Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chinese Orchestral Music by NAFA Chinese Ensemble - 30 Sep 08

NAFA Chinese Ensemble will be performing a concert at Nangyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Recomended for music lovers who love classic chinese music.

Music Event: Chinese Orchestral Music
Venue: NAFA Foundation Theatre
Date: 30 Sep 08
Time: 2000 Hrs (8pm)
Admission: FREE

For more details, click HERE!!!


Michael Veerapen will be performing together with other musicians as a trio at The Bar, The Regent Singapore till 30 Nov 08. For those interested to find out more, click HERE to download the details of the performances.

Return Experience from Bassist Wendy Phua's LIVE LOOPING (as of 30 Sep 08)

New UPDATES (as of 30 Sep 08):

Attached are the pictures of me taken with Rosli Mansor.

Remember BX1 bass guitar I mentioned about? The photo of Bx1 bass guitar with Wendy is taken by Vicky who was also there at the demonstration. Photo credit goes to Vicki Lim. Picture is as below:

Thanks Vicki! Want to be my music event photographer? U can tag along if u want lol... when I attended music events. Yr photos taken are pretty cool and I need real good shots of musicians and people in music events.

Guys sorry I haven't uploaded the videos. Silly internet running so slow like turtle to upload the videos. I will attempt to upload again but I will only be back home late nite. In the meantime, u can enjoy the other pictures by

For those who came to Bassist Wendy's Live Looping performance and demonstration, u would have experienced a total new experience! Seriously speaking, I didn't know what a bassist can do until I saw her demonstrating tonal imitation sounds of drums, guitar and bass TAPPING with just the use of gadgets and her headless BX1 bass guitar!!! But even then, I was pretty much amazed! If u guys have heard one of Wendy's original music pieces "BETWEEN HERE AND THEN", u would have thought that she recorded with many different instruments.

The reality is that she simply just played her original music LIVE using only the LIVE LOOPING creation leading to a whole lot of spectrum sounds in music with her bass guitar, guitar gadgets and the support of Rosli Mansor's guitar playing in the background. It's incredible to imagine the unlimited possibilities u can do as a musician with the advance of music technology. I will upload the recorded performances for u guys to see when I get back home.

When I had the chance to carry Wendy's BX1 bass guitar, it felt as if I was carrying a feather (just kidding)! But obviously it's really a relief to those petite bassist musicians. Bx1 guitar weighs roughly around 3.5kg. Imagine u have to carry a normal 5kg bass guitar standing for 3-5 hours of live gig! At the end of the day, u probably get a real BAD backache. Too bad Yamaha is no longer producing any of such models anymore. A difference of 1.5kg would help a lot! It's a real pity. From the way I see it, the design of the bass guitar BX1 is pretty stylistic and cool! Furthermore for bassists, u don't have to worry if yr precious little baby would have her head chopped off if u are travelling with it on a motorcycle through Singapore's express highway tunnel. Too bad I didn't catch a picture of it.

p/s to Wendy: Hey u got a picture of yr BX1 guitar to send to me? Haha I can put it up on my blog for people to see.

After the performance, it was simply inspiring to "talk cock and sing song" (Singlish term: talk cock and sing song simply means chit chat and chill out) with some of Wendy's bunch of music lovers and musicians at the Kopitam in Plaza Singapura.

Personal Thoughts and inspirations from musicians at the performance:

In this era where music technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, we are losing a whole lot bunch of different new artists. Indeed we are simply spolit in choices with such astounding music functionality in our music instruments combined with perfect flawless recording in our music. It seems as though almost every musician sounds the same. Don't believe me? Trying listening to a LP record or old recordings of great musicians in the early 60, 70 and 80s. U might even find yrself in discovery of hearing new stuff when u listen to these tracks every single time.

What some of us failed to realise that as artists and musicians, all these extra music features don't serve any purpose if it don't create our own unique style and signature as a musician/artist. Trying to show off those SUPER CRAZY music licks and ornaments are redundant in music pieces if they didn't achieve certain purposes in expressing yr thoughts in music. Wendy mentioned from one of the great living bassists, it is THE SPIRIT OF MUSIC that stays to revolve. Opps...is it Victor Wooten? Got to verify with her again. Yes...the Spirit and Soul of music never die in people's hearts if we all understand that music is a form of borderless language in spiritual expression which will touch yr heart if u choose to align with it.

