Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time to Explore Art Sounds...!!!

Hey guys!

the month of July is coming to an end... . Attending various music performances such as jazzy french songs sung by our local Singaporean songwriter talent "Bevlyn Khoo" and simulating film art sounds/visual moving images by sound artists "Yoshihiro Hanno" & "Dickson Dee" were such magical musical moments for me! Seriously Bevlyn's songs on her CD are worth buying as collection items of inspiration & easy listening tunes for music lovers. She was so sign her autography on my CD! Get her CD to support Singapore music and musicians!

p/s to Bevlyn: U were so cute to comment me in wearing pink clothes @ yr gig! First woman who noticed on my "pinkish" clothes! Ladies...don't goggle on my clothes too Bevlyn...I really appreciate yr sharp "eagle" eyes! As a form of appreciation, I will write my comments and experience for yr gig at Esplanade concourse on that nite itself in another post!

Now gearing back to music lovers...out there! My focus on music will be gearing slowly towards experimental sound art in the upcoming month of August. lovers don't worry! It's also relatively a new field for me to understand too... .I promise to hold yr hand and brain to crack the "divine" code in this sound art form! Be sure to look forward to the bits & pieces in my music journals on performances by our local songwriters & musicians in my blog too. I will be back soon to update u guys for an upcoming electronic and experimental music showcases exhibition happening on this coming Sat nite! Feel free to give comments/leave tags on my cbox if u guys are interested to contribute/"engage" me to post yr favorite music stuff! That's all from me!

Signing off
Yr Music Lover & Connector

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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