Friday, December 12, 2008

Rauzan Rahman's ReWrite Album Launch - 13 Dec 08

Another independent hip hop local music artist Rauzan Rahman is releasing his 2nd album 2molo evening. For those into hip-hop music, be sure to catch him!!! I must say it's real decent hip-hop music from our Singapore shore. Attached below are the email from "The XS Collective" (a collective of hiphop enthusiasts and activists in the form of lyricists, emcees, poets, wordsmiths and musicians that come together with a common bond and direction namely towards the elevation of the positive aspects of hiphop and music in general), his promotion trailer, photoshoot & links to his music online.

Email from "The XS Collective"
On Thu, 11/12/08, The.XS Collective <> wrote:
From: The.XS Collective <>
Subject: You are invited to Rauzan Rahman's ReWrite Album LaunchTo: Date: Thursday, 11 December, 2008, 11:02 PM

Rauzan Rahman is having his album launch "ReWrite" on 13 Dec 08. Please come along with your friends so that we can have fun together! :) We promise it will be a blast. I've attached a card containing the details of the event.Admission is FREE! We hope to see you there.

The XS Collective

ReWrite (Promo Trailer)

ReWrite Photoshoot

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Late Nite with A Vacant Affair 26 Dec 08

Catch another upcoming local band A Vacant Affair (AVA) at this Christmas Holiday Season. The poster above shows the band members in AVA. (Credits to Winnie who is a staff in Esplanade). Details are shown as below:


Since the release of its debut EP during the Baybeats 2006 festival, A Vacant Affair (AVA) has grown from strength to strength, garnering new fans and breaking staid, old stigmas about local music.The band’s journey has definitely not been easy, but its steadfast friendship and belief in the presence of hope during trying times have continually inspired the band to adopt a more mature approach to both music and life, and deliver intense, uncompromising live performances. Currently the band is in the process of completing the recording of its first full-length concept album – a thematic work which incorporates old and new influences while still keeping the honest and sincere vibes of the EP. Now be among the first to hear them perform music from their new CD live. Expect dissonant guitars over frantic percussion, rhythmic bass lines over thought-provoking songwriting.

Project BreakOut! (Vol.2 Japanesque Music Christmas)

For those music fans of Japanese music, be sure to catch the latest music event "Project BreakOut!" for christmas celebration in the month of Dec 08. Our local Jap-orientated/influenced bands will be performing some of popular Japanese music and songs which u won't regret coming. Below are some details sent by Kunio - a member of Project BreakOut! Crew.
Write up:

Date: 20th December 2008
Location: Potong Pasir Community Club
Ticket Price: Pre-Sales - $10 (Presales Commences on 1st November 2008 - 14th December 2008 )
Door Sales - $15
First 200 Tickets purchase @ Atsuki GL will recieve $60 worth of vouchers provided by our sponsors!
Pre-Sale Tickets can be purchased from:
1. Official Outlet Atsuki GL Located at Liang Court #03-10 (Cash & NETS payment welcomed)
2. Order through the Bands Involved
3. Through (search under Potong Pasir CC) (Booking only)
4. Mass order through Email

For those of you who missed it last year or do not know what PBO is about:[ "Inspired by the music scene & live houses in Japan, "Project BreakOut!" aims to organize annual Quality J-music events to bring everyone from the related communities as well as the public with the same passion closer together, also to feature local J-music orientated bands and to providing a platform for the bands/ enthusiasts to look forward to every year!
In December 2007, Project Breakout vol.1 presented 8 Local J-influenced bands like, HellvenX, 79TribalNation, Labyrinth[s] , Human error, Skyler, Razzle Play, ethe'Real & Oriental couch. Nevertheless we had great response & plan to make this year's event better. ]
This year we would be having a christmas orientated theme around the event, Jingle all the way!