Special thanks to:

1. Mohamed Nor (For sharing with me about music insights about artists, creating yr own unique signature sound and integrity)

2. Wendy (For sharing yr music and thoughts with me haha...now listening to yr tracks everywhere after buying yr CD album on last Saturday)

3. Rosli Mansor (Thanks for taking pictures with me/showing me some Reggae music and yr own orginal music. Man...I wish that I had more time to talk to u about music. Keep me updated for yr second album and performances. Btw do u know how I can get the pictures of me and other people from the "official" photographers on last Saturday?

Last but not least, thanks to all those who have shared their music thoughts with me on that day itself.

Signing off

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bass Looping with Yamaha endorsee bassist Wendy Phua - 27 Sep 08

It's time to promote another bassist in the local music scene. Our very own Wendy Phua! Haha who says that Singapore is lacking of female musicians? Well this lady is a new female bassist whom I have met at "Liberations of The Moon" concert! It happened that she was one of the audiences in that concert who is in Randolf's (one of the performers in that concert) band Embryo! Isn't it a small world? (makes me remind of the song "It's a small world afterall" from Walt Disney classic songs) She is a pretty cool friendly lady who REALLY believes in music. I was really enjoying talking about music stuff and a bit about her background in music with her.

Interestingly she progressed to bass playing after deserting her piano keys on the side. She must have felt that bass guitar is her real favourite instrument! Yet I think that piano background music theory must have helped her quite well in the composition of her original music.

Anyway here's a chance to catch her live at Yamaha music school and store. She will be playing songs from her solo bass EP "Between Here And Then". U will be delighted to know that she will be sharing her own experience in being a solo bassist in Singapore and talking about her set-up! Is she worth catching? U bet! Don't believe me? Check out her music out on my previous blog post: Click HERE!!!

Following are the details of the talk:

Date: Saturday 27 Sep 08
Time: 1400 Hrs (2pm)
Venue: Plaza Singapura Yamaha Combo
Cost: FREE!!!

See u guys around if u are there for the talk! Well I will be writing down stuff, taking pictures and video on her if she allows...lol. Just say "Hi" to me if u see me around!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Clarkequay River Festival in SEP 08

In conjunction with Singapore river festival and Singapore GP season,

Clarkequay is holding free parties for a number of days this week. A few musical groups are performing in the party. For details, click


25 September 2008 • 8.30pm • Riverfront Stage by Timbre @ The Arts House

Indie Rock & Roll with some of the finest independent bands in Singapore. A night of new works – preview songs from The Fire Fight and Vertical Rush’s debut and sophomore albums respectively and catchy anthems from Plainsunset’s acclaimed self-titled album released recently. Visit timbre.com.sg for full programming schedule and details on TMF 2008.

TICKETS:Citibank Clear Platinum Cardmembers - S$18.00* Advance - S$20.00* (purchased on or before 24 September 2008 for both tiers)

At-the-door - S$30.00* (purchased on 25 September 2008

Each ticket purchase comes with one drink. All tickets available from:

(i) GatecrashTel: 6100 2005

Website: http://www.gatecrash.com.sg/

Others: S.A.M. Singpost’s Self-service Automated Machines, Singpost Post Offices island wide or The Substation Box Office.

(ii) Timbre @ The SubstationTel: 6338 8277

Address: 45 Armenian Street Singapore 179936 • Open 6.00pm – 2.00am daily

(iii) Timbre @ The Arts HouseTel: 6336 3386

Address: 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore #01-04 179429 • Open 6.00pm – 2.00am, Monday – Saturday.* handling fee applies. No ticket exchanges or refunds. Cash sales only at the door. Rain or shine events

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Jermy Monteiro Trio - Live At The Bar, The Regent Singapore in Sep 08

Jeremy Monterio and his band musicians will be performing together at The Bar, The Regent Singapore till 27 Sep 08. For those interested to find out more, click HERE to download the details of the performances.

