Monday, August 29, 2011

Poetry of Song Competition! Brought by Timbre Music Academy & Singapore Writers Festival! (27 July to 5 September 2011)

I recently received an media release from
Fulford Public Relations on a poem
writing competition from
Singapore Writers Festival.

Apparently they are encouraging anyone
who can take up a pen and write
their own poems... .

What's cool is that u get to work
with singer-songwriters from
Timbre Music Academy to turn
your poem into a song if u win!

More Details of the Poetry of Song Competition below:

27 July to 5 September 2011

Sing us a love note! Timbre Music Academy, by Timbre Group, and the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) bring you Poetry of Song! Win a chance to work with professional singer-songwriters from Timbre Music Academy, who will work with you to turn your poem to a song.
The theme is ‘Love Notes’, so write one to your special someone, your evil ex, your mum or your BFF - as long as it's a poem - and email it to with your full name (as in NRIC) and mobile number.
Five shortlisted poems will be turned into songs and showcased on the SWF website – most popular song will be performed live at SWF in October. Better yet, there’s $1,500 worth of prize money at stake for the most popular song!
Submissions open on 27 July 2011 and will close on 5 September 2011.
More information can be found at

Rules & Regulations:
• All entries must be in English.
• Entries must be no more than 200 words in length and can be in any poem form.
• Entries must be original and must never been published before in print or online (book, anthology, journal and magazine).
• The competition is open to all Singaporeans/ PRs and residents of Singapore.
• Shortlisted writers will receive a cash prize of SGD800 and the writer with the most popular song will receive a cash prize of SGD1,500.
• Entrants must be aged 18 and above to enter the competition.
• Multiple entries are accepted.
• The schedule of the competition is as follows:
o 27 Jul: Submissions open
o 5 Sep: Submissions close
o 10 Sep: 5 poems shortlisted; shortlisted writers will be notified
o 11 Sep: Song Composition Stage
o 7 Oct: Song recording
o 15 Oct: Release songs at SWF website, public vote for most popular song
o 26 Oct: Finale performance and prize giving; live voting

About Singapore Writers Festival
The Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) is one of Asia’s premier literary events, organised by the National Arts Council. Inaugurated in 1986 as a component of the Singapore Festival of Arts (now known as Singapore Arts Festival), it later evolved to become the ‘Singapore Writers Festival’ in 1991.The festival presents some of the world's major literary talents to Singaporeans, and promotes new and emerging Singaporean and Asian writing to an international audience. SWF has featured many writers from around the world and delighted book lovers with literary celebrities such as Arnošt Lustig, Taichi Yamada, Neil Gaiman, David Mitchell, Ma Jian, Tash Aw, and comic book writers Gail Simone and Mark Waid. To date, it remains one of the few literary festivals in the world that is multi-lingual, focusing on the official languages of Singapore – English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

7th Storey band launches "The Temple Is Dirty” album launch party @ Home Club (25 Aug 11)

The band "7th Storey" (aka Daniel Rucerito...formerly known as Blue Room)
is launching "The Temple Is Dirty” album party at Home club
on 25 Aug 11.

Check out 7th Storey - Official Music Video "The Temple Is Dirty"

The video looks pretty impressive and professional.
If more bands in Singapore can produce such top-notch
quality music videos, people will be more willing to
pay attention to the bands.

Check out the songs from Daniel Rucerito's album. All
music instruments and sounds are played and recorded
by Daniel himself. The awesome quality of the songs
makes me wonder "Did he really play and record all the
instruments and sounds by himself?"

Well its not surprising. Afterall
David Bendeth (Senior Vice President A&R RCA Records)
once reviewed and chosen Daniel Rucerito's music only
to be known to the audience during Full Sail Success
Seminar back in 1997.

If u like what u have heard, do check out
his album launch party at Home Club on 730pm,
25 Aug 11 (Thursday)!

SPECIAL PARTY NOTE: When you buy any drink from 7:30-9:30pm,
you can top up for only $5 and receive a CD copy of the new album "The Temple Is Dirty"!

Visit 7th Storey's official artist website here.
20 Upper Circular Rd, #B1-01/06
Singapore, Singapore
TEL: 6538 2928

Friday, August 19, 2011

Taiwanese pop/rock band F.I.R.World Tour 2011 Featured Cellist launches his debut album recital ‘A DOUBLE LIFE’ (1 Sept 11)

Who is the cellist who toured with Taiwanese pop-
rock band F.I.R. as their featured cellist in
collaborating with an Appalachian Dulcimer
player in country music?

He is none other than Mr Loke Hoe Kit!
He appears to be leading a "double life"
as a cellist with such a well-known
pop rock band FIR and his own pursuits
in the classical music realm.

His Double Life album recital will be launching
soon at Esplanade in September.

