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Esplanade Presents Baybeats 2010 Auditions Open Entry

The Baybeats is back in 2010. Auditions are now open to bands who are interested to perform at the Baybeats Festival 2010. Fill up your band details for the auditions here

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keynote Speech by Dick Lee at Asia Television Forum

Below is a keynote speech by Dick Lee (renowned Singaporean composer) on music in Asia and his own music career period during the Asia Television Forum:

2nd December 2009

Asia Television Forum (Singapore)

Keynote Speech by Dick Lee (Singapore Composer)

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’m honored to be invited to make the keynote speech today, although I
have wondered why I – a humble musician – was asked to do so. To me,
the words “key” and “note” have a completely different meaning from
what I think it means here today. When I’m before an audience, I usually
perform, but as that’s not expected of me, I thought I’d touch on a
subject close to my heart, and perhaps relevant to this meeting.

The dilemma I faced as a young musician growing up in Singapore led me
to spend a good part of my career exploring the notion of who I was in
the context of my work. My problems began with my influences and

The Singapore of my childhood was a Malayan state and a British colony.
I was brought up in a Peranakan, or Straits-born Chinese household, with
an English and Malay-speaking father, and an English and Cantonese-
speaking mother.

My family home reverberated with music all day long – my dad’s big
band jazz and Indonesian keroncong, and my mum’s collection of
Chinese pop songs and American top-forty hits of the day.

English was my mother tongue, and indeed, the main language of multiracial
Singapore, and so it became my language of choice when I started
to write songs at the tender age of 10. I carried on this way throughout
my teenage years, risking my reputation and freedom, as the 70’s in
Singapore was a dark era for degenerate Western pop music, all forms of
which were recklessly linked by my government to drug-taking and other
evil behaviors, such as loutishness and long hair on men.

I persevered, however, and found myself one day in London, (where I
was studying in the late seventies), presenting my songs to an executive
at Warner Chappell Music Publishing. I had sent him my demos earlier,
and he had listened to them, and accepted the appointment. But when I
walked in and he looked up, his face registered confusion and I think,
dismay. He didn’t expect an Oriental, it seems, because my music was so
Western. He then asked me the one question, which shaped my future: I
wrote good songs, but did I have nothing to say as an Asian?

I was frankly stunned, as the though had never occurred to me. As much
as I saw myself as Elton John or Neil Young, the world saw nothing but a
gangly bean sprout of a Chinese boy. Unfairly dismissed by my lack of
pink pigments, I retreated in shame to reconsider my aspirations. Surely
there must be some hope for an Asian singer-songwriter, who worked in

I decided to explore the situation in other Asian countries and made
some interesting discoveries.

First of all, the undisputed leader of trends in Asian pop culture was, and
still is, Japan. Having swiftly reinvented herself after the Second World
War, Japan evolved a hybrid culture of East-meets-West, voraciously
engulfing and adapting the modern culture of their defeaters: The rockand-
rollin’ Americans.

This continued a trend which began with the pre-war Hollywood
invasion, a phenomenon that inspired the sophisticated lifestyles of
Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore in the 1930s, the
proliferation of which was fuelled by those cities’ large expatriate
populations. Nightclubs in the grand tradition were creating Asian
songbirds backed by Oriental jazz bands, who sang Latin-inspired jazz
tunes in their native language, producing the first fusion superstars on
the continent.

The rest of Asia was slow to catch on, largely hampered by the war and
revolutions of certain moguls and megalomaniacs. Also, much of Asia
was dealing with the cultural confusion caused by colonists, who
inadvertently stemmed the advancement of local culture by enforcing
the adaptation of their own. The prevalent attitude of Western
dominance caused a stigma of West is better than East, which made
progressive Asians turn their backs on all things traditional.

Interestingly, local culture is the most advanced and refined in the two
Asian countries which were not obfuscated by Western domination:
Japan and Thailand. Both have highly developed parochial culture and
surviving monarchies, but the difference is that Japan had her national
pride crushed with her defeat in the war, and had to regenerate her
rebirth with a vengeance to repair her wounded psyche.

However, youth being what it is, it wasn’t long before the kids in Kanto
were walking around with Brylcremed quiffs and can-can petticoats,
propagating pop culture in the comeback of the century.

By the early sixties, wild American dance-forms had found their way to
Asian capitals, and the age of the United Nations saw a healthy exchange
of Asian pop crossing borders. Indonesian singers were popularizing a
Chinese tune in the form of Dayung Sampan, and Indonesian hit
Bengawan Solo was being sung by Rebecca Pan of Hong Kong and Hibari
Misora of Japan in their respective languages.

But it was still Japan that was sountracks ahead when Kyu Sakamoto’s
Sukiyaki made it to number one on the Billboard charts in 1963, the first
and only time an Asian song has made it to the top in the United States.

Asian pop had finally arrived, something I hadn’t noticed when I was
discovering the Twist in our living room when I was nine.

This fact resonated more than ten years later when I had to rediscover
myself in late-seventies London. Discouraged by the “meanie” from
Warner Chappell, I decided to expand my horizons and listen to a wider
variety of music. One day, flipping through the racks at HMV on Oxford
Street, I came upon a couple of albums which had distinctly Asian faces
on their covers. The artistes were Yellow Magic Orchestra and Sandii and
the Sunsetz, both from the Land of the Rising Sound! This discovery
began my long-term relationship with Japanese Pop, or J-Pop as it was
later to be termed, and I began my self-awareness as an Asian writer.

Ask any young Asian, and they will all agree that Japan is by far the
coolest place in Asia, if not the world. Old crimes are easily forgotten
when presented with the multitude of must-have gadgets that Japan has
produced. It all started for me with the metallic blue walkman, and
continues to this day with my endless upgrading of flat-screen TVs.

The gadgets only complement the music and fashion that Japan vomits
out in copious quantities – innovative and eccentric, but unmistakably
Japanese. Walk around the streets of Seoul or Hong Kong or Bangkok,
and you see kids undeniably influenced by Harajuku street fashion, and
their older counterparts in Comme Des Garcons.

And how do we know how the Japanese dress? Why, from their media
of course! Japanese-style magazines and television variety shows are
widely distributed and admired, and blatantly copied all over Asia. When
a trend breaks in Tokyo, Taipei is sure to follow – as in the mania for all
things Korean that started in Japan and has now taken over Asia (I want
nobody nobody but you!)

Today, a different scenario exists. The widely predicted Pacific Century
has taken awhile to launch but is most definitely here. And now that
China is throbbing and Luang Prabang has an Aman Resort, a new Asian
identity is starting to be recognizable.

