Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blackforest Band Interview at 100.3FM

Recently Singapore based band "Blackforest"
had a interview in Mediacorp Radio 100.3FM.
For those who want to know them better,
u can click here!

Here's the interview below (Take note that
it starts at 4.05. Sorry the interview is
in Mandarin but one of their original songs
is in English):

Do take note that some commerical break will occur in
the middle of the interview. Blackforest will be performing
their song "April Fool Lover Fool" at 19.25.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live Webcast Talk - Edward Chia: Finding the Soul of Singapore (29 June 11)

Hey my readers,
I received this news from NUS via email below:

NUS recently launched a monthly online forum U@live ( and the current June edition features Edward Chia, the co-founder of Timbre Music Bistro.

The talk will be webcast live on the Internet and we believe that the content might be interesting to your audience. In fact, we have a live chat platform where viewers can post their questions as the talk is going on, which will then be answered by Mr Edward during the Q&A.

The event is at 730PM SGT (29-JUNE-2011).

Isn't it cool that u can talk online with Mr Edward?
Put on yr calender and check it out!

Note: A modern HTML5-compliant browser or Adobe's Flash Player might be


Friday, June 24, 2011

In Each Hand A Cutlass "The Amaranthine Voyage" / Album Launch - 24 June 11

The band "In Each Hand A Cutlass" will be launching their debut album recital tonight!

***Tickets at S$25 + $3 booking fee available from and Sistic outlets. Direct link here:
Catch their live video performances taken at Esplanade recently:

In Each Hand A Cutlass (Live @ Esplanade Waterfront 27/11/10)

In Each Hand A Cutlass' FB page: ***

There’s nothing like creating a soundtrack to life’s unspoken moments and the childlike landscapes that we all paint within ourselves. And that’s exactly what IEHAC hopes to create by weaving through the rich tapestries of different musicalities; constantly exploring new grounds just like how we as human beings constantly grow and learn.

IEHAC will be releasing their debut album "A Universe Made of Strings" on 24th June 2011 at their album launch "The Amaranthine Voyage",which promises to be their most elaborate and extravagant production yet.

Audience will be in for a treat with the thematic stage design/props/visuals that transform the hour's worth into a Mindblowing multi-sensory experience they would take home and reminisce about!


This band of sonic pirates blends progressive rock, ambient, post rock and metal elements, casting all music boundaries aside, to create epic sprawling yearning songs that alternate between lifting your spirit and kicking your butt.

IEHAC is indie rock veteran Daniel Sassoon (Electrico, Livonia, The Recidivists), keyboardist/DJ/dark mistress Amanda Ling (The Synth Experience, Electrico, Throb), producer/engineer Roland Lim (Seraphim, Anna Judge April) and drum wizard Jordan Cheng (Rafe, For This Cycle).

Come sail with us on the Amaranthine Voyage.

Link for the album launch:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Midnight Shift 04: Collab. [Singapore's Official Afterhours Music Gathering. Presented by Absolut.] - 24 June 11

Midnight Shift 1st Anniversary Featuring Kevin Saunderson Sept 2010 from Midnight Shift on Vimeo

Absolut presents Midnight Shift 04: COLLAB
Friday 24 June 2011
10pm till late
#02-01 Odeon Towers

Jerome Sydenham + Int'l Mystery Guest
Norman Chung + Ulysses
LLDFF + Avneesh (Visuals)
Rosh G (MC)

The spirit of collaboration is in the soul this night. Gather all ye faithful for Midnight Shift’s first party of the year, featuring label boss Jerome Sydenham and a mystery music hero from Switzerland known for his multi-deck mixing skills and for keeping the legacy of Chicago house and Detroit techno alive. Joining them will be local stalwarts Norman Chung and Ulysses for a connection of the collaborative kind. Visuals will be provided by team LLDFF and Avneesh while Rosh G will be the MC for the night.

Mystery Guest Contest
Guess who the international mystery guest hero is and win:
1x Absolut + Red Bull Boat and 5x Invites.

· Music hero from Switzerland
· Keeping the legacy of Chicago house and Detroit techno alive
· Superb multi-deck mixing skills
· Chart-topping Remixes for DJ Hell, Steve Bug, Danny Howells and Aril Brikha

Email your answer, name, I.C no., address and mobile no. to before 20 June 2011 to qualify.

Collaborate with Midnight Shift and Win!
Invite 5 friends to register as a member on the newly and stand a chance to win a Vestal watch—a fine-tuned timepiece for the musically inspired individual. One winner will be notified by 20 June 2011.

Exclusive ApeSnap Deal:
Early bird tix: $18 before 17 June

Music samples played by the DJs for the upcoming event:

Media Press Info. Release (Credits goes to Debbie Chia)

Make the shift! from Midnight Shift on Vimeo.

Friday, June 3, 2011

K-Pop Asia Concert: Heal the World Tix - Super Shocking Cheap Prices! 4th June 11

Hi Guys

Through my music blog connection,
I have been offered for SUPER LOW PRICES for the cheapest category
for the K-Pop Heal The World Kpop Asia concert @
Singapore EXPO, MAX Pavilion, 1 Expo Drive
(on 4 June 11 this Sat).


U will be able to see yr K-pop stars live!
Well if u think that $88 dollars is the cheapest, then
u will be shocked at the price that will be offered.

Contact me:
1) 9452 2326
2) (leave down yr contact no)

For those who are still waiting,
don't wait! O school dance crew
and Dharni - top SG beatboxer in
the world will also be performing!

For cat 3, u can still see yr kpop groups dancing!
Its not small like ants and there will be
big screens for u to see!

U can always email me for available
seating arrangements. Cat 2 available
but it will be not be the same price for cat 3.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top Punk Band "Grand Hotel Paradox" show - 21st June 11

One of the top punk bands "Grand Hotel Paradox" from Dubai
contacted me in regards to their upcoming Southeast Asia tour
shows. They will be dropping by in Singapore too!
If u never heard of their songs,
u can listen to the tracks below:

Like their stuff??? Then come catch their show at
Substation on 21 June 11 and show them your real
punk rock attitude! Plus...they are performing with
other bands for just merely $8 bucks! :) 
Details of their Southeast Asia tour below:

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