Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Has Nat Ho "Unleashed" your potential to the next level???

Has Nat Ho "unleashed" your potential to the next level???

I bet watching the cool "Unleashed" music video below by

Singapore ex-MediaCorp actor-turned singer Nat Ho could potentially unleash
yours as he blasts u off to the futuristic dance world!

Like it???
I must say it's looking good! 

More about Nat Ho: 
Singapore actor-turned singer Nat Ho has released 
his debut EP album "Unleashed" recently in April. 

The production of "Unleashed" EP album costed him at least 
$100,000 (mostly from his own pocket)!!!

Peek into RazorTV videos on him and his preparation 
for his BIG official EP "Unleashed" media press conference 
with MediaCorp below.

Nat Ho Unleashed (Nat Ho Pt 1)

Nat Ho Unleashed (Nat Ho Pt 2)

My respects goes to people like him who dare to dream
and put words into action especially in the small local
English pop music market in Singapore.

Once again I leave u guys in listening his song "Unleashed"!

Read more about him and his music in TODAY ONLINE NEWS!

More electropop/dance music news of
music producers/singers/musicians 
(one related to the recent NBC reality show SING-OFF competition show 
on Channel 5) will be coming up soon in the next few series.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazyworld Music Festival 2012 (31 Mar, 1 Apr, 7 Apr, 8 Apr)


Nic Lee (member of champion band "Milubing 迷路兵" 
in MediaCorp Channel U’s nationwide competition "Superband")

BlackForest (My personal favorite artist for the festival - Highly entertaining, funny and energetic band)

棉花糖 katncandix2 - All Tixs Sold Out!

Past Artists who have performed in the festival



For more details, please visit http://www.crazyworldcafe.com
Where to purchase tixs online: http://gatecrash.com.sg/?page=event_detail&actionForm=detail&eventID=908

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