No more the Madam Butterfly of Pucchini, the Mao Zedong of Andy
Warhol, or the Charlie Chan and Suzie Wong or Hollywood, but instead
Jackie Chan and Rain, Nobu and Wagamama, Sony and Samsung, Uniqlo
and Shanghai Tang. Pop culture is most certainly shaping the new Asian
identity for the world and more importantly, for Asians. And it all begins,
but not necessarily ends, with Japan.

As for me, I eventually made it to Japan, discovered, incredibly by
Makoto Kubota, the band-leader of Sandii and the Sunsetz. Like how I
encountered his band, he came across my album in 1989, got in touch
with me and subsequently introduced me to Warner Music Japan. My
entry into the Japanese market acquainted their jaded public to the
wonders of Asia, and that was the start of an Asian presence in their

My career spring-boarded itself into the rest of Asia and allowed me to
collaborate with artistes from many countries. In other words, if I was
cool in Japan, I was cool to the rest of Asia. I had an amazing time as a
born-again Asian, but one of my proudest moments was in 1998 when I
was eventually pursued by, and finally signed to, the biggest publishing
company in the world at the time: Warner Chappell.

Music in film and TV seminar @ Asia TV Forum - Dec 09

It's been quite a while I have not updated my music blog here
I have been concentrating on my new music website.

Below is a music news article on Music in film and TV seminar as conducted for Asia TV Forum (ATF).

This article is sent Anna Thomas (a free-lancer) working at ATF. For more music news on this particular forum, u can contact me via email since I am in contact with Anna.


Digital Future Series Conference – “The Role of Music in Film and TV,” Dec 2.
Masterclass and Workshop with China Directors Li Qiankuan and Xiao Guiyun, Dec 3.

The Centre for Content Protection (CCP) conducted the Digital Future Seminar Series Dec 2 to engage the digital distribution industry at the Asia Television Forum(ATF) in Singapore.

“The DFS Series seminar was an opportune moment to discuss digital business models across the film, TV and music industries,” says Isa Seow, Managing Director, Centre for Content Protection.

Speakers reiterated that paramount to the success of media industries is the role of music. “It is critical that musicians can earn income,” said Mike Ellis, President, Motion Picture Association (MPA) Asia Pac. Music can help media industries to grow and vice versa. It costs USD $200 million to make a movie, yet the majority of movies that go out are losing money. The challenge and opportunity lies in the fact that 16% of movie revenues come from cinema, and the remaining 84% from home entertainment. “Our collective futures depend on (our ability to adapt to) the digital transformation that’s going on,” Ellis told the industry players gathered at the conference.

Five times Golden Rooster winner Li Qiankuan emphasized to the audience of media industry players how the integration of music with regional and national features was crucial for a merger between western and eastern music. Dick Lee referred to his personal experience in championing the inclusion of Asian elements in pop music. He cited Japan for becoming the undisputed leader of Asian pop culture by picking up the best of American pop culture and “refitting it to Japanese size.”

Qiankuan, who is the President of the Shanghai International Film Festival’s Jury Board, and Xiao Guiyun, member, China's National Film Approval Board, later conducted a film masterclass and workshop Dec 3 with MDA support. The masterclass provided an understanding of China’s film industry followed by an overview of opportunities for partnerships and proposals in the industry.

Looking to the film industry
Panelist Nina Ossoff, who has been writing successfully for movies and TV, including American Idol, advised musicians in the audience to “make your master sound awesome.” She bemoaned the fall in the number of movies with soundtracks. Philip Wu, Exec Chairman, GRID MMS, conceded that it is a very tough game to live off music. Go around and get yourself known, he advised, submit your lyrics to the movie industry and put up your talent for review.

Singapore is one of the easiest places to make networking connections, says the director of Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Bernard Lanskey. He observed that the educational opportunities here are immense from an international perspective. “We underestimate the professional dimension of musical work,” he said. “Training in professional awareness and maintaining quality should be your priorities,” he told the listening students of music and film in the audience.

Cutting to the recession, Charles J. Sanders, Esq. Songwriters Guild of America, who moderated a panel, recalled how Hollywood came to the rescue when the Great Depression nearly wiped out songwriting in the 1930s. “Now again we’re looking to the film industry,” he stated. Panelist Malcolm Young finds that the challenges are emerging more rapidly than the answers are coming back, with the film industry downturn predating the current economic downturn. Young is soon to produce The Durian King, a zero-budget film set in Singapore.

New media are taking eyeballs off traditional media, says Wu. This makes it imperative that the movie industry work across all industries. Creating legitimate business models rapidly would enable survival on ever-emerging new platforms

The Singapore opportunity: Networking and self-belief
Panelists pointed out that Singapore is uniquely placed in world terms. As a modern bilingual society, it is uniquely connected to South East Asian countries. The Singaporean awareness of the global community is unparalleled, says Lanskey. “What will drive internal passion is networking and self-belief.” He compared Singapore to where Paris was in 1900, or to Vienna in 1750. “Change can happen fast. The speed at which Singapore’s evolving is phenomenal.”

Wu touched on the country’s three strengths: trust, technology and the financial system. “We might not make a Titanic,” he said, “but there are niche areas we can come into with these strengths: post production and songwriting, for instance.” There are many who dare to dream, but many other Singaporeans are pragmatic. Singapore has not reached the critical mass of talent and we should aspire to reach that, said Wu.

“We are always calling ourselves too small and berating our lack of a long history. We must think big; we must think differently,” observed Joshua Simon, a student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Spell out rights: IFPI
As music is the primary driver of the entertainment business, be it karaoke or nightclubs, it is important to clearly spell out rights, concluded the panel on copyright and legal issues.
Leong May Seey, Regional Dir(Asia ), International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) recommended the ISO standard to identify country of origin and the first owner in every commercial sound recording, and the embedding of the ISWC(International Standard Musical Work Code) to protect composers.

Frank Rittman, Regional Legal Counsel, MPA - Asia Pac, suggested a centralised licensing corporation which would allow a producer to pay a single fee, rather than needing to conform to varying structures in each country of release. Complicated sets of rights exist separately in different countries for the two pieces of intellectual property in music: the underlying musical composition, and the performance. For instance, said Sanders, US law has so many anomalies, despite being a pro-copyright country. Compulsory licensing exists, but once the song is released, anyone can make a cover of it. The licensing also does not extend to synchronization rights.

Embrace local artistes
The panel on Asia strategies recommended that Singapore embrace local artistes. “There’s great music in Singapore; you just have to play it,” observed Allan Nicholls, Department of Graduate Film, Tisch Asia( Singapore). A Stefanie Sun had to leave the country and be endorsed by Taiwan before she got accepted here.

