Monday, July 25, 2011

"Little Nyonya" "小娘惹" hit TV drama songbird Bevlyn Khoo launches new album “Feel about you" Esplanade recital (29 July 11)

Recognize that familiar voice in the closing theme song of "保温" of Mediacorp’s hit television drama series Little Nyonya "小娘惹"? That very same voice behind "保温" is Bevlyn Khoo (a Singaporean singer songwriter under S2S music label) who has been touted by the Japanese media as the next Corrinne May.

Having previously released three albums successfully, the winner of Singapore Indie Award 2009 continues with her 4th new album recital launch “Feel about you” on 29 July 2011.

Here’s a video of her first new single "A Love Song":

If u want to catch her live Esplanade concert, it seems that all tixs have sold out! Call Esplanade (tel no: 6828 8377) to see if any tickets are available or visit online music forums in Singapore ( to see if people are re-selling tickets to her concert.

More media information on Bevlyn Khoo (by her music label S2S) & her new album “Feel about you” coming Soon...

FB event:!/event.php?eid=194017653979897

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sony Music Entertainment Singapore Distributes Mandarin Band "TKB" debut EP "第一步 | 第一部" release!

Sony Music Entertainment Singapore recently distributed a new debut EP release
"第一步 | 第一部" by an upcoming Mandarin band "TKB" in June 2011.
What's more exciting is TKB's upcoming debut EP release launch gig happening
on 30 July 11.

TKB's "黑色相片" & "By Your Side" in the EP release were broadcasted first on Mediacorp Radio YES 93.3FM by DJ Dennis Chew in April / May 2011. Take your time to enjoy these songs below.

TKB's first official release via Youtube "黑色相片"

TKB's first official release via Youtube "By Your Side"

TKB have also contributed their part for charity
with their performance to raise funds for
the badly affected Japan by the terrible earthquake
and tsunami disasters back in March 2011.

Check out TKB's live performance entitled "No.17"
@ St James Dragonfly "Jam for Japan" fundraising event

I must say that they have pretty good sponsors backing them up.
Check out their video with the sponsors and supporters in it:

Their sponsorships and endorsements
include the following:

1) Earthling "the event agent"(band marketing/management)
2) Qwish (official website sponsor)
3) 32Bit Recording (sound engineer/recording master sponsor)
4) IceRockz (x1 free bubble tea coupon with TKB album purchase)
5) Macbeth (apparel/footwear endorsement for TKB )
6) Tattoo Craft (monetary sponsor/all illustration/ all design
7) EZ50 (Venue sponsor for TKB's launch promo show)

Curious to know about TKB?

Check out their biography and journey in music...below:


Lead Vocalist - Nicole - Her petite frame and her sweet impish smile creates an air of presence & surprises us all with her thunderous vocal range. She commands stage presence through having experienced and performed at various local and international dance congresses and events.

Drummer - Matt - An 'ang moh' Australian who displays aggressive drumming techniques, he has experienced drumming in large performing arenas in Japan, Indonesia and Australia. Matt being the only caucasian in the group, he does add flavour to a mandarin band!

Bassist/Vocalist - Kenny - An experienced performer who has been playing bass and composing since his secondary school days. His playability coupled along with Matt's rhythmic progression, the pair belts out powerful attacking syncopations.
Kenny is the male vocalist and in TKB and raps as well.

Lead Guitarist/Band Leader - Derrick - As the band leader, he drives TKB's movements and fuels the band into accomplishing its current disposition.As TKB's main composer/writer and lead guitarist, Derrick hopes to push TKB further with more refreshing and inspiring music and hopes to create further awareness in the mandarin rock circuit, locally and abroad.


January 2011 - launch of TKB's official website

February 2011 - completion of first studio album "第一步 | 第一部"

April 2011 - first Live Performance @ Dragonfly "Jam for Japan" fundraising event

April / May 2011 - first radio broadcast for TKB's "黑色相片" & "By Your Side" on YES 93.3FM by DJ Dennis Chew

June 2011 - contracted a local distribution deal with Sony Music Singapore for "第一步 | 第一部"

June 2011 - ongoing negotiations with Swee Lee Music Company on instrument endorsement deals

July 2011 - 30th Sat july 2100hrs promo launch gig at EZ50.

Aug 2011-6th Sat Aug 2000hrs Hood Bar '21st SCIM'.

Want to listen more of their songs?
Check out their EP song tracks below:

More information about TKB's EP "第一步 | 第一部" below:

TKB's EP "第一步 | 第一部"
TKB album design stems from the idea of big music from little red dot Singapore.
The little reds from the event posters, CD album inlays, and the disc face all has a red dot which symbolises a made in Singapore produce.
TKB wants to be identified as a band from Singapore with big dreams and our desire to be heard by all, over the continent.

TKB is new and vibrant with our street-style image and self-branded music & sounds.

TKB is unique with an Aussie drummer who keeps the band real tight, a duo female/male vocalist for vocal prowess and a band filled with stage experiences to support main vocalist who is also a performing dancer since young.
TKB is as real as it gets upfront.

TKB would be the first in local mandarin band scene to
hold our own launch event this 30th July sat 9pm at EZ50.

