Wednesday, June 30, 2010

KittyWu Records presents Lymbyc Systym (USA) & LITE (JPN) - 2 July 10

KittyWu Records presents LYMBYC SYSTYM & LITE, two of the most expressive, progressive bands of the instru-mental rock scene in a one-night-only, double-billed performance. Two man US band, LYMBYC SYSTYM, brings to our shores their cinematic, textured, electronic-postrock - a fleeting, non-intellectualized surge of Rhodesy home-cooking, spiced up with a hint of electronica. Japanese instrumentalists LITE backs up the evening with their fiery, progressive math rock, reiterating their status as one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Japan in recent years. Kicking off the evening, our very own Singapore/Italian-now-heading-to-Toronto multi-instrumentalist Amberhaze.



Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Jared and Michael Bell formed Lymbyc Systym late in 2001. Drawing inspiration from the groups Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, and Four Tet, their compositions cleverly combine vintage keyboards, infectious melodies, analog effects, dynamic drumming, and intricate laptop programming to form melodic and cohesive tracks that blur the borders between post-rock, indie-rock, and the most organic electronic music.

Playing in support of The Album Leaf, Crystal Castles, Explosion In The Sky, and a slew of other national acts, and recently becoming a headlining road act in their own right, the brothers have developed a truly impressive live show.

From their self-release debut EP, Carved by Glaciers, to their recent releases for Mush and split 7" with fellow instrumental upstarts This Will Destroy You, Lymbyc Systym have quickly etched out a place in the bustling underground music scene.



Formed in 2003, LITEs cinematic sound combines math-rock power and precision with emotionally charged compositions. The band comprised of Nobuyuki Takeda (guitar), Kozo Kusumoto (guitar), Jun Izawa (bass), Akinori Yamamoto (drums) have risen to prominence over the course of a handful of releases and on the strength of their incendiary live show.

Although darker in parts to its predecessor, Phantasia runs the gamut from Crimson-esque jazz-rock to full-scale guitar assault as on Contra or the blistering opener Ef which has been re-recorded and reignited with the fury of its live rendition.

There are lighter moments too such as the shimmering pop of Ghost Dance or the beautiful, cello-driven Sequel to the Letter. And on Infinite Mirror, Nobuyuki and Kozos trademark dual-guitar lines intertwine over a hypnotic motorik groove that is easily one of the bands most accessible moments yet.

Throughout, there are stories woven into these grooves; the sea-faring tragedy Shinkai and the melancholic Solitude illustrate the bands increasing maturity as songwriters. With Phantasia, LITE is set to cement its reputation as one of the most exciting bands to have emerged from Japan in recent years.

Their latest EP Illuminate is scheduled to be released in July and it was co-produced and recorded by John McEntire (Tortoise).


Amberhaze is the long-standing solo project of Singapore-based multi-instrumentalist Giuliano Gullotti. When not singing lullabies to his two children, Giuliano likes to hole up in the studio at night and dream up soundscapes.

Equal parts shoegaze, post-rock and electronica, Amberhaze blends warm textured layers with simple, candid melodies. Amberhaze represents a process towards a sound in constant evolution in which he lets experimentation and trial-and-error lead the way. Very often the finished tracks sounding nothing like what was planned, but it's these random surprises that is the attraction to making music.

Tickets can be purchased at
Event Location: HOME CLUB
Event Time: Doors open at 7.30pm
Tickets: SGD35 (Pre-sale till 30 June) / SGD40 (Door)
Ticketing enquiries: email

The Stoned Revivals Good Music for Bad People - 1 July 10

To mark the band's 20th Anniversary, the band bids farewell to Slowjaxx. Featuring a stellar lineup of bands and friends, that were influenced by the band or simply to rock the gig. The Great Spy Experiment, Stellarium, Moods, Spacedays, Johnny Shameless and His Minions featuring Francis Frightful (OP) and David Knight (USA).There will be merchandise on sale and surprises at the door.Tickets @ $10.00 will be sold at the door.The Stoned Revivals will be playing an array of old and new tunes alongside past and present members."Twenty years of Independence, Peace and Love"


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reelin' Good Times @ Esplande - 17 June to 18 June 10

More Details can be found

Apple Music Workshop - GarageBand Surprise - 19 June 10 to 20 June 10


Discover what your inner musician can do with GarageBand, headlining live at epiCentre @ Wheelock Place! Jam-packed with interactive demonstrations and live performances. Our GarageBand specialists, Dayvid and Eric will share how to:

* Pick up an instrument easily with interactive tutorials.
Even taking lessons from Sting, Norah Jones and other featured artists.