“We are not hungry enough as a nation. That said, I’d rather have the security of Singapore, than professional footballers and recording artistes if they come at the cost of security,” says Michael Hosking, CEO, Midas Promotions. He suggested introducing a radio station that played local music.

To meet the challenge of changing the Singaporean mindset, Lim Sek, Chief Exec, Music & Movement (S) Pte Ltd, said that the Republic of Pop has been started with MDA support. It is an umbrella of local talents and a movement to appeal to the Singapore audience. The website will launch in the first quarter of 2010, detailing agents, contacts and a step by step guide for talents.

Talks are on with MediaCorp to get airtime for local talent, said Yeo Chun Cheng, Chief Information Officer, MDA, and the second round of proposals for music has just opened. “But I don’t think the government is the solution to everything,” he said. “Be careful of government officials telling you what is to be done.” The solution was instead, to be “really, really good at what you do.”

The DFS seminar is an initiative under the MoU signed with the Media Development Authority(MDA) Sept 9, as part of MDA’s agenda to develop a conducive business environment with a robust intellectual property regime and a pro-business regulatory framework.

Event: Digital Future Series Conference at the Asia Television Forum Theme: The Role of Music in Film and TV; Date: Dec 2
Location: Suntec City Convention Centre
Speakers included: Film producers and directors; Charles J. Sanders, Esq. Songwriters Guild of America; Nina Ossoff, songwriter; Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director, Motion Picture Association (MPA) - Asia Pacific; Li Qiankuan, Chairman of China Film Association and Head of the China Film Foundation; Dick Lee, composer; Frank Rittman, Regional Legal Counsel and Deputy Director of the MPA - Asia Pacific; Leong May Seey, Regional Dir(Asia), International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI); Michael Hosking, CEO, Midas Promotions; Yeo Chun Cheng, Chief Information Officer, MDA; Bernard Lanskey, Director, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music; Isa Seow, Managing Director, Centre for Content Protection (CCP); Philip Wu, Executive Chairman of GRID MMS Pte Ltd; Allan Nicholls, Department of Graduate Film, Tisch Asia; Lim Sek, |Chief Executive, Music and Movement (S) Pte Ltd
Event: Masterclass and Workshop with China Directors Li Qiankuan and Xiao Guiyun, Dec 3
Masterclass Theme: Understanding the Film Industry in China
Workshop Theme: Film and Partnership Proposals
Location: Ngee Ann Auditorium, Asian Civilisations Museum

About CCP: Established in 2007, the Centre for Content Protection (CCP) is a consortium committed to shaping AsiaPacific’s digital future through innovative technologies that provide secure ways for consumers to enjoy anywhere, anytime access to their favourite movies and television programmes.
As a neutral yet authoritative source of information on the latest content platforms and protection measures worldwide, the Centre fosters awareness and cooperation amongst various academic, governmental and industry organizations as well as consumer groups in order to implement best practices and solutions region-wide.
Primary Advisory members are Astro, Fujitsu, Motion Picture Association of America, Nagravision, NDS, ST Microelectronics, Thomson, Verimatrix and Walt Disney Pictures.


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FREE YOUR SOUL - Jazz Workshop & Masterclass by Mandy Gaines

Hi everyone,

it's been quite some time I have not written any music stuff here. That's because I has been focussing on my new music website: http://www.musicnewalbum.com/

If you support and promote good music, do subscribe to it as well as become a twitter follower. Lots of new music updates upcoming like video interviews, music and behind the scene...etc... and music download.

I bring the latest music news on a jazz workshop below:

Mandy Gaines, international jazz vocalist and entertainer as she shares her wealth of professional experience and divulges the secrets to her breathtaking technique. Having performed throughout the world and opened for Jazz luminary, Herbie Hancock, Miss Gaines has garnered critical acclaim and accolades from all around the globe. Together with Verve Music , this shining jazz star brings to you a vocal workshop and masterclass where she will touch on various aspects of jazz singing including interpretation, improvisation, stage performance and vocal range.

Program Outline

*Achieving vocal freedom and freedom of expression

*Breaking out of one's shell to achieve a unique style of interpretation

*How to use appropriate nuances to evoke truly emotional jazz singing

*Find out more about experimental singing techniques like Belting and Scatting

*Stage performance - learning to engage the audience through movement

About Mandy Gaines

Mandy Gaines has been entertaining and delighting audiences globally for more than 20 years. Her performances have been lauded by critics as "Refreshing, soulful and Exciting!" She has had her stunning voice heard at several international jazz festivals and has held jazz vocal workshops in Europe. From 1988 to the present, she continues to improve and grow through her gifted interpretations of Jazz, Pop, R&B and Soul classics as well as writing and performing her original works. Miss Gaines released her 2nd album – "Taking A Chance" in 2006.

Get your tickets now. Call 65544097 or email verve.ms@gmail. com.

Limited places available!

Event Title: Free Your Soul – Jazz Workshop & Masterclass by International Jazz Sensation Mandy Gaines

Date: 6 December 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 4.00pm

Venue: Verve Music School (Blk 713 Ang Mo Kio Central (Ave 6) #01-4040 (2nd Storey) S 560713)

Ticket Price: $15 (observers), $40 (participants)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

iDreamin Company Music Launch Hereen Event - 28 Nov 09

A local music company "iDreamin" will be showcasing a series of bands and musicians performing their original music at The Heeren on 28 Nov 09.

The musicians are performing from 1 15 pm to 445 pm. If u happened to be in the area, just drop by to watch and vote for your favourite musicians. How do I know it?

Well I am the music executive (in ExpressinMusic) assisting them to find musicians to perform at Heeren. It's a collaboration between
ExpressInMusic and iDreamin company.

Take care and see u guys there!


Singapore Chinese Indie Festival - 28 Nov 09

Check out the link for more details:


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PLAY ON 2009 Band Competition 2009

Hi Guys,

I am back with more music news. Here's some publicity news by the organisors on the upcoming PLAY ON 2009 Band Competition in Dec 09:

Witness local talents make their marks at the PLAY ON 2009 – an annual band competition organized for youths, by youths. PLAY ON competition series have been platforms for many young, aspiring local bands and music lovers to converge.

Organized by the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Community Clubs (CCs) Youth Executive Committee (YEC), this flagship initiative was brought forth in 2007 and has grown in scale over the years, evidently from the number of entries of rookie bands and sponsors. This year, PLAY ON is proudly sponsored by Junction 8, Converse, Yamaha, ExpressInMusic and The Shooting Gallery.

