Monday, August 25, 2008

Awesome experience at the Finals for the Band Challenge organised by Spore Drum Festival

I am back guys! Its been a blast watching the bands for the Finals in the Band Challenge organised by the organising committee of the Singapore Drum Festival. An eye opener for me in watching the uniquely special bands! I must say it was an enjoyable time interacting with people, organisers & musicians in the event! The only pity is that there wasn't any jazz band & I didn't see any keyboardist in the bands except for the girl in Sonofa! Am I the only inspired piano/keyboardist player or it's just that everyone wants to be a rock star with that stylistic guitar stage presence? Piano my love...I will stick to banging the keys with u no matter what!

Hmm...sometimes I tend to be too focussed on taking notes of the details on the music performances at times. The art of multi-tasking really drives me nuts...sia. I think I got to employ some helpers! Any music lovers interested? Imagine I got to juggle btw taking pictures, music note taking, bonding with ppl etc. Man are usually not well associated with multi-tasking since biologically speaking man are configured to think in the left side of our brain only! Women think in both left and right of their brains! Yet interestingly, it seems like there are more male musicians than female musicians. Wonder why? The world is so bizarre... .

OMG...I just remember that I forget to take pictures with the bands on that day itself! Sometimes problems do happen! Most importantly it's that u ask yrself "Whats so great about the problem?" & deal with the situation to find solutions out of it. I still remember I took some pictures with band members and Tan Boon outside THE ARENA. Can u guys (if u are one of them) kindly send it to me? Really appreciate it!

Seriously I haven't really got the time to sit down to write some write up for some music events. So pls wait patiently (but no need to wait long long). Promise that u guys will get some previews of pictures for the band competition first. Hehe...I will upload the videos together with my write-up. It's been a hell lot of stuff in juggling my work, studies & music. Ok enough of talking...Here are the pictures on the music event "The Finals of the Band Challenge":

p/s: Can the band members of the participanting bands at THE FINALS get in touch with me? I have some videos featuring yr performances to send it to u guys. If any of u guys happen to know the band members, I would really appreciate that u can get them to contact me! Thanks. I might want to do some write-up and promote them in my blog.

My appreciation & thanks goes to:

Tan Boon - Organiser/Founder of Singapore Drum Festival - For extending his kind gesture to me in inviting me to the music event.

The Sponsors - For giving so much support towards Singapore music and musicians.

The "event manager" (whoever he/she is) of Arena - For letting the bands competition made possible by giving the bands a chance to perform in this awesome chilling club!

Members of Strike Force & helpers in the events - For providing good hospitality and making it possible in getting my free "tix" entry from the bouncer.

Licia Sucipto - For keeping me informed for music events and gigs. Seeing such amazing band Sonofa under yr care, I know that they are in good hands. Looks like we got to arrange our next kopi talk to discuss abt music interviews or help that I can provide for yr bands.

Sarah & Eqa - For sharing their thoughts on the bands tho it was a brief moment. Yap I do agree that Juxtapose & Sonofa are freakly amazing! (Add me on facebook if u girls happened to hover here)

Melissa - For sharing yr thoughts, passion in arts & theatre show recommendations.

Rachel - For telling yr honest opinion abt that guitarist's face hehe...Rachel U should know what I Yap...we all are attracted to beautiful stuff.

Kathy - For being the first drum girl from other parts of Asia who I met and clicked here in Singapore! Can't imagine that even girls from overseas nowadays are getting into the trend of drumming instead of boys... .

The Indian "metallic" ladies (oops I can't recall yr names...tell me yr names & do keep in touch if u girls visit my blog) - For sharing with me on yr thoughts and feelings in yr liking towards metal music tho. I am not a fan of metal music & find it hard to appreciate.

Nana - The MC of the day who sang us a beautiful rendition of HERO (my top fav. song by Mariah Carey) while the judges crack their brains to decide the winners.

The Judges - For giving such crucial critic comments to our local young bands so that they can improve and inspire people with their music.

All the bands members (Johanne, JY, Penny Torture, Bryan Johnny J, Fadhil abdul rahman, Yazitt, too many to list) in The Finals - For sharing yr music thoughts and passion in music with me! Keep me updated for yr gigs!

To everyone out there in the event - For bonding with me no matter how gd/bad the interactions were. It was a pleasure to meet u guys!

Cheers...From AJ (Yr Dear Music Connector & Lover)

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