music talent in Singapore. And I mean REAL music talent!

It appeared that Hanjin worked pretty closely with Edison on rap and hip hop music. Enjoy!!!

Enjoy the music video on HEINEKEN 型人聚音樂會 (some music gathering party)

The video performance shows a Radio Interview @ FM93.8 Live recently at September 2009.

After hearing so much about Hanjin, isn't it time to show our appreciation and support to watch Hanjin live at Esplanade? Start buying the tickets now!!!
Click HERE to buy the tickets!!!
Hanjin's website: Click HERE!!!

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