Thursday, September 30, 2010

Progressive Band Lunarin Presents - Duae: Show Number II Album Launch

Having played for more than a decade together, progressive band Lunarin launches their first full length concert "Lunarin Presents - Duae: Show Number II" on 1 October 10. Here's Duae Video Trailer 2 for Lunarin's Upcoming Album "Duae" below:

Here's the song Zero Point Red from Duae album:

<a href="">Zero Point Red by Lunarin</a>

Zero Point Red Lyrics
Bearing down the anger from the sun
Voices tell me that it will go round
(In circles)
Terra firma here beneath my feet
(is red soil)
Runs a trail of scarlet red

It starts from zero
Red marks the spot from here
To lay these hands down
cuz I choose to live
I choose to live
I choose to live

Bearing down the anger of a son
(Bearing down the anger)
An enemy or foe
but we are one
(you say)

Sleight of hand
What’s his will come to you
(sleight of hand)
A trail of blood will dry under the rules

It starts from zero
Red marks the spot from here
To lay these hands down
cuz I choose to live
I choose to live

It starts from zero
Red marks the spot from here
To lay these arms down
cuz I choose to live
I choose to live
I choose to live


Tickets are on sale at Bytes ( and The Arts House box office (

MediaCorp TV Channel NewsAsia Singapore presents Lunarin on the recording of their new album Duae on 28 August 2010:

Lunarin performing their new song "Coralline" from Duae album live @ Home Club
on 13/08/2010 below:

Singer and bassplayer Linda Ong talks about the inspiration behind the song, "Coralline", from the new Lunarin album 'Duae' below:

Catch Kevin Mathews (music website owner - Power of Pop) interview "Talkin' the Line with Linda Ong (Lunarin)". Video edited by Patrick Chng (music website owner - Walk On Music) below:

To Linda and Lunarin: I just want to say that u guys definitely deserve
all the support from people for your music. You have made us all think
about the political and deep buried honest dark emotions within our society. 
Most importantly, I like and respect your unrelentless passionate fire 
in music for keeping us alive instead of walking zombies in our lives. 

Catch Lunarin band members talk about the making of Duae album in the video below:

[ the space between ] from lunarin on Vimeo.

My Thoughts On "the space between" video:
Time @ 2:55 - Drummer Loo Eng Teck expressed that "U have to be very SHAMELESSLY AWARE of the fact that if U are not WILLING to PUT 100% OUT THERE WITHOUT any SAFETY NET, u are not GOING to GET ANYWHERE!"

Wow...that striked a chord in me. We singaporeans
are so protected by our Singapore system that we are
scared to give all out and take any risks out there.

The very fact that if we learn to take calculated risks,
we grow and improve in life. It is this risk that
Lunarin have taken to achieve so much MORE in LIVING OUT
their TRUE STORIES and get noticed in our small busy society.

Time @ 7:00 - Linda exclaimed that "Social classes makes me FURIOUS....
The fact of HUGE difference between the very poor and very rich.
Some people could be part of the elite class and choose to ignore it. 
U got people struggling at the bottom and trying to meet endless means."

Isn't that what life is all about? We are all being "labeled"
with different social class status in life. If we can learn to put
all our indifferences aside and start caring more for our own
fellow Singaporeans, brothers and sisters in regardless of social
class status, this world will be filled with more love and care. 

Yaya...I am being idealistic here...but then again, this world
would not have existed without all these idealistic pursuits in 
compassion and sympathy.

The world would still probably be in chaos and Singapore will
still be under the rule of of Japan colony if Amercians choose
to ignore us during World War II. (Just citing Amercia as an example only). 

The very fact that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (Japan) in August 6, 1945 took place allowed us to be free from the DARK all because of one word "COMPASSION". 

It also made Japan realise for the suffering of their people caused by their bad karma deeds. 

Be kind to people! The same kindness will come back to u! :)
Not asking u to be SUPER KIND and start donating all your $$$ to the poor. 
Just start caring more for people around u daily.

Just be aware of swindlers and cheaters and check people out first before
people take u like a fool for your kindness.  

Ok...there are so much more I want to say. But I think I will leave it
when I meet Lunarin @ the concert. 

Haha it's funny to me that I am pretty quiet and "un-noticed" in life but I got so much to express and write.