EZ50 -no1.
Neil Rd S088804

TKB is up on their website promotions page.

TKB's two songs 黑色相片 & By Your Side are also featured in YES 93.3FM by Dennis Chew in April period.

There are a couple of firsts including being recognized by Sony Music Entertainment Singapore and under their local distribution contract.

And TKB is also proud to present the numerous supporting sponsors and endorsements and a sponsored website.

TKB is spearheading with full throttle for this debut launch event and hope much to be reviewed by 联合早报 and other reporters as well.We hope to leave an impression for the masses who have yet to heard of TKB and to continue supporting this TKB movement.


TKB is a 4 piece member homegrown mandarin rock outfit whose musical direction summons an array of dynamic rhythms, energy and suspending melodies. The band composes and arranges all of their music, stemming from individual member's influences.

Their newly released album "第一步 | 第一部" is a reflection of a truly Singapore produce. As the album title suggests, this marks the band's first step into mainstream Mandarin music genre and to continuously produce more chapters in the future.

TKB aims to achieve International standard in terms of their music and hopes that this will inspire local youths and homegrown artistes. By raising this benchmark, TKB wants to assert positive energy amongst the local music industry hence creating more opportunities and avenues for aspiring musicians in fulfilling their dreams.

Rock music is not neccessary loud music,but rock music certainly must pack a punch and with every rock music,there is a ballad or two.

Don't hesitate to start on TKB, TKB might just start you up on air-guitar and lip-syncing as soon as u hit the play button.

All Press Media Release Credits: Derrick (Lead Guitarist/Band Leader in TKB)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Chance to WIN TIXS OF NEON TREES LIVE Singapore concert in July 11!

If u are seeing my blog post now,
then u are in for a treat.

MusicArtLifeSG will be giving out 2 pairs of NEON TREES LIVE IN SINGAPORE
concert tickets for free!!!

So how do u win the tickets?
Simply follow the steps below:

1. Follow our  "musicartlifesg" twitter page.
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3. Answer the questions and retweet the answers on your twitter page.
4. The first one who answers the question released on either day wins a pair of ticket!

Hint: Those who have subscribed to my mailing list
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I know u guys are getting really hot. Take a FIJI Water bottle below and quench your thirst.

GULPPP...AAAHHH...our thanks goes to FIJI Water for the NEON TREES concert tickets giveaway.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Open to residents living in Singapore including those with student pass or work permit.
2. MusicArtLifeSG Team will select the first retweet amongst all eligible entries as the winners.
All decisions made by MusicArtLifeSG are final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained on
MusicArtLifeSG's decision.
3. Each selected winner is ONLY ALLOWED to win a pair of ticket.
4. MusicArtLifeSG reserves the right to disqualify all entries failing to meet the conditions and regulations of the contest. These include entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information.
5. Winners will receive confirmation email from MusicArtLifeSG Team on the instructions in claiming the prize.
6. The contest will end on 2359 Hrs (1159pm SG Time), 23 July 11.
In the meanwhile, enjoy the catchy song 1983 by NEON TREES:

Check the article on NEON TREES by Channel NewsAsia in Singapore:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Invitation to the "How to Organize a YouTube Celebrity Concert" Public Lecture

Hi Guys,

I just got this email from Sma (School of Management).
For youtube singers/artists/musicians, u might be interested
to attend this interesting lecture below:

Due to the growth of the online generation (or ‘netizens’) and the success of YouTube, the entertainment world is now shifting rapidly online. Find out more on how the online presence is so popular that it is now becoming possible to be a celebrity making videos right from your own home!

SMa Institute is happy to have invited Raphael Lim (Director of RGEN Entertainment) to share with us on how the online presence is so popular currently. He will also be covering the steps he took in organizing and hosting the Boombox Tour 2011 in Perth.

Profile of Raphael Lim

Ø Director of RGEN Entertainment, currently still pursuing a Bachelor of Media in Screen and Sound in Murdoch University

Ø Loves to work with upcoming Youtube artists and filmmakers.

Ø Presently going over to America for an exchange program.

Ø Successfully hosted Boombox Tour 2011 in May this year as a student project.

Raphael undertook a live entertainment project and invited world-famous YouTube performers to Perth to entertain about 1,200 Perth’s netizens! The concert was about bringing out artists that have made a name for themselves on YouTube and to bring them onto a physical stage. The artistes who were involved in the tour include Nigahiga, Kevjumba, Jayesslee, D-Pryde, Maribelle Anes and American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia! This kind of concert is only known to those on YouTube and the online world, and it is very popular among teens.

For more information of this session, please refer to the attached eDM or log on to

Details of the event
Date: 26 July 2011, Tuesday
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Address: CITY Campus @ 410 North Bridge Road, Room 06-07/08

**Refreshments will be provided after the session

For interested parties, kindly RSVP to Meiling at or 6572 7736 by 4 pm 19 July 2011, Tuesday.

Interested parties,
PLEASE CALL ASAP as Meiling will be on leave from Wednesday 20 July 11 onwards.
U can email to me ( if u want the flyer.

