Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music Charity Show - From Us to You, A Benefit show for little Raiyan Shafiq - 17 & 24 Aug 08 (Latest Updates as of 19Aug08)

Latest Updates from the organisers:
Many thx to all that have shown support to the cause in the past 2 shows. In appreciation of your believe and overwhelming support towards the cause,PRE-SALE TICKETS at $8 are now available for the final show on the 24th.Tickets at door on actual day will still be at $10.Pls contact Izhar at 98432834 or MiL at 82000187 for PRE-SALE TICKETS.So, do hurry as tickets are limited.


it's time for me to update the latest news for the music event on this Sunday after watching Bevlyn's concert last nite (will write a review on her performance soon). Here's the first one. A bit of charity u can do for the unfortunate sick and enjoy some live music performance at the same time this weekend & next weekend.

Below is the information about the beneficiary sent by Izhar:

Here’s a brief insight of the beneficiary if you still hadn’t known...

For the past two years, 3 year-old Raiyan Shafiq has been bedridden and the part of his brain which controls his breathing, swallowing, digestion, eye movement and heart beat is damaged.

He has difficulty breathing, swallowing and to digest food. He is aided by a machine to help him breathe and has a tube inserted through his nose leading to the stomach to feed him.

Raiyan is infected with the EV71 virus, a severe infection of the Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD). He does have a chance to be cured but it would take a huge sum of money to fund for the machine needed for the operation. A doctor has stepped forward to offer himself to do the operation without any charge, but they would still need $75,000 for the machine.

After the article was featured in The Straits Times, help poured in for the family. In the Berita Harian report dated 16 July 2008, it was reported that they have managed to raise $12,000 through contributions from kind-hearted Singaporeans.

Please help to spread the news of the shows, as well as create awarness about Little Raiyan..every litle help goes a long way...I have visited the family and told them of the shows.100% of ticket sales as well as all donations collected at the 3 shows (outside of the shows are welcome too) will be donated to the family.Once again I THANK ALL OF YOU....UNDERGROUND KIDS THAT CARE.....its not me...IT'S US....


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