Monday, April 25, 2011

SG Musicians Meetup at Tanglin CC! Saturday music sharing - 30 April 11

Information provided by Jerry (founder of The Singapore Singers & Songwriters Meetup Group):

Hi everyone!

We will be holding this next SG musicians meetup end of this month. This time round, it will be a full band set including drums, keyboard and a nice cosy private space! You can view the photos here that I uploaded last month:

Here's the schedule of what we are gonna do:

6.00pm - 6.15pm

Registration to play is on a first come first serve basis. You must register on the spot
This is free, no charges involved
6.15pm - 7.00pm

Say "Hello!" to one another. Mingling session, get to know each other on the ground and make friends. You can interact and possibly even find like-minded music friends to jam together. Time to socialise!
7.00pm - 9.15pm

Music sharing session time. Each group or individual will be allowed to perform 2-3 songs in this first round.
Here are some special incentives for those who wish to perform:

I will encourage you to dress well if you like us to help you take a video. It will be a free portfolio for your future usage to showcase for other events or performance opportunities.
As a talent scout for music performers, you will be featured in this NEW segment under "Featured Musician" on You will get the chance to be marketed for opportunities in the music event gig arena.
9.15pm - 10.00pm

During this timeslot, we will also like to encourage a merge of friendship among the attendees. Jam together on stage, perform with strangers (after that you will be friends). This could be really interesting!

If you have your own EP or CD or original songs to market, feel free to share! It is a simple gathering for musicians and music lovers to network with one another through music.

Come on down and play, share your music!


{ *P.S. By the way, I am please to let you know that our Facebook Fan Page had just hit past the 10,000 mark just this week! You can check it out too at (this is due to the "Pitch Your Original Song to a Brand" contest found on the left side 'Contest' tab of our FB's page).

If you like to check out some recent music projects, you can visit

How to find us at the event:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funkie Monkies X CrazyWorld Open Stage 開放舞台 學生計畫 (17 Apr 11)

Funkie Monkies X CrazyWorld
Open Stage 開放舞台 學生計畫

Tune in to Frequency Modulation(FM) of Funkie Monkies at 6pm sharp on 17th April 2011


Date: Sunday, 17 April 2011
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Performers: Students & Instructors from Funkie Monkies Music School

Featuring songs by local song writers like Jim Lim 林倛玉,Eric 黄韵仁,小寒, 伍家輝 and more!


* No tickets are required for entry!
* Snacks & Drinks will be available for order. Minimum spend of $10 per person.
* All are welcomed to watch and support the open stage
* Simply walk-in or make your reservations at 6223-7553


// Open Stage is an initiative by CrazyWorld Cafe to provide a training ground and platform for new performers, music students and anyone who has a love for the stage, to showcase their talents.

//The first series of open stages will begin by featuring music students from various music schools in Singapore. For those interested in performing on our stage, CrazyWorld will be opening up for e-auditions to all soon after! Watch our Facebook page and website for updates!


Facebook Event Page:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vollmond Bier presents Heart Of Glass II (15 Apr 11)

Back with a vengeance, Heart Of Glass makes its return to Post Museum this April for another night of alternative dancing. With more ballistic beats & unconventional indie grooves, come & get your tushie set on fire!


Brought to you by the music-loving folks of Knight Runners, Heart Of Glass is a unique event dedicated to take indie back to where it belongs.

Unrestricted by stiff clubbing rules, it's the place where anything goes. Swoon to the soundscapes of shoegaze & dream pop, pogo to the white boy funk of post-punk & krautrock, & grind along to the machines of industrial amidst the waves of darkness. It's gonna be a night of dancing to prepare you for future daze. Come expect the unexpected & loose yourself to the wayward beat!


Awarded with the Knospe label & brewed from raw organic materials harvested on a full moon night, Vollmond is a beer that packs an extra punch.

Although similar to the Naturperle in character, it’s a slightly stronger brew, all thanks to a more intensive fermentation process. Hence, the legend goes that the magical force of nature lies in the shimmering gold of Vollmond Bier.


Swiss Dreams Singapore brings you the exquisite Swiss lifestyle experience through our exclusive products from family-owned Swiss enterprises. With a strong tradition & a commitment to quality, our goal is to make the unique, limited & pure sensations of high-quality Swiss products available to a select & treasured clientele in Asia.

We proudly distribute the award-winning Appenzeller beers, Etter eau-de-vie, Santis Malt whiskey, Mauler champagne, Zweifel wine & a range of deli-cious premium food products from the house of Roland, Ottiger, Zweifel & Läckerli Huus. Swiss Dreams Singapore is a young & innovative company with a commitment to premium personalized service for our valued customers. We truly love what we do!


Post-Museum is an independent cultural & social space in Singapore which aims to encourage & support a thinking & pro-active community. It is an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts, connecting people, as well as playing host to past successful shindigs like Fickle Gorilla.

A ground-up project initiated by Singaporean curatorial team p-10, our current premises opened in September 2007. We are located in two 1920s shop-houses in Little India, an exciting & truly historical & multi-cultural area in Singapore. Through its activities, Post-Museum aims to respond to its location & community, as well as serve as a hub for local & international cultures.


Heart Of Glass DJ residents


From white boy funk to krautrock, dub and mind-warping electronics, come expecting an untypical dance set whenever KiDG takes the deck.

A regular on Meshradio and the drummer of local indie bands Livonia and Shelves, his eclectic tastes have always inspired the listener in the dancer to seek out more music. And while being inspired by the likes of David Holmes, Andy Votel and Gilles Peterson himself, he only wants to see one thing when he plays his music - people having fun.