Targeting at youths between the ages of 13 to 35 years old, PLAY ON provides an avenue for budding music enthusiast to express themselves through their original music pieces. This year, the theme focuses on Freedom in Music and bands will get to walk away as one of the top 3 bands of the competition, Best Instrumentalist or Best Original Composition.

A panel of high profiled producers and composers, including Mr. Jerry Chen from ExpressInMusic and singer-composers from Timmy the Band, have been specially invited to judge for the competition. The competition boasts attractive prizes worth at least S$5,800 from Yamaha and Converse.

Be thrilled by local band, Timmy the Band as they join PLAY ON 2008’s winning band, The Auditory Effect, to take centre stage and bring the house down! If you have music running in your veins, PLAY ON 2009, will be the event of the year to watch out for!

Event: Play On 2009
Date: 19 December 2009
Location: Top of the 8, Junction 8
Time: 6.30pm
Fee: Free, Open to Public

Link: http://www.play-on.sg/playon2009.htm

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Take5 Concert - 6 Dec 09

LOST IN TRANSIT concert 22 Nov 09

If u are looking for some things to do on Sunday evening, here's a musical for you to attend and enjoy original songs by our local musical songwriters.

LOST IN TRANSIT (Sunday 22 Nov 09 - 8 pm at The Arts House)

Lost In Transit, an original musical by MTL, with book by Stella Kon,Gavin Low, and lyrics by Stella Kon and Music by Desmond Moey at The Hall at The Arts House. This is part of the Hallmark Programs series presented by MTL for Musicals@The Hall, a partnership with The ArtsHouse.

Date: 2009 November 19-22
Time: 8 pm
Venue: The Hall at The Arts House 1, Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429
Tickets S$28, S$48 (Includes $2 ticket charge)At the COUNTER http://www.theartshouse.com.sg/event_details_2009.php?id=1007
TICKETING: Hotline: (+65) 6332 6919
Email: tickets@toph.com.sg
Lost In Transit LINKS: http://mtl-lost-in-transit-lit.blogspot.com/


Friday, November 13, 2009

Janek Gwizdala Project + Janek Bass Masterclass + Kozo Suganuma Clinic

Dear Friends,

Pls remember to purchase your tickets for
Janek Gwizdala Project CONCERT!
JOJO Mayer, OLI Rockberger, AUDUN Waage

24 Nov 2009, TUESDAY
NEXUS Auditorium, Cuppage Plaza (opp Centrepoint side entrance)
Tickets on sale $30 till 17 Nov, and $40 from 18 Nov

B) For Bassist and Music enthusiast keen on learning more...
Pls also purchase your tickets for
Janek Gwizdala BASS Masterclass
(Jojo will demo with him at the end)

23 Nov 2009, MONDAY
*scape LAB level 1
Tickets on sale $20 at the same ticketing venues of the concert. (tickets available from Tuesday 10 Nov)


Ticketing venues:

1) Trumpet Praise - Plaza Singapura #B2-19 - 63344507
2) School of Music Clef - Suntec City Mall #03-15 (tower 2) - 63377177
3) Drums Resources - 10 Haji Lane - 91170692
4) Ranking Sports and Music - Bras Basah Complex #03-49 - 63367887

No RECEIPTS given.
Please Do not lose your ticket.

C) Kozo Suganuma clinic 18 Nov 2009...time to check out the Stage Custom Birch !
See you there!

Thank you!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Free Music Workshop - 12 Dec 09

Here's some free music workshops for those who are interested to learn from the good musicians in Singapore.

Wonder of Musicals 2009 ~ @The HALL Nov*6*7* ~ Concert!

The following information below comes from Desmond (Producer for the Wonder of Musicals 2009) from Musical Theatre Limited in Singapore.


Treat yourself to an evening of pleasure ~ love songs, funny songs, powerful songs; from our very own musicals!

Only S$28, limited seats in a beautiful hall built in 1827!




Date/Time: Performance Only: 6, 7 November 2009, 8pm (S$28) (THU, FRI, SAT)

Nov 5 Opening Night is SOLD OUT!

Performance cum Dinner: 8 November 2009, 7 pm, Sunday (Donation S$120) [Tax Relief of 2.5x] SOLD OUT!

[Prices includes S$2 ticket charge]

Tickets at the COUNTER in The Arts House

Hotline: (+65) 6332 6919
Email: tickets@toph.com.sg

The Hall at The Arts House
1, Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paid Music Project 031109 for a 30 second coffee commercial ad (Due on 8th Nov 09)

Here's another music project for u guys in Singapore to earn some extra bucks in creating original music:

Brought to u by AJ (that's me - Music Executive of ExpressInMusic Company):

Hi to all SG Musicians!
We have a current Music Project we wish to share with you for the first time through this Facebook Fan Page on www.facebook.com/expressinmusic. We are testing out this platform and to see how your response will be like. The below is an actual project and you may wish to give it a go or tell your music friends about the opportunities like the one below:

Music Brief – Project 031109

Purpose: For a 30 second coffee commercial ad

Project Requirements: A 30 second music clip that fits the visuals and description provided below. Kindly read the brief and you are free to add in sound effects such as the ants slurping or the ants whispering. The instrumental music needs to communicate
• Light-hearted feeling
• Warmness
• Cute element

Detailed Project Brief download:

Prize Money: SGD$600 or USD$400

Last Date of Submission: 8 Nov 2009 (8.00pm SIN time)

**Winner will be announced as soon as confirmation is given to use the chosen music piece. Upon selected, you will be contacted duly within a month and the prize money transferred to you. You retain the copyrights of the music and hereby agree to have the submitted music (if selected) to be royalty free and grant Performing Rights and Reproduction Rights permission for the project client usage.

Kindly email us your entries to ask@expressinmusic.com before the due date stated above. Please provide us your personal contact details in your email too. Thank you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

JAZZ, BLUES & FUNK! * Concert - 13 Nov 09

My thanks to Jennifer Goh the staff from Republic Polytechnic for providing the information and poster of Republic Festival "Reflections 2009" to me.

13 November 2009 (Friday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Republic Polytechnic, Exhibition Hall (E3)
Ticket Price: $15
Festival hotline: Call 6510 3000

Artist/Arts Group:

Rick Smith (Resident Guitarist, Harry’s Boat Quay), Norman Seck (Piano/Keyboards), Colin Yong (Bass/Flute), Rizal Sanip (Drums) and Mandy Gaines (Resident Vocalist, Harry’s Boat Quay)


Chill and groove to a night of Jazz, Blues and Funk music with Rick Smith (Resident Guitarist, Harry’s Boat Quay), Norman Seck (Pianist/Keyboardist), Colin Yong (Bassist and Flautist), Rizal Sanip (Drummer) and Mandy Gaines (Resident Vocalist, Harry’s Boat Quay). They promise an evening of familiar jazz standards and more! Expect the unexpected as musicians whip up exciting improvisations in this Jam night. Come join us and get to play alongside these prominent musicians in this jamming session – show us your groove, impressive solos and fancy improvisations!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Date with Straydogs and Pest Infested - 6 Nov 09

6 Nov 09, Fri, 7.30pm


Esplanade Recital Studio

Let the good times roll with a reunion concert of two of Singapore’s popular tea dance bands of the 60s!