Check out the live performance of Wind Struck
performed at the Esplanade by cellist Loke Hoe Kit
feat. Jasmine Mok and Joel Na.
(pardon the poor sound quality)

More details on "A DOUBLE LIFE" album recital launch:


Young Singaporean cellist Loke Hoe Kit has been described in a Straits Times review as 'probably the most visible local cellist [from his generation] to emerge'. The 23-year-old, who studied at the prestigious Mannes College of Music in New York, will release his groundbreaking debut solo album this September. A launch concert will be held at the Esplanade Recital Studio on September 1st, 8pm, with tickets on sale through SISTIC from July 1st.

Already a seasoned performing artist, Hoe Kit’s main aim for his debut album is to attempt something a musician could never do in a live performance as a new artistic challenge. The entire album will feature works for two cellos accompanied by piano, with Hoe Kit overdubbing himself to play both cello parts. Such is rarely attempted in the classical music and perhaps never done before locally.

Entitled 'A Double Life', this album is a major undertaking for the young artist who has produced it himself, and is a milestone for the local music scene due to the unusual concept of the work

By taking on this novel, and seldom tackled, artistic challenge - to blend and interpret two cello parts together in rendering substantial classical works – Hoe Kit’s vision is to usher in a whole new perspective as a performing artist by creating a work of classical art possible only through harnessing modern recording technology.

The repertoire chosen for the album is also unusual. Adding to the theme of duality, there are only two works on the album, and they parallel each other despite having been composed centuries apart. One of the works chosen is George Frideric Handel’s Sonata for Two Cellos and Piano written in the 18th Century. This baroque work is a transcription of its original incarnation as a trio sonata for two violins and continuo.

The other work, the album's highlight, is a 20th century 'Suite for Two Cellos and Piano' by Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti, but written in a neo-baroque style, giving a contemporary 'update' to the genre with harmonic dissonances and asymmetrical rhythms.

Despite the two centuries separating the composition of the two works, both works are similar in form, consisting of four movements, and the tempo and style of each of the four movements in one work mirrors those of the other.

Menotti, who recently passed away in 2007, was commissioned to write the Suite in 1973 for the 70th birthday celebrations of the legendary cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, two of whose prominent students, Nathaniel Rosen and Paul Tobias, were Hoe Kit's principal teachers. Rosen, who had introduced the Suite to Hoe Kit and guided him on it, had himself performed the work alongside its dedicatee in its early years.
Menotti's centenary is being commemorated this year, and his work will receive its Singapore premiere in Hoe Kit's launch concert on September 1st. The concert will feature Lin Juan as guest cellist, and pianist Nicholas Loh, who also accompanied Hoe Kit on the album. Nicholas was featured in the 2009 Singapore International Piano Festival at the Young Virtuoso Recital.

Hoe Kit started playing the cello at age 12, and made his concerto debut four years later playing Saint-Saens’ 1st Concerto. He left for the USA at 16 to study under esteemed cellists Nathaniel Rosen and Paul Tobias. In 2005, Hoe Kit was a finalist and the top cellist at the 4th Lynn Harrell Concerto Competition for piano and strings in Dallas. Emanuel Borok, the adjudicator and concertmaster of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, wrote: ‘You are a wonderful cellist… I expect great things from you.’

Hoe Kit has since returned to give sold-out recitals at such venues as the Esplanade and The Arts House, and a Straits Times review described that his playing ‘moved with much eloquence and persuasion, distinguished with bold strokes and gestures…’ Lauded by Rosen as ‘a fine young cellist, Hoe Kit is a versatile artist who is active beyond his classical pursuits, having recently toured with Taiwanese pop/rock band F.I.R. as their featured cellist.

As no commercial recording label is likely to sponsor such an audacious and atypical project, Hoe Kit, spurred by his passion, chose to personally fund and produce the entire album. Noted recording engineer Sydney Tan was engaged to record this album.

Loke Hoe Kit’s official website:

Also check out Tessera (all ladies' progressive jazz band)
Late Nite Series concert on 26 Aug 11.

TANGLIN CC STUDIO FUND RAISER (For Jazz Music Lovers & Jammers)

The Tanglin Music Club is organising a fund raising event for TCC Studio facilities, instruments and equipment. The details are as followed:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Tanglin Jazz Jam, over the past 10 years, have been an ever present platform for musicians to practise their skills and interact with fellow jazz musicians. In our own small way, we have often been the humble cradle which nurtured talented young jazz musicians to learn their chops and go on to greater things and recognition. Many of the young musicians gigging regularly around Singapore today gained their early confidence in our jazz jams.