Of course the main attraction of the event will be the show orientated Gig showcasing some of our best local J-Orientated Bands! There'll be a good mix of Jrock/pop/jazz/etc to suit whichever genre or sub-genre you prefer~As usual there will also be a mini bazaar with booths from our local J-punk/lolita/cosplay fashion outlets, language schools, school clubs, etc. to promote their merchandise/services at their promotional rates.

[Bands performing :]
Weekend Vacancy
For further inquires regarding this event please either post on this thread , PM me or drop an email to

Or you can visit our web-blog @ for ongoing updates~Bazaar
Currently we're seeking tenants who would be interested in selling their J-Culture or subculture merchadise/goods.Booths will be priced at only $20 for the entire event!!
If you're interested to set-up a booth to sell your goods please contact us @ and we'll get back to you ASAP, thanks!
See you at PBO!

Javanese Gamelan Course for Beginners (10 sessions) in Jan - April 2009

Interested in learning an Indonesian traditional instrument like Javanese Gamelan but find it hard to find someone qualified enough to teach u? Look no more as Dr Thomas Manhart (an highly qualifed ethnomusicologist and Gamelan instructor) guides u to master one of the most preserved music instrument from in Southeast Asia. Below is some information on Javanese Gamelan Course given by Dr Thomas Manhart.

Javanese Gamelan for Beginners (Jan-Apr 2009)
course jointly organized by
Southeast Asian Studies Programme, NUS and
Artyfakt – Space for Intercultural Arts

The Javanese gamelan is the largest member of a family of Southeast Asian musical ensembles, and its beautiful music is one of the most complex in the world. A skeletal melody which can progress at different speeds is punctuated at regular intervals by the large gong, and the resulting gong cycle is regularly subdivided into increasingly smaller sub-cycles by a variety of smaller gongs.

The music from Central Java traditionally accompanies ceremonies and dance and shadow puppet theatre performances, and it is also played by itself at informal performances qua practices for enjoyment.

Learn on one of the largest instrument sets in Singapore. You will master basic techniques and structures of the Javanese Gamelan in slendro and pelog tuning. In 20 hours, you will study several songs of different style and form and acquire skills on different instruments of the Gamelan.

About the instructor:
Dr Thomas Manhart is ethnomusicologist and Gamelan instructor at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and NUS. He studied music in the Academies of Munich and Vienna and obtained a teaching degree for music as well as his MA in music education (major voice and Javanese music) at Passau University, Germany. He was awarded a PhD by NUS, Southeast Asian Studies Programme on Music and Religion in Sumatra.

In Singapore, he founded his own music studio Artyfakt, providing Gamelan education to various schools.

Duration: 2 hours per session; every Thursday 19:00 – 21:00
From 22nd January (10 sessions; break during NUS study week)

Venue: AS2, NUS Gamelan room #02-01

Fees: S$260; (for students and NS men S$ 180); 10% early bird discount for registration+payment before 10th December
Min. 12 and max. 20 participants (First come, first served basis)

Registration by email to,
Deadline: 18th January 2009

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition 2008 ( Finals 6 Dec 08) & Yamaha Festive Sale (14 Nov - 28 Dec 2008)

YAMAHA Asian Beat 2008 is continuing the tradition of a successful Yamaha band competition since the 80s, 90s and in the new millennium.Formerly known as the YAMAHA BAND ALERT, this year’s competition would see an even more exciting group of bands and musicians taking part with the latest genre in music and high quality live performances.

This will be the biggest amateur band contest in Asia hosted in ten Asian countries, starting with qualifying rounds in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Philipines and China. Each country will first host their respective country heats, semifinals & finals. The winner of each country’s finals will converge in Hong Kong for the Asian Grand Finals to be held next year 28 February 2009.

The objective of YAMAHA ASIAN BEAT 2008 is simply to promote Asian band talent and provide an avenue for the development of local music creativity. For Singapore, it provides a great opportunity for us to encourage Singapore musicians to develop their musical abilities andshowcase their talents on a larger stage with the reputable backing ofYamaha Music (Asia) Pte Ltd.