I guess that's why music is so close to my heart. It always has the ability to express my emotions and thoughts fully as compared to simple speaking words. :) 

Ok...that's all folks! :)
Tata hope to see u guys in the concert!
Don't forget to buy the tickets!  

Tickets are on sale at Bytes (


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tribal Gathering of the Tongue Tasters - 2nd Oct 10

PRESS RELEASE (sent to me via bani haykal)

The Substation presents
Tribal Gathering of the Tongue Tasters

The Substation is launching a new music and sonic arts programme to be presented the first Saturday of every month from October to December 2010. Each gathering will be a sound and performance collaboration between an established and emerging local sound artist or band to create a sonic event that recklessly challenges the imagination of home-grown music.

The Narrative Ends Here

The Narrative Ends Here is a music performance by b-quartet + mux, collaborating with sound sculptor Mohamad Riduan and visuals by ila and Jun. In this performance, the narrative is invisible, merely prescribing information for the individual to process and interpret. This performance builds and destroys structures, allowing for space and thought to be the prime architects of truth.

Date: 2nd October 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: The Substation Theatre
Admission: $15 & $10 (students), available from The Substation
Phone: 6337 7535 or Email:

thank you for reading through,
we hope to see you at the theatre.

better days ahead
bani haykal.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

"COME CLOSER WITH KEWEI" Album Interview @ TAB Media Press Conference

Dear readers,
For our non-speaking Mandarin audience
who had been waiting to find out more about
the talented singer-songwriter Tay Kewei and her
the long awaited interview of her with me is finally

For the benefit for those who have never heard her,
here's her playing the song "Plastic Mannequin Love" from her album:

[Official Video] Please be Careful With My Heart - Beautiful Tay Kewei & 4th Finalist contestant for ABS-CBN’s reality singing "Star in a Million" Heart Throb Filipino Singer Christian Bautista MV where she and Christian Bautista sings in English and Mandarin:

U guys can also check out her few songs in the album and her song
covers of other artists @ the audio player widget sidebar at the top right corner on my blog.

Man my audio/video editor and I spent hours to go through
the process of listening and editing the audio interview. Tough
but worth doing! Hope to do such more interviews in future. :)

I can only imagine the effort required to edit video interviews
to be even more intense!

All in all, we wanted to present the best in Kewei's story 
with a personal touch rather than the normal boring interview stuff.
Afterall who wants to hear the facts where u can find it elsewhere in internet?

Music Playlist at

The audio interview was recorded in PCM 96kHz 24bit format on
a semi-professional audio/video recorder ZOOM Q3.

The edited audio interview presented here is in MP3 192kbps format.  

EVENT: Tay Kewei's New Album "Come Closer with Kewei" Media Press Conference
RECORDED DATE: 25 August 2010

If u listen to the interview,
some picture and youtube video
were mentioned in the interview.

I am still waiting for Kewei/her S2S music label company
to send me her youtube performance and picture.

Currently at the moment, Kewei is doing
a overseas music tour with some Asia Madopop star "Lee Hom".
So I guess I probably have to wait for a while
before I can get back to u guys.

She is also having her next album gig in October.
Details of tix purchase "Tay Kewei feat. Ein Ein" can be found @:

I leave u guys to enjoy her Mandarin song "可不可以" in her album as heard
in MediaCorp Radio YES 93.3FM below:

"COME CLOSER WITH KEWEI" album are sold in all major music stores 
in Singapore. For those who are overseas and want to purchase her cd,
u can find out more information on

Other media link news about her and  her "COME CLOSER WITH KEWEI" album

Friday, September 24, 2010

*SCAPE CONFESSIONS: Meltgsnow Album Launch - 25 Sept 10

Well Guys I am back again!

This coming Saturday,
there would be another metal
band "Meltgsnow" launching their new album @

Beware of this band...u are about to experience
heavy, super strong and dark sounds
in your head. Don't say I never warn u!

I was never really a fan of metal music except perhaps
Dream Theater. Some of the metal bands just sound too
LOUD and unmusically for me.

But I guess this band could be worth
listening...since they are able to secure
and sign with global record label Pulverised Records.

Let's hope that its a good metal band live gig like the previous time
I had heard of the great metal Singaporean band in Singapore.

And as always...I like to show the diversity of music genres happening
in Singapore...even for those which I dont like.