This is the first time since our inception that we are conducting a fundraiser to upgrade and improve our Tanglin CC Studio facilities, instruments and equipment - for all 3 studios. Our target is to raise at least $30,000 from among our own musicians, jammers and their supporters against which the CC management will equal it with another $30K. To achieve this end, we are now passing the hat around for your generous contributions. There will also be a gala Charity Concert on 27th August (date to be confirmed) where we will feature guest stars and our very own selection of bands and performers. Your jam masters and all band leaders will be consulted along the way on how the funds will be wisely applied.

As a Jam Group, we have had the privilege to use the Underground Studio every week free of charge whereas bands have to pay the standard rates. We should therefore show our support and generosity, which after all, ultimately benefits our own playing pleasure. I recommend that contributions start at a minimum of $50 (obviously there is no maximum) but if you cannot afford this amount we will gladly accept what you can offer.

I shall be personally going round to drive this fund-raiser as soon as I am mobile from my foot operation, but to begin the assisting Jam Masters John Wong and Maideen will be in charge of the collections.

Your support is vital and I thank you in anticipation of your positive response. May the music live on !!


Frank Wong
Jam Master

If u have benefited from the music jams or want to contribute your part in the music scene, u can contact Frank Wong for more details on the fund raising event via his email:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Famous Mr Brown gives us "In a Fun Pack" bag in a heartbeat for Singapore!

Our famous Mr Brown recently did a music video on
our NDP 2011 song "In a heartbeat" and changed the song title
and lyrics "In a Fun Pack"!!! Check out the video

Check out the previous blog post
In A Heartbeat (2011 NDP song) accused of plagiarism
in Justin Bieber's hit Song "That should be me"!!!
featuring Dr Tan Cheng Bock
(one of the presidential candidates
in the upcoming Elected Presidency contest)
if u still have no idea who to vote for Singapore President:

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Dreaming under influence" recital by all female band Tessera (26 Aug 11)

Late Nite
Dreaming under influence
By Tessera
26 Aug 2011, Fri, 9.30pm
Esplanade Recital Studio

Tessera is Singapore’s newest and freshest all-female modern jazz ensemble. Comprising four unique and talented musicians, the band exhibits a sound that is a synergy of each band member’s musical and life journeys. The result is an approach to jazz that is refreshing and revitalising.

Brought together to perform as a band for the Singapore Wine & Jazz Festival 2010, the four experienced musicians discovered a mutual musical chemistry and spirit of adventure that energised their improvisational jams. Bolstered by a rousing reception and stamp of approval from jazz aficionados and veteran jazz musicians at the festival, the four musicians saw their success as a band as an affirmation of their shared musical destiny as Tessera.

Since then, Sharon Nunis (piano), Wendy Phua (bass), Yap Shu Mei (violin), and Audrey Tang (drums) have jammed with jazz greats such as Makoto Ozone and Christian McBride, as well as reggae rap superstar Shaggy, and Riki Hendrix, the cousin of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix.
Now, Tessera forges ahead in their progressive jazz journey with their first ever performance at Late Nite, showcasing an eclectic collaboration of their musical minds and artistic visions.

Link about the concert and tickets:

Plus check out the BayBeats Music Festival happening this week (19 Aug 11 - 21 Aug 11)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In A Heartbeat (2011 NDP song) accused of plagiarism in Justin Bieber's hit Song "That should be me"!!!

Our new National Day Parade song "In A Heartbeat"
was accused of plagiarism in
Justin Bieber's hit song "That should be me?"

The original music video of "In A Heartbeat"
as shown below:

Youtube user einrahseinraw recently
posted up a video of "NDP Song 2011
In a Heartbeat Chords COPIED from Justin Bieber"

Apparently he mentioned on the chords of
the hit song by Justin Bieber "That Should be Me"
being copied and plagiarized by the NDP
song "In a heartbeat". he
really refering to the chords or the melody?

Singaporeans are not creative
by copying the same chords in a song?

Mr Einrahsinraw I would suggest u
to get your facts right.
U are not being creative
for plagiarizing chords structure!?

Are u kidding me?
Similar chords are literally
copied everywhere
in many different song hits
and music genres.

Don't believe me?
Check out this funny video
of the Australia comedy group
Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles)
Yes!!!...all the songs are hit songs with the same 4 damn
chords structure!

To be honest, I don't even recall that
music plagiarism in using the same music chords
exists in international music law.

Want Singapore-based musicians to get
creative? Then I suggest...guys
listen to original music composed by
them before even accusing them of being
boring and not creative.

Creativity comes with
the right mindset of 
open-minded listening audience
and "random chaos" environment.

So don't expect it to happen if u dont
even want to listen.

Do I support Singapore music?
My two cents on that matter?

1) Yes...only if they are produced with
quality regardless of race,
language or religion as stated in our
Singapore National Pledge lol... .

2) No...if u produce crappy quality stuff
with bad recording...pls dont expect me
to buy. This is basic common sense
for buying any kind of products... .