Congratulations to the top 10 bands who had made it to the Finals.

The bands are:

1. III Sound Chronic
2. Stastic Rush
3. Knightsfall
4. Rising Heart
5. Sixology
6. The Danger Dangers!
7. Baricade
8. Ridge
9. Kegs

Join us at the Finals:

Date: 6 December 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 6.30pm - 10pm
Venue: Plaza Singapura, Front Plaza

Guest Appearances by:
1. Sonofa
2. SayWhale (Yamaha Asian Beat 2007 Winner)

Download Latest Yamaha's Beatspot Magazine Vol. 3 Here:YAMAHA BEATSPOT MAGAZINE


Play On Band Competition 2008 held @ Vivo City on Dec 6th

Catch the finalists from the local bands perform their original compositions based on the theme of saving the earth at Vivo City.

Music Event: Music Saves the Earth
Event Date: 6 Dec 08
Time: 12 pm onwards
Venue: Vivocity, The Plaza

More details can be found on the website Play On 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beats&Breaks - 5 & 6 Dec 08

Watch the performances of our very own local independent hip hop artists and bands @ Esplanade on 5 and 6 Dec 08.

Artists: FreakyZ & The Funkus, Sleeq, Rauzan, Sixx, Da Fam, XS.1 with DJ Ruxta. More details can be found on Esplanade.

OOOM - Originals Only Open Mike - 5 Dec 08

OOOM is a Singapore Art Cafe initiative. It is held on a Thursday/Friday in each month at external venues, and is a rare open mike in town that features original material of both music and spoken word. Registration starts at 7:30pm. Participants get to perform two to three songs or spoken word items. A digital piano, acoustic guitar and P.A. system will be provided, with the latter two being kindly provided by Maestro Guitars (

Admission is free. All are encouraged to support the venue by getting food and drinks. The first six OOOM sessions will be held at Wild Oats Bar @Emily Hill. (Source: Facebook)

Event Info
Singapore Art Cafe
Type: Music/Arts - Jam Session
Network: Global
Time and Place
Date: Friday, December 5, 2008
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Wild Oats Bar @Emily Hill
Street: 11 Upper Wilkie Road
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Phone: 65-96668850

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Songwriters Showcase 4 Dec 08

The information is provided by Christian Songwriters & Music Singapore.

Be serenaded under the stars at CSMusic's showcase finale of the year! Bigger and better, this finale showcase will be held at St Andrew's Open Amphitheatre and starring four artistes instead of two. Home-based artistes Neli Atiga and Jessica Wa'u as well as Australian-based Deb Fung and Alarice Thio will be accompanying us with music through the night. Twice the fun and more than double the blessing - book a date with us and bring your friends!The first 300 to arrive will receive a door gift provided by Integrity Media Asia. Present the attached flyer at Integrity Media Asia's booth at the event and get a $5 discount for any purchase as well! (Source:

Event Info
Host: C
hristian Songwriters & Music Singapore
Type: Music/Arts - Listening Party
Network: Singapore
Time and Place
Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: St Andrew's Cathedral, Outdoor Amphitheater
Street: St Andrew's Road
City/Town: Singapore City, Singapore
Music event information in Christian Songwriters & Music Singapore:
Email Contact:

Tis the season to be Merry @ Blujaz Cafe (Dec 08)

Below is the newsletter from Blujazz Cafe:

Omniform kickstarts December on their new schedule on Monday on the very 1st of December @ Cafe. For those who missed out, they’re back on the 5th Jan with some more great tunes - original compositions and arrangements by Mr Greg Lyons himself.Grooveworks settles the mid week nicely with our jazz afcionados on Wed 3rd Dec @ Cafe (1st Flr) from 9pm onwards.