Straydogs and Pest Infested come together to recreate the old “function” days with their signature R&B and blues tunes, some of which were very much in demand by the local tea dance audiences back in the late 60s and early 70s.

The original hits in this concert repertoire include songs such as Born in Chicago, All Along The Watch Tower, Walking the Dog, It’s All Over Now, Cold Morning, NSU and Freedom among other tea-dance session favourites.

Featuring the following musicians*:

Kiang: Bassist
Terry Tan: Vocals/keyboard/harmonica
Anthony Toh: guitarist
Lim Thian Soon: Guitarist
Hensen Beng: Drums

Pest Infested
Ernie Koh: vocals/guitar/ harmonica
Loo Zhen Hoong: drums
Chris Ong: lead guitars
Tony Cheong: guitarist
David Ng: bassist

*Band members subject to change.

(90 minutes, without intermission)
Ticket price: $25*

Package of 4: $80

*Senior citizens concession: $20

Link: Click HERE

Sunday, October 25, 2009

EML presents PROJECT LIVE - Fri 6 Nov 09

NUS Electronic Music Lab (EML)

EML Presents a night of All New Electronic Music, performed Live in Concert. Previously unreleased tracks, fusing influences from Progressive, Trance, House, New Age, Classical, Hip Hop, Breakbeat, and more.

Join us from 8 to 9.30 pm on Friday 6 November, at the NUS University Cultural Centre.

Admission is free, by invitation only - get yours at http://www.eml.org.sg/contact

Jon Chong at Love The World Soul Rock Bistro & Bar - 28 Oct 09

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
8:30pm - 9:30pm
30 Raffles Avenue, #02-05, Singapore 039803 (Singapore Flyer)

Truly Original ~ Band of Musicals - 30 Oct 09

Host: Musical Theatre Limited
Type: Music/Arts - Performance
Network: Global
Date: Friday, October 30, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Location: Library@Esplanade

FREE Performance

Some of the best Artistes performing some of the best original songs.

Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Wind....

ThongYang CHONG
Adith C
Hazel LIM Sitong
Wallace Ang, 洪圣安 (www.wallaceang.com)

Artistes from Wonder Of Musicals (Nov5)
Artistes from Lost In Transit (Nov19)


Executive Producer: MTL
Producers: Desmond MOEY, ChiSheng
Venue Sponsor/Partner: Library @Esplanade EPPL
NLB Executive: ThongYang

Stage-Art Director: Desmond MOEY
MC Talkshow Hosts: Honey YEE & Huong TRAN

Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=165106613618

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Esplanade Presents: A Date with Friends - Encore! A Chinese Talentime Concert - 1 Nov 09

Credits and Synposis credit to Esplanade

Encore! A Chinese Talentime Concert


Esplanade Concert Hall


Chinese Talentime competitions were a big hit in the local Chinese music scene back from the 1970’s to 1990’s, where numerous talents such as Peter Tan, Ye Zheng Wen, Zhang Jin Quan and Cui Xia were first discovered. Hosted by veteran TV host Huang Xiang Qin and He Jie, join us for an evening of familiar evergreen favourites that will conjure up fond memories of the golden era for you and your loved ones!

(120 minutes, including intermission)
$30*, $45

*Senior Citizen Concession: $20

**Package of 4 tickets: $80

Link: http://www.esplanade.com/whats_on/programme_info/chinese_talentime09/index.jsp

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Speech Level Singing technique (SLS) seminar and masterclass in Singapore - 26 Nov 09 - 29 Nov 09

The information on SLS workshop below was sent to my friend Chingmei who runs a local accapella music website.

Jeffrey Skouson, a Master Instructor of the Speech Level Singing technique, will be giving a vocal masterclass here in Singapore on the 28th of November 2009. Speech Level Singing® (SLS) is a technique which makes singing as natural and easy as speaking. Used by more that 130 Grammy winners and developed by Seth Riggs, legendary vocal coach to the stars, SLS produces an effortless, powerful, and expressive voice.

Because you learn how to sing and not what to sing, Speech Level Singing®
can be applied to any type of music. From Opera to Rock; Jazz to Pop; or R
n¹ B. That is why singers who train in SLS have won over 130 Grammys, many
Metropolitan Opera National Council Audition winners, and Tonys for leading
roles on Broadway. SLS has also been practiced by Academy Award winning
actors and industry leaders to perfect their vocal presence and empower them
in speech.

This technique is found to be an extremely amazing way to help get through vocal bridges, and sing through them without the strain and yelling that one used to have when negotiating those notes!

SLS Master Teacher Jeffrey Skouson trains some 150 private students at
Skouson Vocal Studios in Las Vegas. As a Level 5 instructor for Speech Level
Singing and a member of the SLS Instructor Management Team, he has lectured
and taught in Europe and throughout the United States. His clients include a
wide array of pop, country, and Broadway stars, including lead performers in
Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, and Hairspray. Jeffrey was Musical Director for
the multi-million-dollar production of Utah! for two years at Tuacahn
Amphitheater and Center for the Performing Arts in Utah. He currently serves
as the Artistic Director and Conductor for the Red Mountain Music Company in
Las Vegas.

Hope you can come and get to learn about this wonderful technique!

Register online at http://www.regonline.com/sls-singapore2

Black & White Stories by Low Shao Suan & Low Shao Ying - 23 October 09

Image and Synopsis credit to Esplanade.

The twin sisters Shao Suan and Shao Ying are currently full-time piano accompanists at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM). They also enjoy composing whenever the inspiration comes, and they're full members of the Composers and Authors Society of Singapore (COMPASS). In this concert they will share with us their original New Age music on solo piano, and also piano with other instruments The sisters have both sold pop songs to the pop singers.
Shao Suan's songs are:
Chen Yi Yi (Malaysia) - "Collect";
Mink (Japan) - "All My Life";
Vivian Hsu (Taiwan) - "Qin Ai De", translated as "My Darling".
Shao Ying's songs are:
Chen Yi Yi (Malaysia) - "4.7m Kiss";
Suzanne Hsiao (Taiwan) - "Shape Of Happiness";
Jolin Tsai (Taiwan) - "Ru Guo Bu Xiang Yao", translated as "If You Don't Want".

in this concert they will also invite their friends to perform the above selected pop songs with them.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

ALTERNATION (feat Absinthe Garden: Goth art exhibit) - 16 Oct 09

Hi Guys,

I got this information below from Ben the music tutor/director of
NUS Electronic Music Lab. Sounds pretty interesting especially for those open-minded music lovers.