And please dont count on me...count on yourself
to make creative music just like the video of
Dr Tan Cheng Bock (one of the presidential
candidates in the upcoming Elected Presidency contest)
in this video below:

Last but not least,
I am calling all people of Singapore
in a heartbeat together united u and me to
share our love of Singapore through music.

Remember to subscribe if u want me to
continue writing blog posts like this
one. :)

More news: Check out NDP fun pack song of Lady Gaga Bad Romance "Joker Lyrics" Reaching SUPER DISLIKE STAR Status below!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NEON TREES @ Fort Canning Park concert experience July 2011

Recently NEON TREES with special guests "We Are Scientists" performed at Fort Canning Park on 26 July 11. Check out the pictures of the live concert taken by a veteran photographer Mr Richard Seah (Credits to Mr Richard Seah: ( below:

My tix winners of the NEON TREES concert
shared their feelings and thoughts on the
concert itself when asked upon the questions:

1) How was the experience for you at NEON TREES concert?
2)What do you wish to say to the band NEON TREES?

Eugene Chong (Twitter winner kasou80)
1) It was an enjoyable evening. The sound was great for an outdoor event. Neon Trees front man Tyler was spontaneous and energetic, great qualities for the front man of a band. The band was really tight too.
2) I wish to say that my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our night out at the concert and hope for them to churn out more infectious tunes!

Benny Lim Jian Liang (Twitter winner BennyLimm)
1) The experience for me at Neon trees concert was awesome as it is my first outdoor concert at Fort Canning Park and Tyler Glenn made the atmosphere really kickass and We are scientists are awesome!
2) I would say that Neon tree's frontman has done a great job making the band successful and the female drummer's backing vocals gave the band a wide variety of sound, everyone in the crowd were cheering when she sang and drum!

Liu Jun Hao (Benny's friend)
1) I enjoy the concert as my tickets was given and i got to see my favourite drummer Elaine Bradley, The place was quite stuffy but it was worth the go!
2)Neon trees has really nice and melodious songs which is nice to sing along to, and i am considering asking my band to jam Neon tree's songs.

Wow...looks like our Singapore audience
really love them!

Then what do NEON TREES think of
our little red dot country?

Check out this funny video of
NEON TREES in Singapore learning
Singlish and eating Kaya Toast
with DJs from Mediacorp
Radio Station FM 98.7!

Last but not least, I want to thank Ivy Woo,
Leroy Chan and Sarah of FoodNews PR and FIJI WATER
for providing me and all my twitter winners
the tixs to watch such an energetic band!

Looking to make more music friends? Check out the
free music gathering on 3 Aug 11!

Dont forget to check NEW COMPETITIVE PRICING
for Bass/Guitar Pedals if u are looking to enquire or buy!!! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Competitive Pricing for Bass/Guitar Pedals Service Order!!!

Hi Guys

I am assisting in the sale of
bass/guitar pedals at very
competitive pricing
from a reliable source.

Imported pedals are aimed
to hit lower prices
than local shops with
warranty in Singapore.

If its mass order
from many different
people together, then prices
can even be better.

Interested parties,
u can email me with Subject
Head "Enquire on buying
pedal (Pls indicate brand, model type):

Or click HERE!

Brands Available (u can email me to ask for other brands if the listed brands does not include the ones u are looking for):

Backline Engineering
Black Art Stone Works
Creepy Fingers
Crowther Audio
MI Audio
Carl Martin
Paul C.Audio (Tim & Timmy Pedal)

Death by Audio
Dwarfcraft Device
EarthQuaker Devices
Empress Effects
Effector 13
Hartman Electronics
ISP Decimator
Keeley Electronics
Plush FX by Fuchs

Rockett Pedals
Suhr Efx
TC electronics
Tonebone (Radial Engineering)
VanAmps Reverb Pedals
FuzzHugger Effects
Fromel Electronics
Greer Amplification
HomeBrew Electronics
Jam Pedals
Jack DeVille Electronics
JHS Pedals

Mad Professor
Malekko Heavy Industry Corp
Mid-Fi Electronics
MJM Guitar FX
Penfar FX
Pro Tone Pedals
Recovery Effects
Resonant Electronic Design
Rockbox Electronics
Skin Pimp
Skreddy Pedals
Tortuga Effects
VFE Pedals
Wilson Effects
Wright Sounds
Xotic Effects

World 1st Earring Korean brand earphones (VIBES BS NVE 300)
are also available for sale.

As for now, I am seeking for musicians/singer-songwriters
/music lovers or anyone to test out the earphones and give
honest opinions about it.

Benefits??? U and your music get promoted
in my video or audio clips as I will
be posting these media in my music blog. 

Interested parties can email with Subject Head 
"Testing of unique Korean brand 
earphones" to me:

Contact Person: AJ
Contact No: 9452 2326

Thats all folks. Hope to see u guys soon! :)

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