Details of the gig are as shown below:

*SCAPE CONFESSIONS: Meltgsnow Album Launch

also feating featuring
Age of Sinfonia
Fall Of Mirra

Sat 25 Sept, doors open 730pm
Youth Centre: Lab
$16 at the door including a single

Monday, September 20, 2010

Love the sentimental classic stuff? Check out Maggie Ko "Love has time and Season" debut album (Distribution by S2S Music Label)

For those who like to listen to sentimental
songs in the classic pop jazz style,
u are in for a treat.

Sensual Singapore-based
singer songwriter Maggie Ko has
recently released her debut music album
"Love has time and Season". Her music album is
distributed by S2S Music Label Company.

Check out her song "Love has time and Season"
in her debut album:

I think among all the songwriters in Singapore,
she's probably one of the few who take this
album production very seriously.

Her cd was mastered by
master sound engineer Quincy Tanaka (in Tokyo)
of Bernie Grundman Mastering Company.

For your information, the founder Bernie Grundman has
mastered some of the industry's landmark recordings
such as The Carpenters, Herb Alpert,
Sergio Mendes, The Doors, Joe Cocker,
Joni Mitchell, Burt Backarach, Jackson Brown,
Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Supertramp,
Procal Harum. Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac,
Janet Jackson, Quincy Jones, Outkast,
Ludicrous, Mos Def, Mary J. Blidge,
Lucinda Williams, Jack Johnson & Macy Gray.

Now that's what I called serious mastering!

What's more is that she hired Bruno Le Flanchec as her
co-producer and the main professional
arranger for her original songs and covers.

SideTrack: Bruno is also looking for sponsors in his
mastering and mixing of his songs in his next
new album. So if u guys come across of any interested
sponsors, u can always email to him via:

I find that singer songwriters in Singapore
prefer to do their arrangements.

The reasons for doing their own arrangements?

They probably know the most suitable music
style to fit in their songs (not necessarily true)
Also the small limited budget constraint them from hiring
professional arrangers to arrange their own songs.

It already costs a LOT to produce a music album in terms
of recording, mixing and mastering.
Can u imagine the additional cost of hiring
a professional arranger to arrange your songs?

So show some support by buying her album to
receive and give some love in this time session!

Her music albums are sold in The Arts House in Singapore.
Alternatively u can e-mail to her to find out how u can buy it from her.

Here's another original composition of her song "Jimmy's Jive"
in her album for u to enjoy:

I will see if I can arrange an interview with her on her debut album
in future.

Take care and keep listening! Dont forget to subscribe via e-mail :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Love Jazz with Volin? Tessera Performance Featuring Guest Violinist Shumei Yap - 18 Sept 10

Like Modern Jazz mixed with Volin?

Here's your chance to catch it live with a jazz ensemble 
together with volin below: 

Tessera is Singapore’s premier all-female modern jazz ensemble featuring an eclectic collaboration of musical minds & artistic visions.

Playing a mix of original compositions and classic favourites including Donna Lee (Jaco's arrangement), Partido Alto, Armando's Rhumba, and Sukiyaki (Hirom's arrangement), Tessera will also be joined by Shumei on violins at POW for a night of exhilarating jazz!

At the Singapore Wine And Jazz Festival on 2 July, 2010, jazz aficionados, veteran musicians & casual audiences alike gave a rousing stamp of approval to Tessera’s playful, inventive & organic maiden performance.

The band later made a TV appearance in an interview on Channel News Asia Primetime Morning and performed their original song "Inuit".

Date:18 Sept 10
Time: 10pm - 12am
Location: Prince Of Wales (POW)

Information extracted from:

For those who want to go but no one to accompany for the event,
u can always email to me. I will always be glad to bring and accompany
u along. Do remember to check out the other events happening 2night! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Band "Typewriter" Official Album Launch "Indian Head Massage" Gig Press Release - 17 Sept 10

<a href="">Hospital Nurses by TypeWriter</a>

Band: Typewriter
Official Album "Indian Head Massage" Launch: 17 September 2010
Location: Home club
Time: 8pm with support acts Midnight Marvel and The Pinholes.

Cost: Free entry with "Indian Head Massage" CD shown at the door or $15 inclusive of a standard drink.



