Friday, October 31, 2008

PUSHIN" ON @ Blu Jaz Cafe - 31 Oct 08

Hallowen nite is BACK on this Friday!!! Where are the ghosts, zombies, spirits and Draculas??? Woo...they must be hiding in motowns and dark alleys waiting to scare the SOUL out of u!!! Man...u probably have to perform Michael Jackson's moonwalk dance and shouT "Out" to crucify them!

As if they are not the only trouble in town, some bad dudes sent by the notious Mafia are theatening the citzens with their HIP HOP moves to show how "bad" they are. FUNKY policemen arrive just in time to arrest the gangsters with their handcuffs.

When the streets return to peace once again, ABBA Dancing Queen is going to drop the lights on to dig out those DISCO sounds! Towards the morning, the clubbers will probably be too tired....and taking their break to enjoy their chill-out JAZZ tunes.

Yes...u are in for a chilling treat @ Blu Jaz Cafe where u get to enjoy all those HUGE music genres under one roof.

Music Event: Pushin" On
Date: 31 Oct 08
Time: 2100 hours (9 pm)
Location: Blu Jazz Cafe

Credits given to Belinda Tan (Blu Jaz Cafe - Marketing and PR in charge) and Blu Jaz cafe for the information provided below:

Blu Jazz Cafe Address:
No. 11 Bali Lane
(Entrance Via Ophir Road, Next to the Bus Stop after Golden Landmark Hotel)
Historic Kampong Glam
Singapore 189848
Click HERE for directions

Opening Hours: Mon to Thurs (12noon to 12 midnight)
Fridays (12noon to 2am)
Saturdays (4pm to 2am)

For reservations, please contact +65 6292 3800

Event Info:
Groove Works return on Wednesday with some improv and a few beloved jazz selection. Led by Greg Lyons, Groove Works comprises musicians from other genres who have just fallen in love with jazz or have harboured the secret desire to break free and experiment.

Set starts at 9pm @ Cafe (1st Floor)

Halloween Night sees us well-founded Greg’s Monster Trio with lovely jazz pieces, perfect for those not into any strenuous form of trick or treating, save for raising a mug of beer or two. Set starts at 9:30pm.

OR if you feel like pumping up your Halloween, DO go up to the 2nd Floor with Pushin’On. This Fri, we feature DJ Naz from Merlions of Hip-Hop (Tuckshop). Naz is like the best friend’s sister you wish was yours; sweet, caring and with a cool hip-hop record collection. We also have long-time collaborator Eeshaun on ‘live’ VJ. For the first time you can get down with ‘live’ visual projections from the artist behind some of the art at Blu Jaz Café and the first Pushin’On t-shirt. You got to have it.9pm till there is lightfeat. DJ Naz and Eeshaun on “live” visualswith DJ Chunk, DJ Shellsuit & MC Masterpiece

Free entry & no dress code

Website: http://

Halloween Haunted Graveyard Town @ Paranakan - 31 Oct 08

Looking for another bar for Hallowen nite? Check out Peranakan Place!!! Details of write-up can be found below. Credits of the write-up is given to Lilian Ngay (Assistant Brand Manager of Peranakan Place). I shall leave u guys with this piece of chilling news:

13 Oct 2008, SINGAPORE – This Halloween, step into the gates of Death as the last ray of light disappears. Come 31st October, Friday, a haunted graveyard awaits you, as Peranakan Place transforms into a Graveyard Town. Join us at the quirkiest Halloween party as our eccentric friends rise from their tombstones to prowl the night, eager for some trick or treat! Watch out for our Goth friends from the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement, an alternative, non-profit social collective, and rock to the futurepop and electro beats spun by DJ Mentor (X’ Ho) and DJ Saito Nagasaki!

Tread carefully amongst the tombstones into the dilapidated cemetery at Outdoors Café & Bar, where our creepy caretakers appear from the shadows to entice you into the dark side with treats from their gooey Halloween pumpkins. Push through the wandering skeleton corpses and floating ghouls to the other side where other characters come out to play.