* Make professional recordings at home with AppleLoops, AIFF files and JamPacks.

* Showcase your musical creations as ringtones and podcasts.

...and much more!

Join us! Register with our friendly staff on the day, or click on this link to register: HERE

* Plus, stand to win Tee Shirts and all attendees receive a mystery gift worth $50 when you complete the evaluation form at the end of the session!

A GarageBand Workshop in partnership with City Music

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grand debut!!! "East Bay Stroke" @ Sentosa's Music By The Beach!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010
6:30pm - 10:30pm
Sentosa, Siloso Beach, Cool Deck

Treat your ears to great Jazz music by this 12-piece group led by well known musician, Nicole Duffell who has performed at hundreds of events all over Singapore. Consisting of 4-piece horn section, 3 front-line vocals, rhythm section and percussion, East Bay Stroke stages its debut at Just Jazz with hits repertoire from Earth, Wind & Fire, and Tower of Power.

The line-up!

Beverly Morata (vox)
Richard Jackson (vox)
Alan Sandosham (vox)

Nicolle Duffell (tenor sax & boss)
Daniel Wong (trumpet/Flugel)
Leo Mendoza (alto sax)
Fredi Sonderegger (trombone)

Reggie Leo (guitar)
Aya Sekine (keys)
Casey Subramaniam (bass)
Mohd Noor (drums)
Reggie Perera (perc/Didgeridoo)

More information from:!/event.php?eid=108655835849541

I-DEN-TI-TE 0.4 - 18th June 2010

Home Club and The RSC present


Definition – The state or fact of remaining the same one or ones as under varying aspects or conditions.

I-den-ti-te aims to bring on different genres of local bands into a gathering experience. Always acting as a platform to escalate new and young talents, going forth, branding music capabilities. A new series of programming will entice freshness and depth in accordance to awareness within the local music scene. Be it, from the roots of Punk and Hardcore or the progression of Post rock and IDM to the commercial value of Pop or the swinging beats of Jazz. These series of pure friendship and music will fill your needs on every other Friday evenings at Home Club. An introduction of what dreams are made of.

Friday, June 18, 2010
9:00pm - 10:30pm

18th June 2010 Friday, 9pm, 18 and above.$12 (inclusive of a housepour drink)

For this installation of series 0.4, we are recognizing the identity of a local record label whose existence played a very important role in our underground music scene. Straits Records will be programming for this series as this is an ode to their longevity and passion for music.

STRAITS RECORDS - Straits Records is a local record label dedicated to develop and promote original local and regional music. They believe in integrating music with various art forms, cultures and social issues/politics as a channel and vehicle, for both entertainment and creativity as well as education. In existence since 1995, as Straits Distribution, serving the hardcore punk community by bringing in hard to get hardcore punk music from all over the world. They changed their name to the present and went on to commit their first release,The Jabs “Time of Negligence” CD EP in 1997. Straits Records believe that music play an integral part of
Singapore's cultural and artistic progress. They are also active in organizing music events at venues such The Arts House, The Substation, Esplanade amongst others. Straits Records does not restrict to just promoting music, as they had collaborated with artists of different art forms, as to give a more visible experience to music. Ultimately, it is about individual equality, freedom of creativity and artistic excellence.

THE SALLYS -The Sallys, formerly known as Sally's Rejex; started out as a 5-piece pop-punk band infusing two-tone ska and reggae rhythms that saw them combining deviations of several music genres over the years which included Brit Rock, Disco and Third Wave Ska and eventually bringing them to what they are today; an 8-piece band drawing influences from the Sunshine Underground, Reel Big Fish, Tokyo Ska Paradise and No Doubt. Their hit single, "Lady Marmlade" won the hearts of many with thousands downloading it as mobile ringtones, and the track making its waves in Singapore radio stations, 98.7FM, 89.7FM. Additionally, the track was selected as a 30-second sampler in one of MTV Asia music commercials and they too, were featured in Channel NewsAsia as well as SPH's national Malay newspaper, Berita Harian.