Indian Head Massage

Album Release Date: August 20, 2010

What makes a song resonate deep inside your soul? While the answer is purely subjective to some, one cannot deny that good songs often come with great melodies and lyrical integrity.

And these very elements - a passionate dedication for song-craft and heartfelt honesty - are the very epitome of the power-pop indie rock quartet, TypeWriter.

Formed in 2001, the band has journeyed through the past 10 years with various line-up changes and a vast catalogue that has been reworked with different contributions by its changing members. With its current line-up of Yee Chang Kang (vocals, guitar, harmonica and keyboards), Patrick Chng (guitar, vocals and keyboards), Desmond Goh (bass and vocals) and Redzuan Hussin (drums and percussion), TypeWriter is finally ready to finish this chapter with their labour of love - Indian Head Massage.

“We wanted to release an album around 2006/2007. Other than our day-job commitments, artistically, it just did not feel right to release the album then. We were still 'searching' for that last few songs. The final push came when we finished writing “Sunlight Takes Over” and “That Deepest Blue” - we felt really good about things and the chemistry was just right, to bring closure to the whole album,” explains Chang Kang, the band’s chief songwriter.

Not only are these two songs crucial to the fruition of the album, they are also the key tracks of Indian Head Massage. “Sunlight Takes Over” opens the album with fearless aplomb and a strong, uplifting message of finding hope in dark times. “That Deepest Blue”, which is the first radio single off the album, is another warm and infectious, heart-on-the-sleeves nugget about the hope that a great love could shower upon one. The album trail-blazes with great power-pop gusto on “Enemy”, “Details” and “Beautiful Knows”. There are also the mellower, heart aching, tender moments in “Cry So Well”, “Kinda Lost” and “Every Nite”. The underlying theme of the album is as such – Indian Head Massage, in the words of Chang Kang, is an album about “feeling hopeless, yet being hopeful” at the same time. Just like living life, it is all about HOPE.

“As a band, we are inspired by albums such as The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco. There is a lot of soul searching, and tonality to the songs on the album, they are all as thought-out as they possibility could. Every song has its own beauty, production values and space. We have also brought in an eclectic mix of instruments (violins, trumpet,accordion, theremin and mandolin) and guest musicians (Ken Stringfellow of The Posies/Big Star and Natalie Soh of Serenaide) to bring out the different flavours in the songs. For instance, in “Every Nite”, we managed to find Krassi Tasleva, a Buglarian music teacher living here, to add her wonderful accordion playing to the song. The album is really a labour of love. We hope that this honesty will transcend to the listeners, and they can be genuinely moved by it,” says Chang Kang.

And if you are wondering about the quirky album title, it all stemmed from an interesting,instructional DVD that Chang Kang spotted at Mustafa Shopping Centre about four years back.

“I like the irreverence of the title. At the same time, that cosmic quirkiness of the title does compliment the album. A massage gives relief and to me, songs work the same way. They provide solace and are a cathartic experience to both the songwriter and the listener. The songs on Indian Head Massage are songs of comfort, and there is also that sense of wonderment in the title. Plus, the title rolls off the tongue really well!” explains Chang Kang.

The album is accompanied with an additional disc - Extra Service, which consists of 8 band rarities. Indian Head Massage will be released on August 20, 2010, and be distributed by Universal Music Singapore. The band will be playing Baybeats Music Festival on 20 Aug 2010, and an album launch party is also penned on 17 Sep 2010 at Home Club. An exclusive TypeWriter concert, Late Nite @ The Esplanade, will be held on 28 Jan 2011.

For more information about TypeWriter, do contact us at:

Introducing TypeWriter

TypeWriter Biodata

Yee Chang Kang 38, TV Commercial Director ( The Shooting Gallery )
- Fronted his previous band, The Ordinary People from 1987 to 2000. Besides the demo tapes,the band had 2 proper album-releases. From 2001 onwards, together with Patrick, TypeWriter has been his main musical focus.
- For his day job, the best known TVC he has directed so far is the award-winning, M1's Mumbai India! TVC.
- Chang Kang is also an ardent indie film-maker, and he has written and directed a series of acclaimed short films, collectively titled - The Loners' Trilogy. He is now working towards his first feature film – Sunlight Takes Over!