Follow the music into Acid Bar and tap your toes to the rhythm strum out by rock stars of the night. Twirl the lonely skeleton brides around lest they should keep haggling you – but be careful not to put your ring on their fingers or you’ll find yourself immortally mummified!
Wander on towards Alley Bar and meet with our tarot card gypsy, who may let you dabble with your past and peek into the future. Succumb to the lure of the entrancing beats spun out by celebrity DJs and mingle with our peculiar friends over spooky deals. Beware of eerie dark shadows as spirits lurk around waiting to pounce on lost souls.. you have been warned!

Indulge in special concoctions and tasty morsels, as well as attractive promotional deals all night long. Guinness and Sauza Tequila jointly sponsor this event.

Halloween at a glance
Halloween Party :: 31st October 2008, Friday from 8pm till late
Venue :: Alley Bar, Acid Bar and Outdoors Café & Bar are located at Peranakan Place, 180 Orchard Road between Centrepoint Shopping Centre and Orchard Emerald
$5 Shooters and special promo for Graveyard all night long
Bar rules apply.
For more information on PERANAKAN PLACE, please visit

Silver Strings - 1 Nov 08

Hey guys I am back again! Sorry to keep u guys waiting for a while! Been so busy with my work and music recently. For those who are looking to listen live to a mixture of music genres this weekend, be sure to catch these local fine rising musicians who apparently appeared in almost every established orchestras and ensembles in Singapore. Now that's what I call music creditability! Without further ado, I will leave u guys to enjoy the long of strings in the air as u take yr time to "lakopi" (enjoy coffee time) and have yr eyes boggling on the synopsis below.

The Work: Silver Strings
Presented by: Featuring the Calypso String Quartet
Venue: The Arts House, Chamber
Date / Time: 1 November 2008, 19:30
Tickets: $18, $25


The Calypso String Quartet is a group of four experienced and competent young Singaporean musicians. Currently experienced music teachers, the musicians are also active members of established orchestras and ensembles in Singapore such as the The Philharmonic Orchestra, National University of Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the New Festival Orchestra, Dick Lee’s Singapore Pop Orchestra, Singapore National Youth Orchestra, Re: mix, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Orchestra. They have also participated in countless festivals, concerts and recitals both locally and overseas. It is the goal of Calypso String Quartet to achieve the pinnacle in ensemble playing and give breathtaking, meaningful performances.

Be enchanted by this light-hearted musical evening with an array of genre such as classical, jazz and pop. Allow the musicians to bring you back to the sixties as they perform pieces by the Beatles, which includes the all-time favourite, Yesterday. On top of that, the concert also features pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ignaz Joseph Pleyel, George Gershwin and more. It is truly an evening not to be missed.

Time and Place
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: The Arts House - Chamber
Street: 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429
Contact Info Phone: 97217131

Below are some websites for information on the concert and the quartet:

Venue Location:
Social Network:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moment of Tranquility 清澄世界by Singapore Chinese Orchestra - 30 Oct 08

Want some Tranquil, meditative and haunting sounds in yr brain? Be sure to catch Singapore Chinese Orchestra music performers playing a shakuhachi (a traditional end-blown Japanese bamboo flute traditionally used in zen meditation) combined with other chinese instruments!

DATE 30 OCT 2008, THU
TIME 7.30pm
(60mins, no intermission)
Esplanade Recital Studio

For more information, click HERE!!!

Late Nite with Zheng Zhan Lun - 31 Oct 08

Looking for some nostalgic songs to enjoy 2molo nite? Fret no more! Our local Mandarin crooner/actor Zheng Zhan Lun aka Ken Tay will be singing some of classic hits from TV serials, musicals to memorable love hits.

Music Event: Late Nite with Zheng Zhan Lun
Date: 31 Oct 08
Time: 2130 Hours (930 pm)
Location: Esplanade Recital Studio

Details can be found HERE!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nomsta* presents The Coffeetable Sessions - 29 Oct 08

This is another music gig chill out gathering from local DJ Nomsta. Credits given to Nomsta for the information below:

Event Info
Nomsta* presents The Coffeetable Sessions
Type: Music/Arts - Jam Session
Network: Global
Time and Place
Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Time: 7:45pm - 11:05pm
Location: HOME CLUB, The Riverwalk
Street: South Bridge Road
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