Monster Trio starts the weekend with a bang on Friday 5th Dec @ Cafe (1st Flr) from 9:30pm onwards. But if you fancy a different sort of party, join Kyoko, our belly dancer @ Space (3rd Flr) for her performance, starting from 9:30pm onwards.
Ayaschool finishes off the a weekend @ Blu Jaz with her wicked boys on percussion and Budi on vox on Saturday 6th Dec @ Cafe from 9:30pm onwards. But we’re giving a shoutout to all our Thai friends as Sawadee Ka is here again @ Lounge (2nd Flr) from 9pm onwards with homegrown Live Thai Music
So whether you’re celebrating December with friends, family, we welcome you with open arms to Blu Jaz where we hope you consider us, your second home. Cheers. (Source article from Blujaz Cafe:
Tis the season to be Merry )

CitiBank Singer Songwriters Presented by JACK & RAI - 3 Dec 08

Do note that Jack and Rai will be performing with Alarice in Timbre on 3 Dec 08...just in case u guys get confused by Alarice - artist of the month in the poster. (Source: Thanks to my accapella music friend Chingmei for sending me this information). For anyone who have updates on local music events, u can send the event information to me.



Below is the event information happening 2nite (source: Facebook event from our local DJ Nomsta):
Event Info
Host: Nomsta* presents The Coffeetable Sessions
Type: Party - Reunion
Network: Global

Time and Place
Start Time: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 8:00pm
End Time: Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 3:00am
Location: Homeclub
Street: South Bridge Road
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore
Map of location : HomeClub

It's the last Coffeetable Sessions of 2008 @ Home club and we will like to close it with a bang! So apart from your usual steward Nomsta holding the fort while the rest of the world is at the widely anticipated Kraftwerk show at the Esplanade, we will be inviting one of the biggest champion of the Asia/Jakarta dance scene Agrikulture DJs to hold an "After-Werk" party as they adjourned to Home after the show.

About Agrikulture

Agrikulture’s dynamic musical vision has captivated concert halls and dancefloors around Indonesia and the region. Combining retro modern electronic sounds with edgy rock, funk and soul rhythms. They’ve collaborated and performed with the best artists Indonesia has to offer (i.e. Slank, Indra Lesmana & Reborn,Kris Dayanti, RIF, Ari Lasso, Syaharani, Shanty, Maliq and D’essentials) and chosen as the opening act for THE PRODIGY show and as Indonesia’s ambassador for the massive GOOD VIBRATIONS FESTIVAL in Singapore alongside the BEASTIE BOYS and CUT COPY and Malaysia’s biggest festival Recharge Revelation 5 GLOBAL GATHERING in Melaka, Malaysia alongside BLACKSTROBE, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO and JUNGLE BROTHERS. Agrikulture was first formed by Anton Wirjono (DJ Anton) and DJ Aditya, together they started by remixing influential Indonesian pop bands and playing live sets in clubs. Then DJ Hogi returned from San Francisco, with an arsenal of producing know how and musical experience; their musical explorations became something more of a phenomena. These three turned ears with their chart topping remix of Disko Di Rumah and and turned heads with their eye catching performances. Staying true to their roots, Agrikulture also performs decks & fx dj sets combining their mad skills with live synthesis and sampling mayhem. Agrikulture recently recruited two new members, lead vocalist Irfandy aka FanDFMC an icon in the indie scene and two time best MC (Paranoia Awards) and Emil Pahlevi on guitars. Agrikulture’s new live format accompanied by amazing visual artistry marks a new beginning for the band. Agrikulture’s debut album “Dawai Damai” came out inJuly 7th 2007 in Indonesia through Aquarius Musikindo and produced by Future10 music. The new album is loaded with fresh new tracks and wicked collaborations with Tika, Indra Aziz, Jason Tedjasukmana and Edo Wallad of The Safari.
Also features VJ team Palette - Plastikxp & Malcolm Wee.