Patrick Chng 42, Freelancer
- Probably needs no introduction. Patrick has been contributing to the local independent music scene since his days with The Oddfellows, one of Singapore's most iconic and beloved indie rock bands.
- A multi-instrumentalist, Patrick has been an avid member of the local music scene, producing and organising gigs, as well as writing about Singaporean music for various publications. After a stint as Senior Editor/Supervising Producer of, Patrick has been a music mentor to Noise Singapore, and a part-time consultant with Gibson guitars.

Desmond Goh 34, Artiste Manager ( 19 SIXTYFIVE )
- Desmond has been with TypeWriter since 2003. He also plays the bass in a very high-profile Singapore indie rock band, Electrico.
- Putting his great interpersonal skills to task, Desmond has been working as an Artiste Manager and manages a pool of music artistes for various media events and performances.

Redzuan Hussin 29, French Cuisine Head Chef ( Choupinette )
- Though the youngest member in TypeWriter, Wan as he is affectionately known, is no stranger to the local indie music scene. He has played with several well-known indie bands, alternating roles between the bass and the drums. For instance, in his other band - Moods, he plays the bass.
- He has recently been promoted to Head Chef at his French cuisine restaurant, Choupinette.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Inspiring DJ Ladies TakE ControL with this Miso Flamingo (MFO) Girl DJ Bootcamp!!!

For all the ladies out there who secretly
wanting to scratch and dabble your
way through electronic/DJ music,
here's your chance!

I received news from the organizer (Debbie) of Miso Flamingo (MFO)
Girl DJ Bootcamp that they are organising the next workshop
for MFO Girl DJ Bootcamp in Oct 2010.

Only 12 girls can be accepted. Man I wish they would open
one for guys. Registration opens now!

Not sure what it is?
Well here's a video for u to glimpse into the workshop!

Every Saturday, 2nd Oct - 16th Oct
1pm - 7pm
The Girl Dj Bootcamp is back again and we're inviting 12 girls to apply. Spend 3 weeks immersed in the ins and outs of electronic music, from scratching vinyl to launching a Live set! Heineken loves the music in you! Apply and fill in your best answer to "Why should Heineken sponsor me?" to get your Bootcamp lessons free!

Guest Lecturer Alert!
16th Oct 1pm - 2pm
TOKiMONSTA (Brainfeeder)
All the way from LA, beat baker TOKiMONSTA shares her experience with the Bootcamp girls.

Now open exclusively to 10 Heineken Green Room female members. Email to RSVP.

Graduation Bash 17th Oct
with Flea & Easy
@Phuture, 2pm - 8pm
Come see the graduation batch's chops in the breezy funfair with Love, Flea & Easy!

To apply, download the application form here: and and email to by Wed 22 September.

PRESS RELEASE (Sent to me by Debbie)
26 AUGUST 2010

Annual all-girl DJ school invites 12 girls to the camp in October 2010

The annual MFO Girl DJ Bootcamp is back for the 3rd time in 2010 at new venue, Zouk. Held every Saturday at 1pm – 7pm from 2 October to 16 October, the Bootcamp incubates aspiring girl DJs into the art of DJing. The Bootcamp costs $380 and is by application only, with a class size limited to 12.

Featuring local luminaries, 2010’s lecture lineup includes: The Analog Girl, Ginette Chittick, Brendon P, Jean Reiki and Ko Flow among others. They, together with the Bootcamp’s organisers, Debbie Chia, Natalie Pixi[e]dub and Cherry Chan, will induct the participants into topics such as DJing formats, equipment knowledge, beat matching and DJing etiquette.

Practical sessions ensure hands-on experience using equipment such as turntables, CDJs and Serato.

The Bootcamp has the following aims:

Expose participants to the world of DJing
Equip participants with the resources and ready networks to further their interests
Raise a community of Singaporean Female DJs
New Format: Masterclass

As an advanced option, participants may choose to attend a new format to the Bootcamp: Masterclass at 6pm – 7pm. Featuring Case Woo and trained lecturers from the Ableton Live User Group Singapore and Citymusic, enthusiastic participants may delve deeper in the world of electronic music by learning software such as Garage Band, Cubase and Ableton Live.

