Monday, November 10, 2008

Next Gen Rockers Talentime Camp in SP - Dec 08

Hey guys,

Looking for a music camp to learn music skills to play in a band, watch band performances and even get free food, jamming in the month of Dec08 when u know it's going to be boring to stay at home during the holidays??? Well below is some information for a music camp catering to the public in Singapore Polytechnic:

p/s: Pls note that in the email below, the sender's email and contact no is masked to protect the individual's privacy.

From: peiling yan Subject: Next Gen Rockers Talentime Camp in SP
To: Date: Saturday, 8 November, 2008, 3:09 PM

I am PeiLing from Singapore Polytechnic. I am organising a music day camp in SP from 9-13 Dec.It is a camp targetted at rock/pop bands or aspiring band members. You will get to visit recording studios, talk to experienced bands, learn performing skills that you might not be able to learn outside, and also experience a talentime at the end of the camp!
I've attached a brochure and poster below for more information.
I believe that it's a definitely worth it experience! Bands like
West Grand Boulevard and King Kong Jane are also playing live on the last day.
We are collaborating with the concert "In Rock We Trust", thus loads of other bands will be appearing too! Participants can also get to watch bands soundcheck as well as talk to the bands!

Not forgetting that participants can learn how to play as a band and also have their own talentime experience on the 2nd last day!

You also get to watch the bands soundcheck, something you'll never get to see at concerts!
If you're finding it expensive, let me give you a few reason why it's worth it:

1. The cost of inviting bands to perform and share experience.

2. You get to experience and visit studios in Singapore Polytechnic which is very updated in Singapore. Our studios cost millions of dollars.

3. You get jamming time!

4. We provide lunch and dinner!

5. And if you compare it to outside courses, it is comparatively cheap for what we offer. Just 4 times a week lessons (eg. vocal, piano, guitar), which accounts to 4 hours, cost more than 100 bucks.

You can either contact me, give me a call or an sms at ------- or you could reply my email. :)
ps. It would be appreciated if you could pass the news around and post it up on your blog.


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