Saturday, March 4, 2017

Of Laughter & Tears Vocal Recital

Dear readers, 

An upcoming vocal recital of serious and comedic songs is happening in March 2017!

Presented by The Basso Canaries, Of Laughter & Tears is a vocal recital not to be missed! Founded by local composer & baritone Xiao Chunyuan & the editor of Singapore’s classical opera online blog magazine, The Mad Scene! Steven Ang Kwan Yu, the duo has been performing together since their duet partnership days under the tutelage of Madam Elena Ng Choy Luan. It is in September 2011. The Basso Canaries became as a performance collective group and since then the group has organized various performances, including joint collaborations with The Arts House such as Living With… The Basso Canaries, Living With…George F. Handel & Living with.. The Basso Canaries in The Bilingual Policy.

In this upcoming vocal recital which is to be held on 18th March, the duo has prepared pieces such as Handel’s Revenge, revenge, Timotheus Cries, taken from the opera, Alexander’s Feast, I am a pirate king!, from Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. Besides operatic arias, there are two Chinese art songs and one local composition by Xiao as well.

The venue is at Sinfonietta Hall, Level 3, No. 51 Waterloo Street, which is opposite the old Young Musician’s Society building. The time of the performance is 7.30pm, with concession tickets priced at S$15 for students, S$17 for teachers, S$20 for senior citizens & regular pricing of S$25. Also please take note there are subcharges when buying online.

Tickets online can look under the event name Of Laughter & Tears at or may call 90290417 to look for Mr Xiao or 91809453 to look for Mr Steven Ang. As there is limited seating, please kindly grab your tickets now!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bennett Bay Debut Album Launch "Compass" Concert - 20 Jan 2017

Dear readers,

Singaporean musician and composer, Bennett Bay is launching his debut LP album launch concert "Compass".

Singaporean composer Bennett Bay presents music from his debut full-length album, entitled "Compass".

Bennett will be joined by The Ensemble, comprising of: Tsumugu Don Bosco Misugi (Violin), Samuel Hongyi Choon (Violin), Nadene Law (Cello), Axel Serik (bass), Ian Tan (Drums), Yuru Lee (Percussion), Cui Yihao (Trumpet), Gabriel Hoe (Trumpet), Jingjie Lim, Jingyun Ng and Charlene Su on vocals, as well as a very special guest.

"A child is lost in the wilderness, and a mother and father grieve at their loss. Where he is, the gentle murmuring winds with its soft tendrils causes the child to quiver, while his memories of home slowly erode. The child is faced with a dilemma—to dwell in this bliss eternally or to return home.

Compass tells the story of this child finding his way home, as his family holds on to the hope that one day he shall return."

Tickets on sale at sistic, ticketholders may purchase the album at the venue for $10.
Standard: $25 Students/NSFs: $20

This show is made possible with the support of the National Arts Council and Maestro Guitars

Facebook event link

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Win a limited dark horse keychain in support of Rafailia's music education

Friday, November 11, 2016

Live Loop Asia Festival Tour 2016 (Y2K16 International Live Looping Festival) - 18 Nov to 4 Dec 2016

Dear readers,

Live Loop Asia Festival Tour 2016 (as part of Y2K16 International Live Looping Festival) will be happening.

More information (press release and publicity) will be Press publicity publicity has been released below.  

The dates and performers have been confirmed according to the Live Loop Asia organiser Randolf Arriola.

Please note that Randolf is travelling to Manila to play in the festival from 18 Nov to 20 Nov 2016. You may have to wait for his answer within a few days if you send any inquiry. 

Venue entry is free in Singapore where you can support by purchasing drinks or making donations to the festival.

If you want to volunteer in Singapore Live Looping Festival, drop us an email:

I will be updating more videos of the pre-sound setup of the performers from Singapore on 15 November 2016. Stay tuned!

For more information on the festival venues, please refer to the press publicity on page 5 below.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Amino Acid Orchestra - 29 Oct 2016

Amino Acid Orchestra

Zai Kuning + Andy Chia + Andy Yang

29th October, 2016

Aliwal Arts Centre
28 Aliwal Street
Singapore 199918

Music Studio 1

Tickets at $20 (at the door)

Initiated by multi disciplinary artist Zai Kuning. Amino Acid Orchestra made its debut with Zai
together with musicians, Fuzz Lee and Shark Fung. Rejecting the idea of the conventional stage
show. The trio started making sounds from conventional musical instruments to found objects with
the intention of performing and creating soundscapes and exploring spaces.

Zai is currently back in Singapore with a different direction for Amino Acid Orchestra after residing
in Johor for the past 3 years. As Zai has been playing entirely solo on guitar, percussions and
vocals for most of his songs, those familiar with Zai’s music will be in for an entire different
experience as the songs take on new shapes and forms.

For this new incarnation of Amino Acid Orchestra, Zai will embark on a new journey together with
musicians, Andy Chia (wind instruments) and Andy Yang (percussions) exploring ideas deeply
rooted in this Archipelago.
Hope everyone will be able to experience Amino Acid Orchestra once again in this self funded
performance in an intimate and cozy living room setting. ‘Nothing special nor festive.’’

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