Heineken presents Guest Lecturer Alert! TOKiMONSTA (USA)

This year also features the Bootcamp’s first international guest lecturer from Los Angeles, USA: TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee). Signed to the critically acclaimed Brainfeeder label, TOKiMONSTA has just released her own album, entitled Midnight Menu, while continuing to perform around the world. In Singapore for her Syndicate gig at Home Club on 16 October, she will guest speak on the same day at 1pm. The special session is also open exclusively to Heineken Green Room’s female members.

Graduation Bash @ Phuture, Sun 17 October 2pm – 8pm
With Love, Flea & Easy – Charity Edition

Held for the first time at Zouk, this year’s sessions will culminate in the breezy afternoon affair of Zouk’s Love, Flea & Easy – Charity Edition. Participants will be given a chance to grace the decks of Phuture with their newfound knowledge and skills, in a fun Sunday flea market atmosphere with shopping, music and friends.

This year’s Bootcamp is supported by Heineken, and has the following event partners: Ableton Live User Group Singapore, Citymusic,, Red Bull, The Sound Channel, Vestax, X-mini and Pop Trash. Venue sponsor is Zouk.

For more information, please email:

To apply, please download the application form from and email to by 12 midnight, 22nd September 2010.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Want to be a ROCKSTAR? Then check out the song & music video: "Kevin Lester featuring Vanessa Fernandez - Rockstar 2.0"

Dear readers,

Yo Yo what's up?

For those who like hip hop music, Sixx
(the talented band with its fresh hip hop
and urban music grooves) have been creating
massive waves in the hip hop music scene
in Singapore.

Why? Obviously its pretty crazy having great
DJ to spin cool hip hop music. But what sets
these bunch of musicians, rapper, singer,
laptop specialist in Sixx apart from the usual
DJ spinning music in clubs is their ability to
make great original live hip hop music!

Their stage presence is obviously
electrifying! If u ever seen them live,
they usually have the young crowd cheering
and grooving with the band!

Here's part of their live performance
@ Esplanade:

To date, they have been performing in a number of big gigs
(including the recent Street Revolution Jam during the
Singapore Street Festival, Sentosa’s Music by
the Beach and Sunburst KL Music Festival).

Sixx is currently in the process of producing their new
EP album and want to bring good music to the audience
around the world.

Though Sixx remains a top priority for Sixx's rapper Kevin Lester,
he wants people to know him as an individual artist.

With that in mind, it drives him to produce his own music video

Through his music "Kevin Lester feat. Vanessa Fernandez - Rockstar 2.0",
Kelvin invites u to become a rock star of your own.

Want to be a rock star? Then start listening to some
real dopey cool stuff in "Kevin Lester feat. Vanessa Fernandez - Rockstar 2.0"

<a href="">Rockstar 2.0 feat Vanessa Fernandez by Kevin Lester</a>

Song Lyrics: "Kevin Lester feat. Vanessa Fernandez - Rockstar 2.0"

Take you back to school man it’s a service...
Focus coz i guide you like a tourist
I’m running tracks like usain,
Drop the pseudo change but it’s still the same game
Yes man I maintain
From the pavement lighting up up your atmosphere
Throw your Hands up if Lion City's here
Homes to the bikers like the Crank Arm Steady
Scope / Sketch graffiti art somerset skate park
I just Trying to get the cheese like the rest ya,
razor sharp like chico
Put your money on me like marina new casino
shino be through your camp azreal as the XS
and i plan to do bigger than my days in the BvF
flow Beat your face in like elin did to tiger
Rookies’ll learn my whole verse and use it in a cipher.
Sixx sign (HEY!) it’s a takeover

I'm a Rockstar, a Rock-Rock Star
Sittin with the models in the V-I-P
at the bar
(yea)I'm a Rockstar, a Rock-Rock Star
when you hear my song on the radio
it's gonna make you go
(oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
(yea)I'm a Rockstar, a Rock-Rock Star

This my time too I can’t stop now,
Nah nah no. remember me
Obsessed with the radio, being on it can you hear me?
My theory is persistence
overcomes anything that resists or makes me think twice,
The science of achieving my dream, is sacrifice
I know it too well
From grange, targets we set to aim, admist some
Who came, found their luggage spin around the belt
Now the left. Coz the waits too long
so I twist up my finger. R. a radikal at large
Fresh on the bars like a flair, I got
Verses tear you up like a bear do, prepare..Stretch
mentalist manipulate your mind from my lair.
Sommelier, I spit the hate back in bucket
Like a wine taster do … realise lives is my affiliated crew.
You don’t Have to really tell me.. I won’t move sir.
Educate minds lead by signature sign
Trying to be a rockstar in sixty five. Rule it
So when I’m gone you will remember my music.