A Chance to WIN Songwriter Singer Yet's Limited Edition CD Single!!! (Updated as of 23 Sep 2008)

Latest updates:

It was great to hear Yet perform on last Saturday. For those who didnt manage to hear him live, u can hear him out 2nite. In the meantime, I haven't got the rite answer from any winner yet!!! It means that u guys in Singapore still stand a chance to win his Limited Edition CD single!

Yet LIVE on Razor TV (online), 7pm, 23/09/2008 (Tues) !!! http://www.razor.tv/site/servlet/segment/main.

Yet LIVE on Captial Radio 95.8, 10pm-11pm, 23/09/08 (Tues)!!! If u guys noticed that I have added different Mediacorp Radio channels near my tagbox. The first radio is Captial Radio 95.8 (Stop the rest of the radio channels from playing or else u will hear too many radio playing at the same time). Please note that Internet Explorer is required. If u guys still cant hear, u can visit Medicorp radio website Captial Radio 95.8 HERE !!!

Hey guys,

remember giving the quiz I mentioned on my previous blog post in winning Yet's CD debut album? Well guess what? Yet will be giving out his Limited Edition CD Single instead! What? U mean Yet's autographed Limited Edition CD Single? Yes u are rite! Once given, its pretty rare to find unless u get it from him. I don't even think he will sell his CD single at any available places. Here's the question to win the quiz.

1. Name two LOCAL radio stations which have featured Yet's songs.

Hint: Read the blog posts in Yet's Blog section to find the answer.

First come first basis to the first viewer who gives the right answer in the quiz! So hurry and get Yet's Limited Edition CD Single! Of course u must answer correctly lah or else I cant give to u mah. But its very easy if u bother to read the blog posts.

Send yr answer together with yr name, IC & contact no. (for verifying purposes only) to my email: wjvocalist@yahoo.com.sg

Winner will be notified via email and my blog post. Pls note that the winner must be in Spore to receive the CD...lol. I mean I can't flying over to Africa to give to the Africans if one of the native Africans in foreign Djembe music tribe groups (check the link for local Djembe groups) visit my blog and answer it correctly!

I will be waiting for my dear winner but don't make me wait long long hor. I will doze off and snooze like a pig... . May the fastest human triumph and send his/her rite music words to me hehe!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


For those who are jazz music lovers or interested to find out more about jazz music, there will be a meetup in Singapore on 21 Sep 08. Please take note to register for the meetup if u guys want to go!

Below are the details posted by the meetup host:

Location: TANGLIN COMMUNITY CLUB - Basement Studio ,Whitley RdCorner of Whitley and Malcom Rd
Date: 21 Sep 08
Time: 1430
How to find us

The selected venue is well known among jazz musicians as the only "free" jam session in town on a Sunday afternoon. The studio is large, fully equipped and can seat 10-15 persons on sofa or double that number with added chairs.

The atmosphere is pure jazz....no egos, no politics and no posing. Players and listeners welcome. The jamming regulars are a mixed group that span all ages, ethnicity and occupations and gender (although regretably male dominated).

Situated on the premises is a cozy wine bar (licenced) and a cafe. There are also 2 other smaller rehearsal studios where bands rehearse.

The first meet up is really to feel out what to do and where to go from there, seeing that we do not expect everyone to be a musician or jazz expert. Our options are numerous and entirely open.

Just as the CC is a very effective vehicle to bring jazz to the grassroots, there is no reason why it cannot appeal to a wider audience.

FIRST MEETUP IS FREE. Members pay for their own refreshments.
The meetup host has been active in promoting jazz to the new converts for well over 10 years, and is a Singaporean retiree.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Songcraft Session #15 "Jazz" Meetup on 19 Sep 08 by Songcraft Songwriting Circle

Those who are interested to hear local songwriters or promote yr own original songs, 2nite is a "Jazz Theme" gathering between musicians and music lovers where u can show yr songwriting compositions to music lovers or chill out to hear some live music in the studio. Details are as stated below:

Music Event: Songcraft Session #15 "Jazz" Meetup
Date: Friday, September 19, 2008
Time: 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Location: YMS Arts Centre (Studio 1)
Street: 54 Waterloo Street
City/Town: Singapore City, Singapore

Fees: Its FREE!!!

Other non-jazz songs are also welcomed to be featured. If u want to know more about the event, feel free to visit this blog!!!

