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SG Musicians Meetup at Orchard Central! 6th Nov'10 music sharing

Announcing a new Meetup for The Singapore Singers & Songwriters Meetup Group!

Hi to all!
Hope you are doing great with your music! We will be organising our next meetup at Orchard Central. If it is successful, Orchard Central will love to sponsor and host this musician meetup every Saturdays. For those who perform outstandingly, you will be given solo stage the following day (Sunday) and a token sum of up to $300 cash!

...In addition, I was told that they are going to film your individual performance on a high definition (HD) camera. This I would say is good for your personal portfolio, I can upload it and you shall tag or download the video.

Yep, that's the agreement that Orchard Central had given us. Basically the setup is acoustic base, and you can sing both original as well as cover songs. Sing your hearts out and play your instruments. I will update you guys on what sound equipments they have.

Do bring your own music equipments (e.g. guitars or keyboards etc). Let me know if anyone of you are willing to bring an electric keyboard and your personal guitar...but I saw from previous meetups most of you will bring your own guitar (no worries if you are not comfortable with sharing your equipments).

Just in case like previous times, some may message me if it is complimentary, yes it is free. This jamming session is for you! Just play and relax =)

Simply come down for this informal gathering and display your music talents...share the music together. Do RSVP asap as there will be limited availability this time round.

More details and exact meetup venue for next Saturday will only be broadcast to members who RSVP "Yes!". I will message you guys the information.

(p.s.** if you would like to perform, kindly arrive on time between 12.50pm-1.00pm as the registration for free-play will be on a first come first serve basis)


RSVP to this Meetup:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taiwanese backup vocalist Ying-ying Shih for famous Asian pop star Wang LeeHom (王力宏) @ CrazyWorld Music Cafe Gig - 28Oct10

A Taiwanese jazz, pop and gospel singer/songwriter Ying-ying Shih
who have toured with famous Asian pop star LeeHom Wang (王力宏) has
just arrived on Singapore shores.

Guess what?
She will be performing tonight at CrazyWorld Music Cafe.
More details on her gig can be found HERE!!!

If u guys have not heard of her, u should come.
Wondering why? Check out the videos of her performances below:

Why oh Why + Lonely Without You
Don't u feel lonely at times when u are alone by yourself?
Perhaps Ying Ying's song Why oh Why + Lonely Without You
can relate to u the best when u are lonely.

U can even catch a segment of her
imatating vocal trumpet!

Have u ever thought of your grandma or someone close to your
heart who u missed him/her a lot ever since he/she is gone?
Ying ying actually dedicated and sung a song
送乎阿嬤ㄟ歌 Song for Grandma for her Grandma.

That's really sweet of her. Catch the song below:

送乎阿嬤ㄟ歌 Song for Grandma

How can one forget Corinne Bailey Rae a singer songwriter with her song 
Like A StarLike a Star was such a smash-hit around the world
and landed into the Billboard Top 20 in the USA!!!

Below is YingYing's rendition cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's song "Like A Star" 

A few songs performed by her below:

If You'd Rather

Softly at Backstage Hong Kong

So u heard her music online. Have she touched your heart?
Then what are u waiting for? Grab those tixs now before it runs out!!!
More links details:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

London based band "I am Giant" In Singapore Gig Presale Tixs (25Oct10 - 4Nov10)

Media Press Release Brought to u by EAST WEST MUSIC MANAGEMENT & EVENTS Company

I Am Giant is a London based band consisting of
New Zealanders Shelton Woolright, Paul Matthews,
Aja Timu and Brit, Ed Martin. Described as
‘edgy rock with groove and melody’,
vocalist Ed Martin delivers powerful, soul
influenced hooks and epic choruses.

Drummer Shelton Woolright and guitarist Aja Timu
are formerly from critically acclaimed triple platinum band ‘Blindspott’(EMI),
the only rock band in New Zealand music history
to have both their debut and follow up albums
enter the charts at number 1.With massive sold
out tours and headlining slots at festivals through South
East Asia, Japan and Australia, Blindspott are
one of New Zealand's most successful rock band to date.