I'm a Rockstar, a Rock-Rock Star
Sittin with the models in the V-I-P
at the bar
(yea)I'm a Rockstar, a Rock-Rock Star
when you hear my song on the radio
it's gonna make you go
(oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
(yea)I'm a Rockstar, a Rock-Rock Star

Music Video of "Kevin Lester feat. Vanessa Fernandez - Rockstar 2.0" 
taken @ Bluzjazz Cafe:

If u like "Kevin Lester feat. Vanessa Fernandez - Rockstar 2.0"
and want to show some love and support
to Kevin and Sixx, u can sms to have the song played
on MediaCorp Radio 98.7FM channel.

How to sms?
SMS TO: SIWM Rockstar Kevin Lester YOUR NAME and dedication to 72346

To get it on the charts,
SMS: TOP20 Rockstar Kevin Lester 

Want to know how the story behind Kevin, rockstar video and Sixx began?
Check out the videos in the blog post here.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

RED Alert: Midnight Shift's 1st Anniversary - 18 Sept 2010

RED Alert: Stop, Look & Listen –
Midnight Shift’s First Anniversary
supported by

Singapore’s official afterhours party Midnight Shift celebrates
its third wave and 1st year anniversary on Saturday, September
18th 2010 at our island’s clubbing destination, Stereolab.
Having survived the temperous nightlife jungle, Midnight Shift
throws a celebratory party amidst the F1 festivities to remark
on the year that has passed. Join us before we shift into
higher gear, it’s a simple act: Stop, Look and Listen.

Winding up the engines, we start our personal new year race in
the pumping atmosphere of party central, Stereolab. Taking us
through the night is a great Mystery Legend hailing from the
promised land of Detroit. A label owner with a vocalist wife, he
is a man who helped bridge the House and Techno worlds with
unapologetic grit and full-baring soul. If you know his name,
spread the word far and wide.

Listen to Mystery Guest Legend Mix Sample 18th September (Pre-Peaktime)
as shown below:

Mystery Guest Legend Mix Sample 18th September (Pre-Peaktime) by Midnight Shift

Thanks to Debbie (Branding Staff in charge for Midnight Shift) for
sending me the link and the information on Midnight Shift event.

Our international juggernaut is supported by two of the most
promising local heroes to have emerged in the last two
decades. The first is Xhin, now a European favourite charted
by anyone from Laurent Garnier to Speedy J. He flies the
Singapore flag high. The second is a DJ still admired for what
he began decades ago: Jonathan Yeo. The DJ to jump-start
other DJs’ careers, he plays for the first time in several years.

Make a U-turn at Stereolounge, where Funk Bastard, Kaye,
Edward and Ko Flow take you back to the old school with the
foundations of funk and soul. With this honorific line up, the
three-point triangle meets; the full circle is now complete.
To get on the electronic circuit, register on
for your exclusive invites. Midnight Shift members will enjoy
attractive drink promotions throughout the night.

The definitive party of the year is now on your RED Alert.

RED Alert: Stop, Look & Listen –
Midnight Shift’s First Anniversary
supported by

Sat 18 September 2010
Stereolab, Pan Pacific Hotel
Mystery Guest Legend (Detroit)
Jonathan Yeo
Stereolounge: Funk Bastard, Kaye, Edward, Ko Flow
with MC Rosh G
Visuals by: Brandon Tay

Friday, September 3, 2010

Accompanying vocalist Tay Kewei for Asia Mandarin Pop Stars "David Tao, Lee Hom and JunJie Lin" finally launched her new album "Come Closer ! 郑可为终于发片了!

Tay Kewei our home-born famous yet
humble singer songwriter
is launching her first official music album launch
on 8 Sept 10.

This lady has toured with Asia Mandarin Pop Stars
like "David Tao, Lee Hom and our famous Singaporean
artist Lin JunJie" as the preferred backup and
accompanying vocalist for their music world tours.

I was invited to her media press conference for her
album launch at TAB on 25 August 10 and was treated
with a wonderful 3D visual and audio experience.