SDAM's first ever Art/photo Exhibition + Party
Host: Singapore Dark Alternative Movement
Type: Music/Arts - Exhibit
Network: Global
Start Time: Friday, October 16, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time: Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 3:00am
Location: DXO - 2nd Floor
Street: 8 Raffles Avenue #01-13F, Esplanade Mall, The Esplanade, Colours by the Bay
City/Town: Singapore City, Singapore
Email: nevar@sdam.sg


Join us as we initiate the new wave of goth parties with revival of ALTERNATION, Singapore’s longest running alternative music night on record. Come 16th October, the interiors of DXO will drip macabre, melancholy and madness as befitting its patrons of eternal night. Hosted by Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM), the purveyor of Singapore’s only dedicated alternative music events, Alternation will feature, no holds barred, the sickest and harshest of Goth/Industrial/EBM from international club circuits. Those familiar with our goth parties will know this, but for the uninitiated, brace yourselves as our resident deckmasters MENTOR (X’ho) and MURDERFREAK unleash fiery inferno upon the dance floor.

Alternation also features a live performance by AESGRADE, local EBM/Futurepop outfit for your aural pleasure.

In addition, we bring you a more gothic goodness in the form of ABSINTHE GARDEN. This art exhibit is a non-profit effort on the part of SDAM to showcase local alternative talents to the general public as well as media. Proudly curated in the Nest of DXO, we have gathered for your pleasure, an eclectic mix of seven active local artists with a penchant for twisted tragedy. When chandeliers cast their sultry glow upon their heartworks, each of them will take you down the road less travelled--if you will but keep an open mind. What the dark and alternative means to each artist converge into the tenet: Marrying the weird and the wonderful with positively no discrimination, while striking contrast to the everyday with wicked relish.

*******$25 Entry*********
FREE FLOW housepour spirits 9pm - 1am

Photographic and artistic works featuring:
- Deadpoet Photography
- Razin Razor Photography
- Nevar
- Abigail Amalton
- Sean Tay
- Shiro Ang
- Diamond Fangs

Aesgrade (LIVE)
DJ Mentor
DJ Murderfreak

Facebook Link: Click HERE!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Esplanade Presents: Late Nite - Raw Jazz by hanjin - 27 Nov 09

In Nov 2009...Catch our local Hong Kong based singer and music producer "Hanjin" back in Singapore! Well he is definitely someone worth catching with so many credits under his musical belt. Examples like these would probably surprise you:

1. An original song "No Regrets" written for international Mandarin Pop Heavenly King known widely as "Song of God" - Jackie Cheung in 1998

2. Pepsi Campaign
In 2007, Hanjin produced a song for international sensation Christina Aguilera and Korean pop idol, Rain, for a Pepsi Campaign.

3. Music collaboration with a famous Hong Kong Music Artist and actor celebrity...you would know. His infamous acts really have made big sensations...on the female Hong Kong celebrities and the whole music/acting industry. For those who don't know, just be patient.

Well the credits are shown on his website or videos of him. Website...is...wait la...I will show you at the end of the post. Enjoy his performances first:

Performance at College of International Education

Performance at Timbre@Arts House - For Jazz Music Lovers - He is performing the original fantastic music piece "Spain" written by the great international USA based jazz pianist/keyboardist legend Chick Corea!!!

Performance in Jazz at SouthBridge with our renowned international jazz pianist Jeremy Monteiro & Hong Kong guitarist Eugene Bao with local musicians.

Here comes the famous Hong Kong Artist "Edison Chen" who was featured in a few music videos with Hanjin. For those who don't know Edison, he is the one huge Hong Kong music artist who got himself into trouble when clips and pictures of him bedding with Hong Kong celebrities were stolen from his computer.

Note that in no way that I am trying to give a bad name on HanJin by featuring him with Edison. It is to show the real fact that even such "famous" artist like Edison work with our local musician like Hanjin. It shows that we have real breed local music talent in Singapore. And I mean REAL music talent!

It appeared that Hanjin worked pretty closely with Edison on rap and hip hop music. Enjoy!!!

Enjoy the music video on HEINEKEN 型人聚音樂會 (some music gathering party)

The video performance shows a Radio Interview @ FM93.8 Live recently at September 2009.

After hearing so much about Hanjin, isn't it time to show our appreciation and support to watch Hanjin live at Esplanade? Start buying the tickets now!!!
Click HERE to buy the tickets!!!
Hanjin's website: Click HERE!!!

Chicken Shack Revival "Live" at Barrio Chino - 16th October 2009

Chicken Shack Revival Band is performing again...but this time round it is at Barrio Chino. Check the details below:

Hey Folks,

Greg here from the Chicken Shack Revival Band. How are u doin?

This comes as a surprise! We've been invited to play a gig at Barrio Chino next Friday evening 16th Oct!

We've got some kick-ass repertoire of soulful music straight from the heart! You'll hear an atomic era inspired tube-tone guitar, Wailin' Mississippi Saxophone aka the Harmonica, supported by a super groovin' rhythm section!

thanks for all the warm support that we have been getting at our past gigs!

See you all there! Spread the word!

Detail as follow:

Date: Friday 16th Oct 2009
Time: 930pm till late
Address: Barrio Chino. 60 Club Street.

Greg Leow


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Date with Rahimah Rahim - 8 Nov 09

8 Nov 09, Sun, 7.30pm


Esplanade Recital Studio

Come and experience rapture in rhythm with Singapore’s first lady of song, Rahimah Rahim, who rose to fame as a singer in the 70s and 80s. Performing popular songs such as Conga, La Isla Bonita, I’m So Excited and When Will I See You Again along with some of her Malay original hits such as Gadis dan bunga, this talented diva is set to bring the house down with her high energy, powerful vocals and stage charisma.

Also joining her onstage for this show, are guest artists Anne Hussein, Jatt Ali and Hamid from Black Dog Bone who are longtime friends and contemporaries of Rahimah in her stellar career. Together, they will create an unforgettable reunion of harmony in songs such as You’ve Got A Friend and That’s What Friends Are For.