Bassist Paul Matthews credits include double
platinum selling Tadpole (EMI/Antenna) and
more recently ‘Stylus’. Paul is also an in
demand young producer/engineer, having
worked on several gold and platinum selling albums,
and top 10 singles including Blinspott’s self titled
debut album.

Ed Martin was the singer in UK pop prog-rock band
‘Volume’ (Island) and has worked as a vocalist with
the likes of The Artful Dodger, Craig David,
Bruno Ellingham (producer for Katie Tunstall,
Elbow and New Order) and Mark Hil.

The band have been successfully winning fans
around the globe in the short time they have
been together! Last year they became the
Quiksilver Ambassadors for Europe which lead
to countless festivals and events including
Brixton’s Skate and BMX Jam, Quiksilver’s
‘Chromataphobia’ and the Quiksilver Pro Tour
in Biarritz, France.

In March they sold out their first tour
in New Zealand, in May performed at two
Tiger Translate parties in Vietnam,
before returning for gigs in France, London,
Liverpool (Sound City showcase) and then racked
up the frequent flyer points by touring New Zealand,
Australia and America through June/July/August
before returning to the UK to play at the
British Surf Champs and an encore performance
at this year’s Quiksilver Pro Tour in Biarritz, France

The band have had tracks featured on
many extreme sports DVD’s including Quiksilver
Euroforce Surfing Videos, Mormail Brazilian
surfing label's DVD through South America and
America, White Lines magazine in Europe, and
'Cloud 9 Movie'-the Kelly Slater story. The
band is also sponsored by Gibson Guitars.

I Am Giants first single ‘City Limits’
has been a massive hit on rock radio in
New Zealand having been on an A Rotate for
nearly 5 months and, at number 10, was the only new entry
in the Rock’s Top 20 Best Kiwi Songs of All Time.

In the UK, the single has been
spot played on the Rock Show on
XFM and were booked for a
live in studio session in May.
In Asia the video has been added to
MTV and Channel V. The video has been
viewed nearly 80,000 times on Youtube.

Their second single ‘Neon Sunrise’
has just debuted in the Top 20 singles
chart in NZ and the video features 9 times
world surf legend, USA surfer Kelly Slater
and has been viewed over 70,000 times on Youtube

City Limits/Neon Sunrise EP is available via Itunes worldwide
‘Unbelievably good four track EP…..seriously good quality business.
Highly recommended’ Rip It Up

‘…… an explosion of raging riffs and
anthemic songs with soaring vocals by Ed Martin, a man
with an immense yet delicate voice. Keeping it pure and
simple will positively place them in the hearts and minds of many.
‘City Limits’ is only the start for I Am Giant; expect great
things in the future. ‘ 11 out of 13

‘With their massive sound and irresistible hooks,
I Am Giant are fast becoming the name on
peoples lips, even before the release of an album.
Debut EP City Limits shows just why their
stock is rising so rapidly, full of ambition,
intricacy and feeling……Such clever construction is
a rarity in rock music and will go a long way to
enhancing I Am Giant's reputation still
further. For a debut EP,City Limits is a polished,
imaginative and thoughtful effort worthy of
all the plaudits it is sure to receive.’

Looking for music composers for film music

Edwin a student film-maker is looking for music composers
to compose music for his film. Details are as shown below:

The story revolves around the main female lead who is the 4th wife, she resigns to fate that she is a mistress of the rich man but she is the best among the wives and she can control her man. It is just one long take in one scene about 6 to 10 minutes long, where she wants to seduce the man who is with the rest of the wives playing cards, for a dance. There is a lot of tension and under currents going on.

The whole feel I'm looking for my film is more like a mood piece. I have some music reference for the feel I'm looking for such as Yumeji's theme from the OST of In the Mood for Love or Polonaise from the OST of 2046. Below are the links for music reference:

Edwin is willing to pay but not on a high budget.
Interested parties, please email to:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BiteSize - The Swinging '60s (Music Talk @ Esplanade) - 30 Oct 10

More details on the talk: Click HERE!!!