†††X' HO†††

Known for an eclectic touch (anything from soul to funk to rock to techno to house), X’ Ho’s musical forte runs the gamut of lounge, house, electro, rock & industrial.

He also started his own club night, Cyber-Tech, back in the 90’s, when techno was still an unknown entity in Singapore. This was followed up later with yet another theme night, Future Soul, & X’ Ho also became the resident DJ of Soundbar at The Liquid Room, Singapore’s first chill-out bar, when the venue opened its doors in 2000. His next longest-running residency was at km8, Sentosa, of which Conde Nest named the beach bar one of the best new clubs of 2006.


Fresh from Pop Studio by Pop Trash, Rachel is the ghost in the back of your head, stalking the urban catwalk in the prime of her youth. With an eclectic outlook, her humble beginnings in her bedroom allowed her to experiment & indulge in all forms of art, fantasizing in the act of creating & blending swirling melodies altogether.

Her versatility in everything & anything hearable has enabled her to constantly deliver. It may be the pounding dance-orientated music with the feel of indie synth-pop or the insistent pulse of contagious beats, but in her presence, your minds will not be devoid of imagination. Instead, you will be taken to a whole new level. Hell, you might not even evacuate the dance floor. So that my friends, is a step made to take the world by storm & she’s going to do just that.

†††Visual Content by Clare Ryan†††

Drink promos for the our mini beer fest.

Vollmond : $7/Draft $8/Bottle $40/6 bottles
Holzfass Draft: $7
Calvinus Bottles:$8
Quollfrisch Cans: $5
Etter Williams & Kirsch Shots: $6
Etter Cocktails: $9
Quintett White Wine: $8/glass $40/bottle
Mauler Oeil de Perdix (Sparkling Rose): $10/glass $50/bottle

Surprise 15 minutes free flow of Vollmond Beer.
(as to when we'll decide later)

Facebook Link:!/event.php?eid=115790425167906&closeTheater=1

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yahoo News "S’pore singer remembers her roots" & her upcoming album "Free to Fall"

Watch the video and news release of the song "Free to Fall" from the upcoming album of Singapore jazz singer Michelle:

Information credits to Yahoo News:

Sorry guys...I have removed the Yahoo news article
for those who have read it. Apparently I received
news from Michelle that Yahoo has made some
major reporting errors with the article and are
now working on the corrections. can Yahoo make such a mistake?
I will update u guys with the latest
version once its updated! That's why its important
to double check with the interviewed artist on
the media materials to be released. 

YAHOO media in charge: If u are looking at it,
its best that u can send me the latest version of
the news article on Michelle once its amended
correctly. :)

Here's the updated version of the news article below:

Every first and third Wednesday of the month, Yahoo! MusicScene shines the spotlight on talented, up-and-coming Singaporean bands or musicians. This week, we catch up with pop singer Michelle, who believes that it is good to remember where her roots lie.

Singapore singer-pianist Michelle wants to retain her local characteristics while aiming to conquer global markets.

Already making her mark in Europe, the 35-year-old has performed with Grammy-nominated pianist Kenny Werner at the North Sea Jazz Festival, and was chosen by Michelle Weir (author of Vocal Improvisation) and Grammy-nominated Phil Mattson to demonstrate scat singing at the 2004 International Vocal Festival, Tilburg.

"There is a struggle to maintain who you are as a person, as a musician," Michelle told Yahoo! Singapore.

She also prides herself as a musician who does not follow trends and believes that she should stay true to how she wants to grow as a musician.

"It's very easy to get the record label to help shape me and mold me. I don't have to explore music on my own. Life would have been easier that way," she said.

Having started singing at the age of 5, Michelle is now a 'gig veteran' of about 20 years.

When performing both originals and covers with her band as Michelle and the Stuff Toys at BarStop along Devonshire Road, Lamborghini owners and successful entrepreneurs would specially make their way down to watch her performance.

"There was a guy who even rescheduled his business flight just to be back on time to see Michelle's performance," said her Dutch husband and manager, Theo, 41.

Even though she has done many gigs, Michelle confessed that she is extremely selective about the venue she will perform at.

"There are a lot of places where you don't even have to prepare for a performance, because the audience is not there for the music. That's the kind of place we don't want to perform," said Theo, who is also a filmmaker.

Michelle likes to perform for audiences who appreciate it when an artiste shows originality.

"Who are you as an original artiste?" and "Can I hear your own version of this song?" are the questions Michelle wants to hear from her audience, as opposed to "Can you please do that song by so-and-so?".

"I also require the venue to provide a grand piano," she added.

Playing music that contains a hint of pop and soul, Michelle also draws elements from various other genres like blues and jazz.

"Actually, I never liked the jazz description because of the image it will give Singaporeans," said the vocal instructor, who is currently the head of the pop department in Raffles Music College.

"Here, the type of jazz most people refer to is swing jazz, but what I do is more dynamic."

Currently making a comeback from a one-year hiatus, Michelle has chosen to gig less these days as she explains that gigging too much could hamper her artistic growth.

"A lot of bands remain stagnant artistically because they gig too much. However they are caught in this money issue, and if it comes solely from singing gigs, then they're caught in a bind.

Having taught vocals for at around 10 years now, Michelle trained as a teacher for three years and was formerly plying her trade in the Lasalle College of the Arts.

She considers her role as a vocal instructor to be on par with her career as an artiste, and takes pride in her area of specialisation.

"If you're just an artiste, you cannot just come out and 'teach' people how to sing. You need to understand how the body functions and to press which buttons," she said.

Michelle is set to release a new album later this year and to start gigging again in a yet-to-be-announced venue.

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