Monday, February 9, 2009

70'an Gerek Auditions! from MediaCorp Suria TV Channel

Hey guys,

it's a pleasant surprise to get a music notice email from staff (Zurr) in Mediacorp Suria Channel. Apparently it's about some audition search for people who can croon Malay Songs from 70s. Who knows??? U might get a chance to be on TV!!! I will see if I can get hold of more details on the contact number and email address if people are interested. Below are the details:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Demystifying Opera - 7 Feb 09

Find OpErA tOOOO PrOfOunD to understand and appreciate??? A little workshop for u Esplanade as this local former opera singer and Singapore Symphony Orchestra Education program gives an explanation on opera appreciation. Now u wont be called a "sotong" when someone asks u about opera in Singlish "I catch no ball...leh..U know what to listen in this OpEprrra...meh???"

Music Workshop: Demystifying Opera
Location: Esplanade Rehearsal Studio
Date: 7 Feb 09 (sat)
Time: 2pm

Bevlyn & friends Gig at Esplanade - 3 Feb 09

Our local talented singer song-writer Bevlyn Khoo and her friends will be celebrating our chinese new year Huayi festival season tonite at Esplanade WaterFront Stage. Admission is free. If u support good local music artists in singapore, do come for their gig!!!

Below is an abstrast from facebook (Credits goes to Bevlyn Khoo for the information below):


Hi there, do join my band and I to celebrate the festive season if you're free on 3 Feb 09!

Other than bringing on songs from my debut EP, as well as a concoction of jazzed-up Chinese New Year songs and Shanghai oldies, I'll also be performing a few songs from my upcoming full-length album, scheduled to be released end of Feb, under the Jap label S2S.

Also featuring James Yeo on piano, Shawn Kok on percussion, Wah Yong on double-bass and Lim Hui on violin.

Hope to have a fun evening, see you there!

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