Cover on the famous classic song "Fever" (Composer: Little Willie John)
by The Surfers:

The Surfers - Hooray for Hazel

Sakura & The Quests - Aku Kechewa (For Mandarin Music Lovers)

Lam Leng & The Quests - Boys (For Mandarin Music Lovers)

The Quests - Hey Girl

Rosnah & The Siglap Five - "Oh Abang-ku" & "Gembira-ria" (For Malay Music Lovers)

Jeffridin & The Siglap Five Malay garage (For Malay Music Lovers)

ROCK 'N' ROLL with HT LONG (Man...I know I should not put it since the focus is on Singapore instead of Malaysia...but I really love his rendition...makes me remind of Elvis - The King of Rock & Roll)

Cells Unlimited - Where Am I Living?

I hope u guys enjoy all these nostalgia songs! I sure did enjoy these songs!

My personal thoughts:
Look at the past to understand why it has shaped the present moment
we are living in Singapore.
Then only would we be able to have a clearer direction of 
where we are heading towards the future.

So what are u waiting for? Grab those tixs NOW!!! :)
Link to buy the tixs:

Note: I will post up more videos of Singapore 1960s songs. Thanks to Joseph Clement Pereira (the speaker of the coming Esplanade talk) who provided me with all these links. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jazz Music Appreciation Course for music lovers (Closing Date: 29 Oct 10)

Singapore-based saxophonist jazz music educator Greg Lyons will be
starting a new jazz music appreciation course in this coming
Nov 2010.

For those who have been interested in jazz and want to
understand how the evolution of jazz came about or 
simply just want to enjoy listening jazz in pleasure,
this course is just right for u. 

experience in jazz or music is required.

It is for people who love jazz and want to 
know more about how it developed, 
how it sounded at each stage, where 
elements within jazz derived from, 
and who were the main movers and 
shakers within it. 

The details are shown as below (provided by Greg)

Course Details
It will be delivered as a combination of lecture, discussion, listening session and video viewing session in a fairly informal setting.
To give a historical, cultural and aesthetic perspective on the evolution of jazz since the early 20th century.
Who should take part
Aimed at all lovers of music and requires no musical skills or theory, but is of extreme importance to young jazz musicians who are not fully aware of their musical heritage.

The course will be led by Greg himself.
Cost: $250 per participant
Course duration: Once-a-week basis for a 2-hour session over the span of 8 weeks
Projected day and starting date: Tentatively on Wednesday 3rd November at 7pm depending on response or request in change of date

Closing Date: 29th October 10 
Email Enquires:

U can find out more about Greg here!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Recently three Chinese Indie bands (Ah5ive/Elyzia/Redpoll) have
released their "Live for the Moment" (LFTM) compilation album.
It's good to see that they decided to take steps and put words into
actions to promote Chinese indie music scene.

Ask yourself: Why am I still working so hard for $$$???
U might even wonder "Why the heck am I working so hard
instead of living for this particular moment in my life to shine
and live my dreams?"

Perhaps u might find an answer in the songs of "Live for the Moment" (LFTM)
compilation album.

Listen to the songs samples in the playlist below.

CD cost: SGD$15 for pre-order and SGD$18 for retail.
How to purchase: TYmusic center or e-mail your enquires to order online

Videos of Ah5ive @ a music conference (Music Matters)
in Hong Kong during 2010 where their
compilation demo album was circulated:

Check out the story behind  
below. (Thanks to Kay Wee Campaign Manager of LFTM)



Return to Base

03rd Oct 2010

Live for the Moment
Campaign Manager: Kay Wee
Email: (Pls note that I don't usually
reveal the person's mobile number for privacy purposes.
If u need to contact Kay Wee via mobile no, please contact me
via or u can directly email him.)

History and background of Live for the Moment
“Live for the Moment” (LFTM) was founded in May 2010 by a group of three Chinese-indie bands, all born and bred in Singapore.