Additional Info.: Joanna Dong another local songwriter is launching her debut EP "Lullaby Nomad" at Esplanade. But guys u can't buy the tickets...its completely SOLD OUT!!! However u can still check the details of the performance if u guys want to catch a glimpse what it is all abt! Btw I am still waiting for a winner...be quick to answer the quiz in my previous blog post to win Yet's CD while stocks last!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

World famous Bassists "S M V - THE THUNDER! TOUR" to Singapore on 19 Sep 08

For Bassist lovers,

if u miss this performance, I think u probably going to kill yrself... . Lol...just kidding. All the way from United States and the rest of the world, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten are three bass icons in the world who have shaped the music world in the revolution on bass playing and music.

Yaya...I know some would say that playing bass is no fun... . It's just musicians providing the background music support in a band. But come on guys, if u have really seen and heard great musicians perform live, they will wield out great amounts of musicality and techniciality with their instruments which probably knock u out in seconds! Don't believe me. Check out the youtube clip below:

Well u have heard the clip, so what are u waiting for? Go and grab a seat! Rob a bank or beg to borrow some cash from family or music friends to catch the one and only Asia tour in Singapore...Who knows....when they will be coming back to Singapore again? Information on the music performance can be found below:

Music Event: S M V - Thunder Tour
Date: 19 Sep 08, Fri
Time: 8pm
Location: Esplanade Theatre
Tickets: Get it from SISTIC!!!

For more details, click HERE !!!

Having a chance to catch Sonny Rollins live performance in Singapore simply sends me a sense of excitment and craziness whenever I think of it. Man...Sonny Rollins is such a great cheeky jazz master who totally amazes me with his way of playing and showmanship. Yet he allows his band members to showcase their music talents when it's time for them to show off their soloist parts. A truly great master who knows the right time to bring great talents with him under his name. Given his age, I don't think there will be a chance to catch him again in Singapore.

Anyone know if Herbie Hancock came to Singapore before? Gosh... I wonder if he will be back in Singapore. So much to learn from a great jazz pianist like him especially for a piano learner like me. Anyway for those who bought the tixs for S M V thunder tour, enjoy yr ride with THE GREAT BASS PLAYERS soon....Bom bom bom... .

A World Premiere "Book From Hell" on 18 Sep 08 by Zai Kuning, Dickson Dee and Otomo Yoshihide

For those who have seen Analog Girl's performance at Baybeats Festival and enjoy such abstract electronic music, u might want to check this performance 2nite. Book From Hell (commissioned by Esplanade) is a new work (world premiere) btw multi-disciplined Asia artists in different genres of music. For details on the performance, click HERE !!!

Musicians: Zai kuning (Singapore) + Dickson dee (Hong Kong) + Otomo Yoshide (Japan)
Date: 17 & 18 Sep 08 (Wed & Thu)
Time: 8pm
Location: Esplanade Theatre Studio

This performance is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to music lovers who are into sound art.

For those who are interested in finding out about local sound artists in Singapore, do check out our local Singaporean artist "Sonicbrat (Darren)" under the section below: "Websites/Blogs on local/international musicians from Singapore".

He is one of the well-respected pioneer sound artists in Singapore where his works have been featured in many areas. Meeting and interacting with him on music especially about sound art was really an eye-opener for me. I will be featuring his music tracks from his CD album (with his kind permission) on my blog soon. If u guys like his music, do support him by buying his CDs and attending his performances.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Local Songwriter " Crazy Yet" Album Launch on 20 Sep 08!

Hey guys

if u guys like to listen to local songs composed by our local Singaporeans, here's a chance for u to catch a live performance by a local songwriter Yet. He will be launching his debut album "Crazy Yet" at J Cafe @ MICA Building this weekend. Below are the details. Do reserve asap!

