Friday, August 22, 2008

Wanna be in a music video? (Updates as of 22nd Aug 08) Casting for mafia men & leading lady

Latest Updates:

Reellocoproductions is still looking for their lady in their music video! More updates for the casting:

Pan-Asian/Caucasian lady from 20-30 needed to play the role of a mysterious 'smuggler' in a music video for a band and they are getting increased exposure and has a solid fan base. The duration we needed is maximum being one day, but in most likelihoods for half a day. Shoot will be in the first week of September.Short listed candidates will be called down for a screen test. Remuneration will be $250. Please forward your profile and recent photos to with name and contact number and we will contact you if you are suitable. If not dun worry we do have future projects which you might be considered.

Hi guys & gals,

interested to earn some experience and bucks? Below are the details in seeking suitable candidates for a music video from reellocoproductions:

Hey beautiful boys and girls,

Fancy being Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill, or Lin Ching Hsia in Fallen Angels? That mysterious woman in shades with a secret to hide? Here's your chance dudes and dudettes, we are doing a music video for a local band (NOT SAYING WHO YET!) and we are finding that ONE face to be our leading lady.

Here's what I need.
1 Eurasian/Caucasian lady (URGENT!): 20 - 25 years of age(have to ooze attitude and charisma) - Needed for 1 full day
5 mafia men (any age, any race)(have to be stocky and well built; you guys will be the lady's entourage - Needed for aprox half a day

Contact person: Zoe
Email address:

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