Band Profiles
Ah5ive – Urban Alternative Rock
Elyzia – Nu Hard Rock
Redpoll – Fusion Folk Rock

We have been actively performing in Singapore’s Chinese indie music scene since 2007; to name a few recent events – Esplanade’s Chinese Festival of Arts in February 2010, in local clubs like home club, the ark at scape youth lab. Each band has had their own achievements to speak of, but most significantly, we came together with a common dream - to promote the presence of Chinese Indie music, compared to commercial pop that is often heard on the local airwaves.

Our vision is to create hype and gain recognition for Singapore’s Chinese Indie music by introducing our unique brand of music to everyone on a global scale.

Aims and objectives
LFTM is committed to developing a vibrant Chinese Indie Music Scene, enhanced by a diverse membership of musicians. LFTM strives to preserve and promote an inspiring environment for its members, in addition to the general community.

We plan to expand our membership by extending invitations to other local bands who believe in our mission. To further promote this campaign, we will offer support to promote the music and profiles of our new members – especially in the production of compilation albums to offer a diverse mix of music from various local bands.

LFTM Compilation Album – Return to Base
In May 2010, we proudly produced and launched our compilation demo album to promote the spirit of LFTM, and our music. Following the soft launch, LFTM was proud to represent Singapore during a Music Conference (Music Matters) in Hong Kong along with other international acts. Our compilation demo was circulated during our performances in Hong Kong.

To bring our achievements and dreams to a higher level, we jointly produced Return to Base, our very first official compilation album for LFTM. Return to Base features a mix of songs that aptly showcases the best of each band’s unique style.

The design concept for our album is inspired by the excitement of mankind’s first forays into space – pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. Eventually, we gain wonderful experiences and return home feeling victorious about our achievements. The launch of Return to Base is a milestone for LFTM, and we sincerely hope to garner the support of media authorities for our very first launch in our hometown of Singapore. Our launch date will be on 20th Nov 2010.

Ultimately, our main purpose is to inspire Singaporeans to be proud of being a part of the growing Chinese Indie Music population. When we dare to dream, we can realise our dreams with our talents and abilities.

-We Live for the Moment -

More Links:!/pages/Live-for-the-Moment/112115792165086?v=wall

Sunday, October 17, 2010

HARD ROCKIN' 3 GIG @ Homeclub - 23 Oct 10

1OR8 FACTION (a record label, production house and urban attire label operating in Asia, primarily in Singapore and Japan) in Asia is presenting a whole series of Hard Rockin" gigs. If u like hip hop and urban music, u should not miss it!!! Check out the video below:


Event Details
Tickets are $15 at the door, inclusive of 1 drink.

The 1 or 8 Faction CD will be on sale at $5 during the event!
First 20 to purchase the compilation will receive a free bottle of Hooch!

Zushan will be helming the 1s & 2s!
Featuring performances by:

// Monkey King
// C-Nil
// Dawn Jay
// Kwizyne
// Tyara
// Sean2Flow

Look out for the man with the camera that night!
Official event photos by Vanan M Photography


So how can u miss this HARD ROcKIN" III?
Besides u will see actor Adrian Pang from MediaCorp Company in the video below!!!

*Exclusive promotion for 1 or 8 Faction's group members:
Join the 1or8FACTION facebook group and leave us an RSVP wall post and pay just $8 for your ticket!
Click here:!/group.php?gid=71142965986&ref=ts
Event Link:!/event.php?eid=153129451384878

Famous Carmen Fantasy on Er-hu!!! Sun Huang in Concert:An Erhu Recital of Traditional, Contemporary and Transcribed Works 孙凰二胡独奏音乐会 - 19 Oct 10 - 20 Oct 10

Sun Huang in Concert: An Erhu Recital of Traditional, Contemporary and Transcribed Works

二胡 Erhu - 孙凰 Sun Huang plays Pablo de Sarasate's 卡门 Carmen Fantasy Part 1

二胡 Erhu - 孙凰Sun Huang plays 第二二胡狂想曲Second Erhu Rhapsody Part 1

二胡 Erhu - 孙凰 Sun Huang plays 刘天华 Liu Tian Hua's 闲居吟 Xian Ju Yin

二胡 Erhu - 孙凰 Sun Huang plays 阳光照耀着塔什库尔干The Sun Shines on Taxkorgan


30th September 2010
For Immediate Release


Sun Huang in Concert: An erhu recital of traditional, contemporary and transcribed works. The foremost erhu player of her generation, Sun Huang is the first prize winner of almost every major professional international Erhu competition, whose technique, tone and artistry has been admired by audiences round the world. For two nights only, The TENG Company brings Sun Huang in to Singapore for two rare and breathtaking solo recitals.