Music Event: Crazy Yet Debut Album Launch 2008
Date: 20 Sep 2008
Time: 2pm
Venue: J Cafe, MICA Building,140 Hill Street, #01-01 Singapore 179369
Kindly RSVP to:

For viewers on my blog, a quiz on Yet's music might be featuring soon for u guys to win his "special" autographed debut CD album "Crazy Yet". Just keep a watch on my blog for the quiz! What's more, more surprises might be coming up soon! Hehe...U would know the surprises if u come for his album launch!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

MARACATU MONDAY (one night only free percussion workshop) 15 September 2008

B.Y.O.D - Wicked Aura Batucada presents MARACATU MONDAY (one night only free percussion workshop) featuring Jeff Duneman of Maracatu NY. Bring your own drums and have fun with us! Wicked Aura Batucada proudly presents a one-night-only maracatu session with our Yankee friend, Mr Jeff Duneman. Admission and workshop are free, so come and drum the night away as we usher out our Monday Blues. For enquiries, please email manager@wickedaura.com.

Day/ Date: Monday, 15 September 2008

Time: 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Venue: *Scape Youthpark (Outdoor Stage Area)

See you there.


Jeff Duneman has been researching, studying and performing Brazilian culture and percussion since 2000 when he discovered the music of Pernambuco, Brazil. During 2000-01, he first visited Recife and Olinda, Pernambuco, researching the legacy of the mangue movement led by Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi and many other local bands. Since that time, Jeff has spent four Carnaval seasons in Recife studying and performing maracatu and other Northeastern rhythms under Jorge Martins, Mestre Nana, and others. This January and February, he helped organize and lead Maracatu New York's immersion trip to Carnaval in Recife and Olinda.Jeff also performed for years throughout the SW United States with the Native American Award winning bands Red Earth and Native Roots, both based in Albuquerque, NM.Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York and part of the small group of North Americans who have researched and studied the music and percussion of Pernambuco, Jeff has teamed up with Scott Kettner and Maracatu New York to help share the music and culture of Pernambuco with North America and the world.

Thursday, September 11, 2008



EPI-Stage Music Academy presents the BIG BANG - a huge party at Zouk where age discrimination is not allowed! (Read: No age limit!)

With 6 sponsors - COLLAGE ( the main name! ), Chapter 2, Ebenex, Blackwood Guitars, Jammatez and Punkstar, there's no way something this big can go wrong.

There will be 4 bands competing for the win! ( Shotgun Start, Audiocean, FaceOff, and Sunny's Violet Ray ) They'll be fighting for the Most Stylish Band, the Number 1 Band. And many more to play! Such as Great Spy Experiment, Cigarette Sex, and Deafening Silence. Supporters are a must and the only way you'll get good screaming/moshing/dancing room is if you come down early! There will also be 2 dance battles under the categories of freestyle and break-dancers ( featuring one of the best break-dance crews in Singapore - Floor Techniques – who will both guest perform and judge as well. ) Also, a mega fashion show by Collage! ( You really do not want to miss that! ) There's no better way to get the latest dirt on what's in!

And of course, 1 Band Privilege Card to be launched. It's the ONLY card you'll ever need this year. By the looks of it, this party on 13 September 2008 from 1230 to 830pm is all set to be THE event of the century!

You'll get free drinks, and for the first 500, goodie bags consisting of great stuff kindly sponsored by Collage - currently the coolest store around - and a limited edition guitar necklace, as well as chances to win the Band Privilege Card during the event!

All you have to do is get your tickets before 23 Aug 2008, and you'll get the card free! And get to party away at the same time. ( What on earth are you waiting for?! ) Also! All those 18 and above are welcome to stay to party the night away at Zouk free!

After which the price of the Card is only set to increase.
$4 for the card before 4th Sept 2008
$8 for the card before 10th Sept 2008

And if you don't get it now, who knows? You might just miss out on the chance to own this piece of exclusivity forever! The card gets you absolutely amazing discounts at places like Collage, Victoria JoMo, Homeclub, Dulcetfig, Jade Music Trading, Mono+, Trioon, and Critus Alley!

Tickets are $20 NOW, and $25 at the door. ( But hurry, tickets are selling pretty damn fast! )For ticket purchases, contact 94562076 - Louis! or louishan@freemansland.com

All who are interested to help out during this event please HOLLA for more information.
Proudly organised by Freemansland

Band privilege card video

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moonlight Back to Chinese culture music - 9 Sep 08

Hey guys

its been a while! Hope u guys didn't wait for too long and fall into deep dreams of the wonderland. Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon!!! Yum Yum...we can enjoy goobling our mooncakes and reciting our Tang Si of 300 poems... .lol.