LOVEJETS - Lovejets has been getting a lot recognition lately due to danceable modern rock n roll sets performed at any shows that they have been getting hold of. These passionate boys believe that they are still progressing towards on composing songs and making you tap your feet. Their influences range from the Beatles and Mando Diao.

MOODS - Formed more than a decade ago, Moods came together for the love of music and the idea of creating their own compositions.Labelled as an indie jazz band or a chill out act by local zines, the band prefer to let their audience decide, their own
interests branching them into many different genres. Having just
completed the recording of their first album, the band is eager to
perform the songs live and put the sun safely to bed to usher in the

We hope to see you there and experience the night while communicating with music.


Information extracted from here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Stellar Memory" EP Launch album Experience ROCKS!!!

Hey guys,

whats happening?

I was back from an awesome
"Stellar Memory" EP Launch album
concert launch
at *SCAPE Youth Centre.
It was totally an awesome, touching
and crazy experience I had.

As a band, Stellar Memory is tight with good
balance of sound between each instruments
(which I find lacking in some local rock bands....
like drums totally drowning the guitars etc...
thats why listening to each band
member in a band is important). I especially
like the various interesting chords...and harmony
which were used in the songs. They even had
guest violist and keyboardist in action!!!

Their stage presence is electrifying!
They had the audience singing together with them.
With so much energy and drive in them on stage
makes me feel so young lol...although I am not
in my teens.

With touching moments like Cliff (on-off boyfriend drummer)
proposal to his girlfriend and confessing love
from Ernie guitarist with love songs, my jaw just literally dropped!

Btw I want to thank the guys
for mentioning my name to thank on the
stage. U guys really caught me by surprise!

If u guys haven't catch them live,
u should listen to their music
online and buy their EP!!!

Not to forget to thank the ever shy singer
song-writer For this cycle and guest lady musicians
cum percussionist Cove Red for their
wonderful vocal harmony and soothing chill music
with soft beats... .

In the meanwhile, I am going to
enjoy Stellar Memory music
rocking my way in my room.

Lol...its strange...really I am
not a typically rocker man but
who cares? When it comes to music,
good music is meant to be appreciated
in my eyes.


Recently I received some music news
from Audrey (Company: Lumina Live!).
Apparently they are organising

Sounds pretty interesting given
that it's a music competition and party
of music game "Band Hero"?

In any case, u stand to win great
prizes and rockstar status!

Below is the press release for ROCK GOD FRAT PARTY (by Audrey Pereira)



Lumina Live! presents a night of music,
novel competitions and all round
craziness to culminate at
Zirca 08 June 2010, Singapore - The Rock
Gods Frat Party, a new Party Series by
Lumina Live! brings music and casual
gaming together in one wild night!
Expect the fun, irreverent ambience of
a frat party and the rocking vibes of a
contemporary music concert.
Celebrate rebellious adolescence in
all its deviant glory and win more
than $1,500 in cash and prizes!

The inaugural Rock Gods Frat Party
will take place on 25th June at Zirca.
This invite-only party will
feature the first ever Rock Gods
Tournament, an Air Guitar Superstar
Contest, frat party games, booze,
cool dudes & hot girls, and awesome prizes!

Rock Gods Tournament
The Rock Gods Tournament turns you
into a “Rock Star” and $1,000 richer.
It is a creative competition for
music lovers, casual gamers and
rock star wannabes that makes
performers out of ordinary
people- real instruments
not required. Contestants, who
are advised to enter in groups or
‘bands’ of 3, are to simply
record videos of themselves
playing a song from video game
‘Band Hero’.

These videos will
need to be submitted to the
“Rock Gods Fraternity”
group page on Facebook,
where they seek support
from online viewers and ‘fans,’
which will contribute to the
bands’ qualification for the finals.

The finals of the Rock Gods
Tournament will require these
teams to showcase their skills on
Zirca’s stage playing pre-selected
songs on “Band Hero”. One of the
latest releases in the popular Guitar H
ero series.