Sun Huang has worked with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and the China National Symphony Orchestra, and has held successful concerts with conductors Tsung Yeh, Li Xin-Cao, and Yang Yang among others. She has performed and collaborated with composers Tan Dun and Chen Yi among others, and has performed on the same stage with famed American cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.

Having also performed a concerto with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Sun Huang’s first solo concert in Singapore, which will take place from 19th to 20th October, will be held at the Esplanade Recital Studio with a local premiere of Liu Wenjin's The Admirable Spirits of Xueshan and a world premiere of Sun Huang's piano accompanist, Qu Dawei's The First Erhu Concerto. In conjunction with the concert, Sun Huang will also be conducting an erhu masterclass at the Singapore Raffles Music College to discuss the erhu as an instrument, its techniques and its contemporary repertory. In addition, limited slots of private classes will also be conducted during her five-day stay in Singapore. (For private classes enquires, email to:

• Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore (Official Hotel)
• ZoCard Singapore (Official Media)
• Singapore Raffles Music College (Supporting Sponsor)
• Gtar Enterprise (Supporting Sponsor)

Date: 19th & 20th October 2010
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio
Time: 7.30pm
Ticket Price: $42
Tickets are available through : SISTIC Website:, SISTIC Hotline: (65) 6348 5555 and SISTIC Authorized Agents islandwide. A SISTIC booking fee applies for each ticket.
Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 60% of the ticket price.

Wang Jian Min: Second Erhu Rhapsody
《江河水》东北民间乐曲 黄海怀改编
North East Folk Song, Arranged by Huang Hai Huai: River Waters
《雪山魂塑》 刘文金 曲*
Liu Wenjin: The Admirable Spirits of Xueshan*
《第一二胡协奏曲》曲大卫 曲**
Qu Dawei: The First Erhu Concerto**
《独弦操》 刘天华 曲
Liu Tian Hua: Meditation on a String
《卡门主题幻想曲》 萨拉萨蒂曲 高韶青移植
Pablo de Saraste, arranged by Gao Shaoqing: Carmen Fantasy
* Local Premiere 本地首演
** World Premiere 全球首演
(82mins, 15mins intermission 82分钟,15分钟中场休息)

Date: 18th October 2010, Monday
Location: Singapore Raffles Music; 6A Woodlands Centre Road #02-280, Singapore 731006
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: $15 per ticket
Masterclass tickets are available at Gtar Enterprise, Karl Heng Enterprise, Eason Music Pte Ltd or through

The TENG Company is a collective of visionary and award-winning Singaporean Chinese instrumentalists that have come together to promote and provide for the outreach, education and awareness of Chinese instrumental music to the world.

Started by Chinese musicians themselves, the company aims to spur and deepen the interests of Chinese music among the masses, and aspires to bring Chinese instrumental music to the world with their brand
of vitality, gregariousness, multi-lingualism and music - transcending the barriers of language and cultural centrism.

The company comprises of:
Yang Jiwei, Executive Director
Dr Samuel Wong Shengmiao, Artistic Director
Gerald Teo Rengui, Business Associate
Benjamin Limyi, Composer-In-Residence
For more information, please visit ‘’.

Sun Huang, is one of the foremost soloists in the Erhu and is a current lecturer with the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. In 1991 she was admitted as first place to the primary school affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1994, Sun was promoted to the conservatory's affiliated high school. During this period, she studied under Professor Lin Xinming and Associate Professor Wang Li-Li.

