Monday, August 18, 2008

Librations of the Moon Concert - 18 Aug 08 (new updates as of 18 Aug 08)

Librations of the Moon is a collaboration between three musicians seeking to explore the boundaries of their own craft. Drifting between ambient acoustic melodies, analog sound, looping and electro-industrial verberations, librations of the moon chafes the edges of musical scapes, bringing the performers and the audience out of familiar territory and into new and wonderful nuances of sound through the melding of three extremely disparate profiles.

This also marks the first time Darren, Randolf and Zul have worked together.

Darren on broken piano + sampling + audio processing
Randolf on guitar + looper + voice
Zul on DIY analogue synthesis + audio processing


Venue: The Substation Theatre
Date: 18th August 2008
Time: 8pm
$21/pre sales
$28/ at door
Tickets sold at The Substation Box Office.
enquires: / 91813142

Below are some pictures of their First meet up 14/07/2008:

Their final rehearsal in progress:

Article, pics & information contribution above

Credits given to: Sonicbrat (Darren - sound artist / sound designer / music composer)

My personal touch on Darren a.k.a Sonicbrat:

If u guys don't know who Sonicbrat is, he is also one of the local Singapore pioneer innovative sound art musicians in electro-acoustic/ambient/minimalist/experimental music who has remained true to his artistic ethic values in producing the music he wants. Well I guess musicians are really a bunch of expressive individualists who believe in the POWER of MUSIC!

Latest update:

To Sonicbrat: Thanks for the clarification. It's a pleasure for musicians to give feedback to me. I am seeking to do my best to make sure that the information in my blog is up to date and correct at the point of time. Should there be any mis-interpretation from me on how musicians want their music to be preceived to the listeners & audience, I take my humble apologies & seek to interact with musicians to understand their works with a sincere heart.

His albums (both free and for sale) online and in shops have been reviewed by both local and international music lovers, radios, recording labels, magazines & newspapers so much so that they really like his music! I will also be featuring some of his exclusive music tracks (with his kind granted permission) from his saleable album "HI.A.TUS", "Of Things Unending" , "Silence.Silence" soon. Just keep a lookout!

The music from his free music album "Weaving" can be downloaded HERE. It's easier for u guys to enjoy listening at yr own leisure time. I have removed the music tracks for this album on my blog. If u really like his music, please do support him by coming to his concert! Below is some information about this album "the weaving project":

The W E A V I N G project builds on the ideology of minimalism and improvisation. The album is meant to be listened to from top till the end as a sole entity of sounds and melodies. The sub-harmonics, subliminal changes in timbres and the play of sub-frequencies and hyper-frequencies will leave your ears ringing at the end of the sonic experience.

The END!

My last words:

For those who have visited my blog and checked out the music sounds on my blog, I believe u guys must have heard the music tracks from a local Singaporean pioneer electronica/DJ musician Ikuma (who I met at ISEA gig) on my blog. For those who haven't, do make yr ears really BIG to listen to his music tracks since his music is going to be taken down by end of this week. Not to fret though as his new music tracks & raw live sound clips will be updated on my blog soon! Hope that u guys like his music! I will see if I can get an exclusive interview with him to talk about his music and bring u guys some special items to be featured on my blog.


SonicBrat said...

Hello AJ, thank you so much for your extensive coverage.

Just a note on WEAVING, this album was cut in a span of 2-3 days, live improvisations recorded on the fly.

For more details of the project, you can visit

And thank you AJ for putting up the downloads on your site however it's incomplete. For complete downloads in .mp3(320kb hi-resolution) including Album Artwork please visit:

Thanks again AJ, see you tonight.

SonicBrat said...

Great to finally meet you. We didn't talk much the last time. Anyway, thanks for the post, for coming down to Librations of the Moon and hope you've enjoyed our improvisations. Much love.

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