(75mins, no intermission)


Package of 4: $60
*Senior citizen concession: $15

Link: http://esplanade.com/whats_on/programme_info/a_date_with_rahimah_rahim/index.jsp

Singing Art with Claressa Monteiro (Jazz Singer) - 4 & 11 Oct 09

Dear Friends,

Be visually and musically inspired as you journey through Asian Civilisation Museum's Collection which evokes a mysterious tale of Asian histories and culture.

Venue: Asian Civilisations Museum, 1 Empress Place, Singapore

Dates: 4 Oct & 11 Oct 2009, 4-6pm, Sundays

Ticket Price : S$58
Price includes MP3 player with personalised compilation of songs and compositions by Claressa Monteiro and her creative team of Brian Benson and Tan Wee Siang, fine wines and a talk with Claressa, Singapore's pre-eminent jazz diva and Music Director.

Booking hotline : SISTIC - 6348 5555
Booking Website : www.sistic.com.sg

For more information, please view poster attached.


Showtime Productions Pte Ltd
5A Lorong Telok, Singapore 049018
Tel: 6483 2001
W: www.showtime-i.com

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Full Circle - Musicals Appreciation Series

Brought to u by Musical Theatre Limited (MTL)

Come join 8 young talented singers/actors as they chart life from one's childhood days, falling in and out of love, the joy of marriage to even having children. The stories will be sung and performed by means of musical theatre songs from Tony Award winning hits like Avenue Q and Hairspray! Learn more about how our journey in life is reflected through familiar songs from popular musicals like Mamma Mia! and Rent, and also lesser known ones, like The Wedding Singer and 25th Annual Puttnam County Spelling Bee.
Appropriate for everyone in the family, this will be a perfect chance if you want to sample what's new in the modern musical world.
Admission is free.

Brought to you as part of Musicals Appreciation Series by Musical Theatre Limited (MTL) in collaboration with library@esplanade.


Juzazwan Jumari
Victoria McColl
Shahdon MJ
Dhaniah Suhana
Joie Goh
Dominic Wong
Geri Tan
Tannie Tang

Conceptualised and produced by:
Tan Tuan Hao
Mohamad Shaifulbahri

With the greatest of assistance by our Production Assistant:
Kit Ho

And our maestro on the piano on the day will be:
Leonard Neo
Facebook Link: Click HERE!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Musicals - Writing Story and Song Seminar (Free!!!)

Musical Theatre Limited (MTL) brings u music workshops about writing musicials. For musicians, it is useful to u even for those who are not into writing musicials. It provides music networking with musicians and singers at the same time u also get to learn tools on how to write songs. The details are as followed given by Desmond MOEY from MTL:

A rare chance to learn and to be happier....
Teachers: Elaine CHAN! ChetWoon! KenLYEN! DezzMOEY! StellaKON! Amazing!

By DONATION (free for Students with ID) ~~ This FREE is Good free stuff! Hosted at The ArtsHouse!


Writing Story and Song
Two seminars conducted by Musical Theatre Limited,

Come and learn from our experienced practitioners,

How to write music and script for Singapore musical theatre.

These seminars are for people who have just started writing/composing musicals, as well as veteran composers and scriptwriters. Panel discussions and hands-on exercises will help you get started on a full-length work or a 15 minute mini musical.

Sat Oct 17 and Sat Oct 24 2009, 2 – 6 pm at the Arts House.

FREE when you sign up for the seminar –
voucher for 1 session of personal mentorship on your new Mini Musical script.

Five Foot Broadway Mini Musicals 2010

Entries close 15 Nov 2009.


Sat Oct 17 2 pm.

Writing The Songs

Songwriting: the Melody and Arrangement - Elaine CHAN and Kenneth LYEN
Writing Lyrics - Stella Kon and Desmond Moey

Sat 24 Oct 2 pm

Writing the Story by Chet Woon.

Cost – FREE to students showing student card. Other participants are invited to DONATE as they wish (Donor gets 2.5 times tax relief)

contact: Audrey Lee [ audrey.lee@musicaltheatrelimited.org ]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Music Project Brought to u by ExpressInMusic - Call for Gaming Music

For those interested parties,
here's another music project for u guys to create original game music!!! Brought to u by ExpressInMusic.

Hi Everyone!
Here's a special call for this project below...specially for instrumental music that you feel is suited for games:


The Occassion: SHOOOT Fiesta. A celebration of Machinima, Games and Metaverse

The Significance of the song:
First 35 submissions for SHOOOT Fiesta 2009 (S$30 for locals and USD$50 for international category) will be waived when submitted through Express In Music.
- Any form of music that you feel is appropriate for games.

More about SHOOOT (http://www.gxleague.c...) and www.creativedigisphere.com

Advantages for composers:
- Original songs will have the opportunity to be broadcasted and musicians can gain exposure during SHOOOT Fiesta
- A music piece/song will be chosen to be showcased complimentary in 3D avatar
- Participate in Best original song competition
- *Selected composers will be given 1 “Exclusive” project partnership with Express In Music for clients who require game music
- Chance to perform live at SHOOOT Fiesta 2009 in collaboration with Live Virtual Music Performance (Tokyo)
- Top prize to Japan, Tokyo

Language: -

Lyrics: Not Compulsory

Genre: Any suitable for games

Copyrights: Remains with the composer

Licensing Rights: Will give rights for SHOOOT Fiesta to broadcast the song

Distribution Rights: -

Monetary Remuneration: -

Deadline for submission: 18th October 2009 at 2359hrs

You can submit up to 2 entries. Do email me your entries at ask@expressinmusic.com soon as currently I only have 22 more slots for the complimentary free submission ($30 waived).

Thanks and cheers!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicken Shack Revival hosts the Blues Jam @ PoW - 3 Oct 09

Band member Louis from local band "Chicken Shack Revival" has emailed me in regards to their gig at Prince of Wales bar this Saturday 3 Oct 09. If u are not sure if u should watch them live, here's some live video performance of them playing in Esplanade. U guys are in for a blues treat!

Below is the email from them:

Hi Everyone,

We, the Chicken Shack Revival band will be back at the Prince of Wales Saturday 3rd Oct for another blues jam session. We would like to thank you for your support so far. We've had a great run so far and we really enjoy playing them blues music for you. Bring your friends! Dancers where are u? There is enough space to dance too and we play lots of swing music. Musicians who are jamming with us get 20% off regular prices for draft beers, ales and margarita jugs! Show starts 10pm! See ya there!