In 2000, under the recommendations of the Shanghai Conservatory’s affiliated high school, Sun was exempted from entrance examinations and gained a position in the Central Conservatory of Music’s Folk Music Department. At Central Conservatory in Beijing, she came under the tutelage of renowned Erhu performer and educator, Professor Liu Changfu. She also received guidance and instruction from various Erhu masters, including Min Huifen, Jiang Xunfeng, Chen Yaoxing, Xu Jiangde and An Ruli. While in Central Conservatory, Sun also came under the tutelage of Professor Li Heng (for Banhu instruction) and Professor Tian Zaili (Gaohu).

In 2004, Sun was given direct admission to the Central Conservatory of Music Master's programme. She graduated in 2007 and has since been a lecturer in the Central Conservatory. In 2005, Sun served as Zhonghu Principal in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. She is currently a member of the Chinese Folk Orchestra Society and the Chinese Musicians Association.

Since 1988, Sun Huang has won 12 first place awards (or Gold Prizes) for Erhu performance. They include the 2009 CCTV Folk Instrument TV Competition (Erhu Youth Category). The 2007 6th Golden Bell Awards, the 2002 Dragon’s Cup Erhu Competition, the First Chinese Folk music (Erhu)International Competition in 2002, The 1995 "Tian Hua Cup" National Erhu Competition amongst others.

Sun Huang has visited the United States, Japan, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Britain, Turkey among other countries. She was invited by Turkey’s D-Marin International Music Festival to perform together with the Izmir State Symphony Orchestra - the first Chinese folk musician to be invited to the festival. Sun has worked with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and the China National Symphony Orchestra and has held successful concerts with conductors Tsung Yeh, Li Xin-Cao, Yang Yang among others.

She has performed and collaborated with composers Tan Dun, Chen Yi amongst others and has performed on the same stage with famed American cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. While in Austria, she so impressed then-President Thomas Klestil, that he subsequently invited her to stage a solo concert. In 2005, Sun performed a concerto with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Since 2003, Sun has published three solo albums and two teaching instructional videos and has been invited numerous times for solo concerts engagements in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Malaysia, Shanxi, Chongqing, Taiwan, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Ningxia, among other places, always staging successful performances and giving lectures on the Erhu.

For enquiries, please contact:
Yang Jiwei
Executive Director
The TENG Company

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Singapore International String Conference (1st - 4th Dec 2010) - (Latest Updates as of 26Oct10)

To find out more details about the conference, click on the link below:

Thanks to Miss Shumei Yap (violinist) for the info. :)
Videos of past Singapore International String Conference performances
and lessons are shown below!!!



Yap Shu Mei
Artistes International

101 Thomson Road
United Square #03-21
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6250 1911
Fax: 6250 3216

3rd Biennial Singapore International String Conference (SISC)

Singapore  --  October 7, 2010  --  In association with Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Artistes International is proud to present the 3rd Biennial Singapore International String Conference (SISC), which will be held December 1-4 at the conservatory premises. SISC is devoted to musicians who play the violin, viola, cello, double bass and guitar.
     Some 300 string teachers and young students from Singapore and across the world are expected to attend this conference, which will feature several celebrated string clinicians and acclaimed practitioners, including such luminaries as Christian Howes, Helen Brunner, Gabriel Bolkovsky and Timothy Durbin. This is a rare opportunity for participants to learn new skills and gain invaluable insights into the different musical styles of various cultures from around the world. They will learn to improve their playing, and be inspired to soar to heights of artistic excellence.
The deadline for regular registration is October 31. For more information, please call 6250 1911, or visit the conference website at

# # #

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Original version)


Yap Shu Mei
Artistes International

101 Thomson Road
United Square #03-21
Singapore 307591
Tel: 6250 1911
Fax: 6250 3216

3rd Biennial Singapore International String Conference (SISC)