This nite Homeclub extends till 3am. No coverage. See you there.
Website of Agrikulture:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Singapore Musical Theatre Newsletter December 2008

Recently I just received some music news from Kenneth (a local music composer and musical theater lover) who is associated with Music Theatre Limited Company. The Music Theatre Limited Company promotes and showcases locally-written musicals by Singaporeans and any inspiring musical writers in Singapore. The poster above features a upcoming future event organised by the company. Below is the newsletter for Dec 2008 (Source: Kenneth Lyen):

--- On Sun, 30/11/08, Kenneth Lyen wrote:
From: Kenneth Lyen

Subject: Musical Theatre Newsletter December 2008

To: "Kenneth Lyen"

Date: Sunday, 30 November, 2008, 2:35 AM

Christmas is just round the corner, and I hope that it will lift our
spirits. This year has been a most eventful one, ranging from the
highs of China's Olympics, to the lows of economic recession and
terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Musical theatre (and other arts) has been
adversely affected, says the Straits Times. So I am urging all of you
to please help support us by attending the events that we are

Time: Friday 5 Dec 2008 7-9 pm
Place: Bukit Timah Community Club (Toh Yi Drive, Jalan Jurong Kechil).

Another inspiring session where some of the most talented songwriters
share their craft and creed.
Be at the interesting, well-facilitated enclave of Bukit Timah, where
the best music talents around the Community Centre will display their
Contacts: Desmond Moey (HP 9272-1648) Skype "desmondmoey", Leong
KimHoe (HP 9761-3830) Skype "lampar138"

You are invited to this beautiful musical event: come listen to
sparkling Christmas songs written by our very oHEwn gifted

Date: 19-21 December 2008 (Matinee on Saturday 20th)
Place: The new Genexis Theatre, Fusionopolis (Junction of Buona Vista
Rd North and Ayer Rajah Ave)
Ticket price is $10 plus $1 admin charge by Gatecrash: or call the Gatecrash Hotline 6100 2005.
Tickets also available at all SingPost outlets, S.A.M. Kiosks and The
Substation Box Office.
It's free-seatings, so please come early to get the best seats.

You are invited to write a mini musical lasting 15 minutes, and get a
chance of having it staged during the Singapore Festival of Arts in
June 2009 at the Esplanade. The deadline is 31 December 2008. Please
download Rules and Regulations and the Application Form from:

You are invited to our Christmas/New Year party where I will be
conducting our annual Musical Theatre Quiz. Come learn a zillion facts
about musicals, and see what your musical theatre IQ is. And meet
other people who are mad about musical theatre. I will be sending you
details soon.

1. Subprime Song: Richter Scale
2. Here Comes Another Bubble
3. The Economy Song
4. Economic Bailout Song
5. Credit Crunch Song
6. Credit Crunch Anthem (courtesy of Elton John)
7. Wall Street Musical
8. Crash Dance
9. Depression Song
10. The Dollar and Its Diving
11. Bearish Song
12. Credit Crunch
13. Facebook Songs
14. Just Google
15. Dead iPod Song
16. iPhone Song
17. MySpace Song
18. Nintendo Wii Song
19. My PC is on Fire (enjoy the animation)
20. eBay Song
21. The Cheese Rap
22. I am Thesaurus Song
23. Preschool Musical (courtesy of Frankie Yeo)
24. RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation
25. Ode to Joy
26. Star Wars (courtesy of Sean Cheong)
27. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
28. You're Pitiful not by James Blunt
29. Airport Musical
30. Interval Song (cut from Avenue Q)
Too Real for Comfort! Scary!
Kitchen Opera
First Bollywood, now Bollymation?
25 Brilliant Animated Shorts
Life Working in an Animation Studio
How much can you earn at Disney's?
Malaysian Animation

Please let me know if you wish to write a musical or perform in one.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2008

" The Crossroads " at ZOUK - 1 Dec 08

Freemansland (a supporter of local music scene) is organising another music event "The crossroads" at ZOUK on the 1st December. Tickets at $20 with housepour. First 100 gets Band Privilege Card and Goodie Bags! Thereafter, 200 will get Goodie bags! Do check out the poster for more details.

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