Band Hero is a console game that
allows players to simulate their favourite
bands by playing instruments
like drums, bass, guitar as well as vocals.

The best band, decided by a panel of judges
will win $1,000 in cash and an Xbox 360
DJ Hero Renegade Edition bundle worth $339!

Runners up win an Xbox 360 DJ Hero
bundle worth $199 + exclusive DJ Hero
t-shirt and Xbox 360 Tony Hawk: RIDE
(with motion sensitive skateboard controller)
worth $199 + exclusive Tony Hawk:
RIDE t-shirt respectively.

Winners will be selected based on technical skills,
entertainment value and also overall styling!
Air Guitar Superstar

For the individuals, “Air Guitar Superstar” is
the opportunity to showcase your amazing
guitar skills without fret(s). Win $500 by
being the best performer of the imaginary
guitar solos .

The chosen finalists, whose online
support will contribute to their advancement,
will battle it out at Zirca’s during the party to
their self-chosen one-minute long excerpt of
songs. Winners will be picked by a panel
of judges, as well as the audience which will
‘voice’ their preference using their screams
and applause.

The winner of this competition walks away
with $500 cash and a whole lot of screaming fans!

How to Enter the Rock Gods Tournament and Air Guitar Superstar
Entry mechanics for Rock Gods Tournament
and Air Guitar Superstar are easy:
Video your 3-man band
(for Rock Gods Tournament) or
yourself (Air Guitar Superstar).

Upload your video on Youtube. Send in
your Youtube link using the online form
on the official website: by 11 June 2010.
(U can still try out and see if they are accepting more tho the dateline is over).
The content of the videos can be as creative as possible
- entrants are encouraged to think out of the box
and be as free and creative as they want! Of course,
to be selected, the video should display and
showcase their performance and entertainment ability.

In both competitions, entrants will be chosen to
advance to the next respective rounds based on the
following criteria displayed in their videos:
Performance (the way you act / play as a team),
Showmanship (dressing up, enthusiasm)
Creativity (video content).

How to Get Invites To the Rock Gods Frat Party

Log onto official website
to get exclusive invites. Limited invites are available
so hurry and join us now for a night of great fun and
entertainment! There will be free game stations and
other entertainment at the party! Regardless, see
your favourite teams battle each other for the Rock
Gods title!

About the Organiser
Lumina Live! is an events agency that incubates
and produces new, interactive experiences in the areas
of music, art, design, fashion and lifestyle interests.
Lumina Live! aims to create its own brand of culture
and communities of like-minded people.

Find Rock Gods Online at:

Facebook Group:
OR; search “Rock Gods
Fraternity” on Facebook.

For further enquiry please contact:
Audrey Pereira
Lumina Live! Pte Ltd

Friday, June 4, 2010

*SCAPE Presents: Stellar Memory EP Launch (12 June 2010) / The Fire Fight “Live” (13 June 2010)

*SCAPE Presents: Stellar Memory EP Launch
Space : Studio
Category : Music
12 June 2010, 7pm onwards*SCAPE Youth Centre: Lab Also feat. Cove Red For This Cycle

Influenced by bands such as Paramore, Anberlin, Hillsong United, Lifehouse, Switchfoot and Saosin, Stellar Memory harnesses the mature themes of rock in their new EP. Simply put, they play music that strikes a chord with their listeners, and give performances that are as much fun to watch as they are to listen to.Check out their tunes at
$16 entry + EP at the door.

13 June 2010, 4.30 - 6.30pm
*SCAPE Warehouse (Level 2, 2 Orchard Link)

Titled ‘So Long For Now’, this show will be The Fire Fight’s farewell show as the members transit into the next stage in their personal lives.
So Long For Now is the band’s gift back to its dedicated fans – a very personal intimate concert, set in a very casual (yet private) environment.
Come join The Fire Fight for this up close and personal session as they play different renditions of their repertoire and pull out a few of their favourite covers with a little help from some close friends such as Kevin Matthews (Power Of Pop), Sarah Wee (53A), Amanda Ling, Song&Saiful (GSE).
The band would like the audience to bring along a camera (preferably one that shoots videos) as they will be filming the entire show for archival.
Tickets at $20 (including GST).

Purchase through Onetickethub or at the door.

Information extracted from

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