Singapore  --  October 7, 2010  --  Mark your calendars for a spectacular musical event in early December! In association with the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Artistes International is proud to present the 3rd Biennial Singapore International String Conference, which will be held December 1-4. The conference activities will be conducted in the music conservatory’s state-of-the-art facilities located at the Kent Ridge campus of the National University of Singapore.
     Some 300 string teachers and young students from Singapore and across the world are expected to attend this international conference, which will feature several celebrated string clinicians and acclaimed practitioners of international stature. Some of the renowned string clinicians who will be sharing their professional knowledge and artistic expertise with conference attendees include such luminaries as Christian Howes, Helen Brunner, Gabriel Bolkovsky and Timothy Durbin.
     The conference has already earned the national recognition of the Singapore Tourism Board, which selected the event to be designated as a event. SISC is expected to be an exciting landmark event underscoring Singapore’s thriving arts scene. The conference will serve to enhance our nation’s synergistic efforts toward making Singapore a global hub for the performing arts.
The collaborative brainchild of two established local string musicians who received their professional training in the UK and USA, SISC provides a nurturing environment for string musicians as young as two years old to experience the passionate joy of making glorious music with their string instruments. The founding directors, Ken Tan and Yap Shu Mei, decided some years ago to craft their own innovative formula based on their personal experiences of having attended some of the established summer music camps and professional conferences in Europe and America.
They firmly believe that Singapore possesses the innate capacity to host an international conference specially designed for string teachers and young string musicians. Sensing a dire need for such an innovative concept to be birthed on local soil, they decided to establish Singapore’s very own international string conference that’s devoted to musicians who play the violin, viola, cello, double bass and guitar. SISC was conceived as an urgent call for action to help remedy the drastic shortfall of string teachers and string musicians here in Singapore, as compared to other developed nations across the world. This condition is especially critical for the viola, cello and double bass.
Since its inception, the conference has served as a concerted endeavour to help foster string studies among our youth. SISC hopes to captivate the hearts of young musicians and inspire them to pursue the study of a string instrument – be it the violin, viola, cello, double bass or guitar. There is already a proliferation of young piano students across our national landscape, and it is the directors’ ardent wish to encourage our youth to study a string instrument as a viable alternative. Not only are there obvious advantages gained from the portability of a string instrument, but there is also the added bonus of experiencing the pleasure of collaborating with other musicians in a community music ensemble or orchestral setting.
Now in its third edition, SISC has been attracting world leading string pedagogues who unhesitatingly journey to Singapore biennially in December to share their knowledge and expertise with conference participants. This is a rare opportunity for string teachers and young string musicians to learn new skills and gain invaluable insights into the different musical styles of various cultures from around the world. Conference attendees will be able to learn from world-class string musicians who will not only help them improve their playing, but also inspire them to soar to heights of artistic excellence.
     SISC offers several levels to suit the artistic needs and technical capabilities of conference participants:
§         Beginner
§         Primary
§         Elementary
§         Intermediate
§         Advanced
§         Young Artist
Enthusiastic string musicians are strongly encouraged to sign up now for this amazing biennial international string conference. The deadline for regular registration is October 31. For more information, please call 6250 1911.

# # #

Friday, October 15, 2010

Guinness Live! Unplugged, Singapore Music Marketing and Promotion by Guinness « Marketing « invisible PR (Latest Updates as of 15 Oct 10)

Check out the music news: Guinness Live! Unplugged, Singapore Music Marketing and Promotion by Guinness « Marketing « invisible PR
Just that I wish that they provided more info. on the timing... of the event...which
Impactasia (PR company for Guinness) have given me below:

Too much to update from various companies on different music campaigns/events.

Note: Advertisement contracts or agreements can be allocated on my music blog for affordable prices in future.

Facebook link on the events performance details including venue and time:

Here's the press release sent to me by Impactasia (PR agency for Guinness).



Guinness Live! Unplugged Kicks Off
Local music talents rise together with Guinness

Singapore, 23 September 2010 – In support of the local Chinese music scene, Guinness has launched an exciting new talent programme and music event series called ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’. As part of the 18-week programme, Guinness fans can look forward to spending their Friday evenings enjoying great food and beers together with ‘live’ entertainment. Eight specially selected up-and-coming bands will take turns to showcase their musical talent at over 40 roadshows held at various heartland locations island-wide.