What's more delighting than to prepare ourselves for the festival to watch music performances reflecting Chinese culture fused with our multi-racial society? With that, let me present:

New Horizon Chinese Orchestra (NHCO)

Date: 8 & 9 Sep 08
Time: 7.15pm & 8.15pm
Location: Esplanade Concourse

HERE to find out more about this orchestra!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Didi at Jazz@Southbridge

Hey jazz music lovers,

if u are looking for jazz performances 2nite and 2molo, do drop by the authentic famous jazz pub.For more details, look at the poster below:

Djembe drumming Masterclasses by Grandmaster Mamady Keita from Africa

Latest updates (as of 05 Sept 08):

I was greatly inspired by the words and performance by Djembe grandmaster Mamady Keita when I did a search on him in Youtube. He was spreading the words of joy, peace, freedom & world harmony through his music and conveying the message to the participants that music have no boundaries. Below are two clips on the workship in Taiwan and performance by him:

If u guys still want to attend beginner masterclasses by him, its already fully booked due to overwhelming response! Well the finale masterclass is still available. So do sign up if u want to find about his life and music face to face!

Hey guys,

I had a whole of crazy experiences attending so many music events. Well I cant possibly go to all...lol. I prob. go grooving non-stop. For latest upcoming BIGGEST music event, Baybeats Festival (featuring indie/alternative/punk music) is on 29th - 31st Aug 08 this month! Omg...its starting from 2molo! I will update more details about the Baybeats on my new blog post later. In the meantime, check out some drumming stuff below.

Had u attended the Wicked Aura in Zouk for their album launch gig previously? If u did, u would have witnessed and heard the most awesome crazy sizzling beat performances they have put in that nite! The most interesting part of the performance makes me remind of another drumming type - the tradition ethic drumming where we are back to the land of Africa where Afro-drumming, chanting and music playing with a bunch of Africans in the tribe is commonly found.

If u are into such Afro-drum beats, then get ready for a suprise! Why? The grandmaster Mamady Keita is coming all the way from Africa to teach u guys something abt djembe drumming!

So what exactly is djembe druming & who is this great djembe player? Click HERE to find out all about it!

Haha...better be fast! I will be the first few to grab a seat for the beginner masterclass....Man...I love those unique African beats. Someday I am going to use it for my future band...lol. And details of the masterclasses are as followed (The information below is sent by Lila Drums):

Hi everyone,

All intermediate and advance masterclasses are full. There is still places for beginner masterclass and the finale masterclass. The man who makes the djembe speaks, Mamady Keita is regarded as one of the greatest djembe player of all time, don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend a class with the true djembe master himself!

Beginner Masterclass -total beginners-existing djembe players can also attend to refine your fundamentals
Date: 13th Sept. 3-430pm. Lîla Drums at Queenstown CC. Drums provided.
Fee : S$50, deadline on 3rd Sept 2008! (FULLY BOOKED! No Slots!)

Finale Masterclass-for all levels of djembe playing-Q & A with Mamady-learn unison rhythm breaks and traditional African songs-Mamady will perform a solo at the end!
21st Sept, 3-6pm, Lîla Drums at Queenstown CC. Drums not provided, add S$20 to rent a drum.
Fee : S$300, but due to high volume enquiries, we will reduce the price so its now S$200, deadline on 3rd Sept 2008!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DJEMBE GROOVE @ Blu Jaz Café - 4 Sept 08

Live African drumming performance!
Come hang around with contagious drumming and good food/wine!

Venue: Blu Jazz Café
Performance Time: 2 sets (2030 & 2130)

Blu Jaz Café website: Click HERE!!!
Nearest train station : Bugis
Nearest car parks : Along Beach Road and Arab Street
Nearest bus stop : Along Ophir Road after Raffles hospital, bus service 2N, 4N, 7N & 48
Map of Blu Jazz Café: Click HERE!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Glo Music Charity Event - 1st Sept

Do yr part to help and care for the youths in Student Advisory Centre. Donate some cash and get yrself watching some of the local bands and getting some freebies 2day!

Details can be found on this website below:


Publicity Video:

THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

CLICK ON ADVERTISEMENTS to support my cause in music diversity! THANK U!!!

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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