For your convenience:

Venue: Prince of Wales backpacker's pub. 101 Dunlop Street, Little India
Date: Saturday 3rd Oct
Time: 10pm till late

Louis Lam

Check Chicken Shack Revival Band @myspace.
Click here to view the event on facebook!!!
Click here to view Prince of Wales website

Thursday, September 24, 2009

4th October Meetup Gathering for musicians

This event is jointly organised by Express In Music (http://www.expressinmusic.com/) and the NUS Original Music Society

It will be conducted in a rather interactive and engaging manner (so it doesn't matter if you're shy!) . It'll be a great opportunity for musicians to get to know each other to talk about music, form bands, collaborate, secure commercial opportunities, get a girlfriend... etc.

2.00pm - 2.20pm Arrival and registration
2.20pm - 2.50pm Networking
2.50pm - 4.50pm Let us hear you
5.00pm Wrap up!

We will be providing 2 sets of mics + stands, DVD player, projector for visual background. You are welcome to bring down your acoustic instruments for little performance. We might be providing a keyboard too. If necessary you can plug your acoustic instruments into the in house PA system.

Simply come down for this gathering and display your music talents...share the music together.
(p.s.** if you would like to perform, kindly arrive on time between 2.00pm-2.20pm as the registration for free-play will be on a first come first serve basis)

How to get there:
exit Tanjong Pagar MRT , opposite the famous Maxwell Food Centre, look for a red colour building (map : http://www.maad.sg/map.htm )

more details also available on http://www.meetup.com/The-Singapore-Singers-Songwriters-Meetup-Group/calendar/11448382/

Kirameki 2009 - 26 Sep 09

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The 14th Drum Xchange Singapore at Geylang East Public Library - 27 Sep 09

This information is extracted from information of SOFT in facebook.

The 14th Drum Xchange Singapore - 27 September 2009 12-4pm
at Geylang East Public Library, Merpati Hall 3rd Floor

Come spend an afternoon with budding drummers of Singapore!

For an afternoon every month, drummers from all walks of life gather to hang out and exchange knowledge on drums and drumming. Get advice from fellow drummers, discuss and review drum gear such as cymbals, drum pedals and more!

September Programme

Introducing the new Mapex Chris Adler Signature Black Panther Snare Drum! You are welcome to try and review for yourself the quality, sound and workmanship of Mapex Black Panther snare drums.

Drummer showcase: Soh Wen Ming "Wen". A recipient of both the Berklee World Scholarship Tour Scholarship and the Singapore National Arts Council Overseas Arts Bursary, Wen is a drummer and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He will be comducting a drum workshop highlighting Technique, Coordination, Vocabulary, Time & materials relating directly to Jazz. An absolute can't miss!

Drumset Tuning Workshop. Join Fu Man as he takes you through the steps for Drumkit setup and tuning with the brand new Carlos Star 5 5-piece drumkit.

Check out forum thread at http://soft.com.sg/forum/how-drums/144998-14th-drum-xchange-singapore-geylang-east-library-27-september.html

Link for more information: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166602923746#
SOFT website: www.soft.com.sg

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Musicians Required for paid events in ExpressInMusic Company

ExpressInMusic Company is seeking musicians/bands to play for our paid events. Here are the details.

Types of events: Product launches, Weddings, Outdoor event platform
Payment: $50 - $300
Music Genres: Acoustic/Jazz/Pop/Indie
Duration: 45mins per set

On the area of such low payment of $50 is that the bands are playing for non-profit organisations that the company like to render their support. Interested parties, pls drop an email to


and provide a link to hear yr original music piece/performance or send yr demo song via email.

Warmest Regards
AJ Chen
Music Executive
Express In Music


Touching Hearts


Host: DJ NOMSTA On The Record
Type: Music/Arts - Recital
Network: Global
Price: Nothing to pay. FREE! Just dance if you feel the Gooodness vibe!
Date: Saturday, September 26, 2009
Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Lush FM Studio, Orchard Central #02-02 or Live On Air 99.5FM
Street: Orchard Road
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149715338267#

Monday, September 21, 2009

JAZZNOTE Radio Channel Posted on my Blog!!!

Hi Guys,

I have just posted up JAZZNOTE RADIO Station on my blog. The green radio channel can be found under the column "JAZZNOTE Radio Channel (Presented by JAZZNOTE RECORDS - Singapore & Asia's Jazz Record Label)". Basically its a internet radio channel of the music label "JAZZNOTE RECORDS" by our renowed Singaporean jazz pianist "Jeremy Monteiro".

If u guys don't know about him, then check out his website. Seriously I have deep respect for this man as a music mentor and figure in our local and international music scene when our team had the chance to interview him. He's such a big-hearted man who does his best to help the local upcoming rising musicians and promote local as well as Asian musicians. For example, he helped our local Singaporean young jazz pianist Kerong to get a NAC scholarship to study at Manhattan School of Music in United States.

Give yourself a chance to listen to the channel even if u don't listen to jazz. U will find yourself enchanted into listening to lovely smooth tunes on the channel. If u guys face difficulties in listening to the radio channel, do let me know.

Collaborations are most welcomed for those who are interested in promoting and introducing good Singapore and Asia music to me. Well I do hope to work out some ideas where investors can make profit and provide some income/revenue for musicians at the same time. Just drop an email or add me on facebook.

Here's the music record label for those who are interested to know more: JAZZNOTE RECORDS

Friday, September 18, 2009

MercyAid Concert & Road Show - 19 Sept 09 & 20 Sept 09

Link: Click HERE!!!

Jon Chong Official Album Launch on 19 Sept 09

A local musician Jon Chong will be launching his album on 19 Sat 09. The following information is from the blog of Jon Chong:

Hi all….
It is CONFIRMED! The launch of my album “State of My Mind” is just around the corner:
Date: 19th September 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 8.15pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Bar None (No cover charge)
Address: St James Power Station, 3 Sentosa Gateway, HarbourfrontDresscode: Smart Casual (No slippers/shorts/bermudas)

Join my friends and I as we perform and share about the songs from the album. I am also really looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you. Bring your friends, sit back, chill and have a good time. See ya there!


INDIE Hooray Concert Party !!! - 20 Sept 09

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Elyzia's Gig @ HomeClub - 17 Sept 09

From: Elyzia Band

Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 8:06 AM

Subject: Re: Elyzia's Gig @ HomeClub

Dear Frenz,Catch Elyzia LIVE @ Homeclub!
Details as follow:
Venue: Home Club (The Riverwalk, B1-01/06, 20 Upper Circular Road)

Date: 17 September 2009, Thursday
Time: 8.30pm
Entry: $12 for 2 beers/house pours/Non-alcoholic

Happy Hour Rates all night long.Asahi Dark BeerNikka Premium WhiskeyTequila

We will also be playing a few of our new songs this night, hope to see all of you there!Rock Onz~

THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

CLICK ON ADVERTISEMENTS to support my cause in music diversity! THANK U!!!

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