To give these bands the platform and opportunity to truly develop their talents, its participants will also receive advice, pointers and guidance from industry veterans Eric Ng (acclaimed Music Producer), Xiao Han (award-winning Songwriter) and Jim Lim (member of popular local band, DreamzFM) and Anthony Png (renowned Music Teacher) who have been invited to join the programme as mentors.

“Recognising the importance of collaboration in creating new opportunities, we hope to use the ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ programme to equip these bright young stars with the tools to establish a career in the local music scene, to bring them beyond the 15 minutes of fame. At the same time, the exciting series of ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ events will provide our consumers with quality entertainment that they can experience with friends and family at their favourite dining outlets”, said Mr Paul Bisson, Marketing Manager of Guinness at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS).

Sharing the vision, acclaimed performer-composer-producer, Eric Ng said: “It is great to see a brand like Guinness make a commitment to support the local music scene in this way. There are many talented but yet-discovered Mandarin bands out here and ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ differs from other music events because it offers a platform that gives these bands the opportunity not just to perform, but to potentially kick-start their musical careers.

As a strong fan base is the foundation of a successful band, Guinness is also offering the eight bands the chance to build their “fanbases” through the ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ events and dedicated Facebook pages. At the end of the programme, the band with the most number of fans online will win the chance to catch acclaimed Hong Kong singer, Emil Chau, ‘live’ in concert as well as a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour while there.

Listen out also for a specially-produced ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ theme song that will be playing on leading Chinese radio stations in October. Produced by Guinness mentors Xiaohan and Eric and performed by a local artiste, Guinness will also invite each of the eight bands to perform their own renditions of the song that fans can view and vote for online. More details on the theme song will be released at a later date.

These activities and the mentorship by industry veterans will serve to equip the aspiring young bands with a better understanding of the music industry, and also give them the essential marketing tools to promote themselves as a band.

The series of ‘Guinness Live! Unplugged’ events kicked off on 17 September and will be held at premium dining outlets at heartland locations island-wide. Every fortnight, three bands will perform at selected venues and bring good friends, great music and relaxing times together. Exclusive prizes and premiums will also be given away through various Guinness activities and special promotions.

More information about the ‘Guiness Live! Unplugged’ events can be found at


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YingYang Rooftop Bar Presents DOOMPH! ON THE ROOF - 15 Oct 10

Information provided by Ashe Narayan
15 October 2010
Press Release

Historical Backgrounds:  With it's roots firmly based on Funk, Soul, Boogie Italo, 80's electronica, electric-funk & Disco, DOOMPH started out in November 2009 as a small monthly party brought together by DJ's Jean-Baptiste (FRA), Matty Wainwright (UK) and Brendon P (SGP). Not content just to stay within the realm of music from the past alone, the trio used their global DJ'ing experience and vast knowledge within the spectrum of sound to fuse the music of the past with the futuristic Nu Disco Sound of present day.

The Plan & The Concept: Generally to bring to punters, not just a quality night out, but a fun one as well that is musically diverse and interesting from start to finish. Brendon's 30 years as both a well known veteran DJ, remixer and producer see's him churning out re-edits, remixes and re-arrangements of popular and underground disco, funk, soul, and nu-disco gems that have are also being sought after and played out by several dj's around the globe as well, and a quintessentially elemental feature of every DOOMPH party.  The party also pays host to guests every now and then; the focus not being on big name dj's (as our boys do just fine, if not better), but to bring out quality local talent within the island.

The DJ's: Jean-Baptiste (FRA), Brendon P (SGP), Matty Wainwright (UK)

Guests so far: Ramesh K (SGP)

Forthcoming guests: Niko Alphonso (SGP)

Present day:  The party continues to grow in numbers and with a current 3 month stint at the newly opened YING YANG rooftop bar space atop the Club Hotel, Singapore, DOOMPH has plans to go places where no party has dared to go before, with an massive up and coming boat party in the works in the first half of the new year.

Publicity and Support: Ashe Narayan, Knightrunners & 42 Below

Technical Support: Pop Trash

The future...looks very bright. But don't just take our word for it, come and experience the spirit for yourselves.

For More Info on us, including DJ Biographies, demo mixes etc... follow these links:



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