Of course I had a chance to talk to her. My impression
of her: Sweet, demure and humble lady with fiery music
passion in her heart despite her great music achievements.
U will know what I mean when u hear her songs in her album. :)

For those who do not understand Mandarin,
I am also in the process of bringing
u guys surprises for those who want
to know more about her and her album.
Subscribe to my blog for further updates.

I have a real small team here in terms
of music publicity and promotion.
So anyone who wants to help out
for my blog would be appreciated.

Videos about her, her album and
how she rose into star fame in
securing her first vocalist slot
to tour with Asia pop Star David Tao
are shown below:

Note: Microsoft Silverlight is required to view this video
and the video conversation is conducted in Mandarin.

Check out the press release of the post media press conference
event given to me by her music label company S2S (It's right
after the videos.

Video 1
&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br/&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="" target="_new"title="Tay Kewei finally launched her new album! 郑可为终于发片了&#65281;"&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Video: Tay Kewei finally launched her new album! 郑可为终于发片了&#65281;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;
Xinmsn News Link in Mandarin:

For some weird reasons, I cannot seem to embed the second video on the same post.
I will post the second video in another blog post.

S2S Press Release for Post Kewei Press Conference as shown below:

August 26, 2010

25th August, Wednesday saw the successful launch of Come Closer… with KeWei Press Conference at the new concert venue, Tab, for her debut solo album Come Closer…with Kewei (可為). Warmly received by close to 40 invited media, industry friends and die-hard fans, Kewei (可為) performed two new original compositions from her album, “So in Love” and “This too shall pass”, pouring out her heart and soul with each note. Kewei also shared what each song meant to her as a song-writer.

Kewei (可為) and her audience were treated to a pleasant surprise from her overseas friends and long time collaborators, JJ Lin (林俊杰), Wang Lee Hom (王力宏) and David Tao (陶喆). Each artist gave his support and best wishes for her debut album launch. From David Tao (陶喆) who could not make it down for the press conference described Kewei (可為) as a “hardworking and talented singer song-writer and continue to persue her dreams”. Wang Lee Hom (王力宏) gave his support too and “admires her as a multi-talented performer and friend”. Fellow Singaporean artist, JJ Lin (林俊杰), offered his moral support to put Singapore music on the map”.

This was followed by a 3D showcase of her “live’ music video recorded in July made possible by Vue Networks. The audience was treated to a 3D experience using 3D glasses to enjoy the music video of “Plastic mannequin love”. This song is featured on her debut album, written and inspired by her love for the environment and is currently used for the NEA eco challenge campaign.

“Come closer…with Kewei” is a soulful R&B outing from Singapore’s rising singer/songwriter pop sensation that is slated for release on 8th September in Singapore will be distributed to Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia later this year.

This is a dream come true for the local singer who is looking forward with excitement and enthusiasm about her current slate of promotional activities for the launch of this album including a sold-out one night only concert at Esplanade on 27th August together promotional tours in Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Described as a ‘multi-talented singer”, Kewei (可為) is set and ready to take Asia by storm.

Visit website: - or

About: S2S

The Company
S2S was founded by Ken Suzuki who was the founder of AVEX TRAX, Japan. S2S established in Singapore on October 1997 as an artiste management and production house.– S 2 S Pte Ltd. In 1999, S2S Inc, Japan was set up as a distribution, artiste management and publishing company in Japan, Tokyo. S2S Pte Ltd is chosen as the head office for all business functions such as the duties of communication, liaising and licensing on the behalf of S2S Inc, Japan. S2S Pte Ltd also spearheads the company’s business model and has expanded into Southeast Asia and other territories. It had discovered and groom local artist such as Mirai, Hanjin Tan and Olivia Ong into Asia.

Video 2: Tay Kewei rose into star fame in securing her first vocalist slot to tour with Asia pop Star David Tao

Here's video 2 of how
how Tay Kewei rose into star fame in
securing her first vocalist slot
to tour with Asia pop Star David Tao

Video 2:
&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href="" target="_new"title="Tay Kewei finally launched her new album! 郑可为终于发片了&#65281;"&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Video: Tay Kewei finally launched her new album! 郑可为终于发片了&#65281;&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

Xinmsn news link in Mandarin:

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt; &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

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