For those who want to attend NEON TREES Concert on 26 July,
be sure to e-subscribe to my blog and twitter
as I have been entitled by FoodNEWS PR to give
away not 1 but 2 pair of NEON TREES concert tickets
to my followers!!!

More details on the NEON TREES concert tickets
give-away will be released later this week.


Evening muzak - 19th July11

Evening muzak
venue: Night & Day (139 Selegie Road) - please call and ask Night & Day for more details.
date: 19th July (Tuesday / yes tomorrow, sorry)
time: 8:30pm
admission is Free.
please donate to starving artists

Monday, July 18, 2011

NEON TREES Live In Singapore - 26 July 11

Neon trees is here in Singapore on the 26th of July! Come join in and immerse yourself with a night of fabulous music from Neon Trees and special guest We Are Scientist. Don't miss this opportunity to catch one of the hottest bands around!

Venue: Fort Gate, Fort Canning Park
Time: 8pm
Date: 26th July 2011

For tickets, please call 6348 5555 or visit the website:

Information Credits: Great New Places

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lady Gaga Fashionable Lady Press Conference Back In Singapore!

Hey guys,

I am back again. Remember the article
I wrote on the FUN PACK modified lyrics of the
song BAD ROMANCE by mega-star LADY GAGA?

Apparently LADY GAGA was here
to promote her music recently
during her press conference
in Singapore.

Yes...someone did try to ask about her views
on the crappy modified lyrics of her song
for National Day Parade...but she got stopped!

Check the videos on her press conference below:

Something seemed to be wrong with the second video from Razor TV site below.
The second video might not be able to play:

Do keep a lookout as I bring more news
on new EP/album launch gigs on Singapore-based bands.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lady Gaga Bad Romance "Joker Lyrics" Reaching SUPER DISLIKE STAR Status!

Most of us heard of the Lady Gaga hit song "Bad Romance".
Looks like this song have really met its bad romance
and reaching its SUPER DISLIKE STAR status with
its modified "joker lyrics".

According to reliable news source from Channel NewsAsia and Strait Times,
NDP organisers did not obtain the rights to modify lyrics.

This must be a joke of the day to me and all Singaporeans!

Singapore is such a FINE country which Singaporeans
abides to obey the international lawful rules... .
Such things should been checked before hand.
How can the organisers miss this out!?

Apparently many netizens DO NOT LIKE the chessy
modified lyrics...a total of 2,369 dislikes and still counting
as of 6 July 11 when I viewed it!

Video link (**NDP 2011 CR3 (Fun Pack Song, "Bad Romance - Lady Gaga): - The link is blocked...I present u the same video by another user below:

That itself shows the importance of
writing good lyrics for a song.

My few options of suggestion to
the one who wrote the lyrics?
1) Bury yourself in the hole so that no one will find u.
2) "BANG" your head with our SAF's SAR21 assault rifle.
OR 3) Buy books on writing good lyrics before
any further attempt to become a laughing
stock again. Here's one recommended book for u:

4) Buy original composed songs to replace "BAD ROMANCE" song.

    Buying the rights to modify “BAD ROMANCE” lyrics will COST 
    MUCH MORE than u can imagine.

If u treat me nicely to "lakopi" (drink coffee), I might
tell u the company rending such music services.

For viewers and readers,
share your views and comments with me on the video!

If u guys want to share news on the current music
affairs from Singapore, u can email to 

Until then, GO GAGA with

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rap Rock Singapore-base Band "Chou Pi Jiang" heads off to O HaiYang Music festival at Fulong in Taiwan

Hey guys,

another Singapore-based band "Chou Pi Jiang"
is heading off to Ho Hai Yang Music festival
at Fulong in Taiwan.

It's always so heartening to find Singapore-based
bands being invited to music festivals in the world.
That SHOWS MUSIC TALENT is in Singapore as contrast
belief of no talent in Singapore!!!

Like Sixx (another awesome rap hip hop band from Singapore),
this band also focuses rapping together with music instruments.

So who exactly are these guys?
I got it from their facebook page:

The name CHOU PI JIANG 臭皮匠 (CPJ) is
derived from a Chinese proverb
which symbolizes the “strength of unity”.

Formed in the year 2000 with 7 core members,
Chou Pi Jiang is Singapore’s first Chinese rap-rock-hip hop band.

Check out the video of their music: 

The rappers actually rap in Mandarin!
I give my be honest,
its not easy to rap in Mandarin with all the
different pitch intonations in it!

These guys also performed at
Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009

Video of them performing at the awards:

ChouPiJiang_E Awards 2009 from Reddot Studio on Vimeo.

They also had their cd launch back in 2009.
Check the videos out!

CPJ " Now Or Never Launch" 20092009 Part 1 from Reddot Studio on Vimeo.

Chou Pi Jiang "Now Or Never" Launch 20092009 Part 2 from Reddot Studio on Vimeo.

Chou Pi Jiang "Now Or Never" Launch 20092009 Part 3 from Reddot Studio on Vimeo.

Well enough of saying. Wish them all the best at
music festival in Taiwan. Hope to bring u guys
news about them when they come back from Taiwan! :)

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