We created a Living Room and I reign the decks over a Coffeetable where we can all sit and hang out like it's one of ours. Minus the cleaning up after. And a well-stocked bar is really near by, at the snap of a finger. The Asahi draft is only 5 bucks and $20 for a jug to share among your friends. Soundtrack is expectedly eclectic -it may be Jazz or Hip Hop or House or Techno, its only nothing but the goood stuff - so come with an open ear.THIS WEEKRESIDENT - NOMSTA*GUEST DJ - STR8FWD (FR) - drum n bass, liquid funk, hip hop?VISUALS - PALETTE featuring MALCOLM WEE + PLASTICKXPHOME CLUB is at Riverwalk, on Boat Quay, stone's throw from the CBD, in the middle of town so loosen that tie, kick back the heels and head down for a lager or few. No drama, just goood vibes.From 8pm.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Crazy YET Life Music Concert 2008 (Unplugged) 创作狂人叶敦鸿LIFE音乐会2008 - 25 Oct 08

Below is some information on the music concert performance of a local singer songwriter Crazy YET on this Saturday nite! Credits go to Yet for providing us with such detailed information.

5 岁在父母爱听音乐的熏陶下,12 岁创作了的第一首歌曲‘平静的心’。但是,创作道路平平,写了10多年都无法寻得突破。于是决定自资制作唱片,在实现童年梦想的当儿,更希望可以和大家分享自己对音乐的想法---简单的音乐,好的音乐。持着疯狂不退缩的精神,敦鸿克服了在音乐之旅所碰到的种种障碍。他坚信只要肯付出努力,一切终究没有问题。

请游览 查询有关叶敦鸿 Yet 首张个人创作音乐专辑《那个疯狂的人》。

At the age of 5, he started to swing to the music that his parents listen to. He composed his first song at the age of 12, titled "Peace at Heart". It has always been Yet's dream to be able to have his own album. He then decided to produce his own album and share his passion and philosophy of his music with others --- Simple Music, Good Music. Yet is definitely crazy about music and he is as crazy about what Life has taught him. He believes deeply that perseverance and conscientious effort is the key to resolve any obstacle. No problem, he has made it and is here to share with you the Crazy Yet.

For more information about Yet’s first album, please visit

Please call 6226 7479 or email for tickets.

Echomusic school: Click HERE! On Echo Music School website, scroll down to the bottom page of the website and click on the picture of YETLIFE to find out more on the location held for the concert.

DJ Music Event "NOMSTA* IN THE HOUSE!" - 24 Oct 08

Below is some information on the DJ music event on a local DJ "NOMSTA" who is scratching and grooving some real dance chilling music with a soul attitude 2nite! Credits go to the local DJ NOMSTA and the bar Hacienda for providing us with such detailed information.

DJ Nomsta will be laying down the vibe at Hacienda Friday 24th October 2008 so there will be all the jazzy bits, the broken beat and the tastiest 4 to the floor - even for the most discerning barfly. Come listen, taste that delicious cocktail menu at Hacienda, chill out at the gardens or have a boogie woogie with Nomsta by the console! The culture of tasteful quality dance music. This is what NOMSTA* is all about.It may be Hip Hop, it can be Techno or Jazz, we dig Funk, Soul, even Pop music. Nomsta* embraces everything relevant and tasteful that has soul. More than 3 decades of music meltdown, culture clashing, artistic progression and cross interpretation has created this exclusive class of music today. From the early days of jazz funk and soul to disco and electronic explosion, through the club culture of the 21st century, a special breed of musicians and artistes formed a movement – a strong yet invisible class that unites people from different music scenes, backgrounds, even eras, to come together as one - a movement that separates the cutting edge from the norm. This is the style of Nomsta*.Started with a job at the record labels, path the career in music through promotions, management, A&R and now as a DJ sharing quality and meaningful music with the masses. Nomsta* has played alongside top cats like... Roy Davis Jr (US), Australia MOS's Kid Kenobi & MC Shureshock, Andy Smith (x Portishead) and Boca 45 as Dynamo Productions, DJ Siskid (now of Blackstrobe), Zero dB (Ninja Tune/Fluid Ounce), Spiritual South and DJ Mad Mats of Raw Fusion, Pablo Valentino (Faces Records FR), DJ Rev (Japan), Modernday Soothsayers (Roy Davis Jr's live band), Frank de Jojo (Zero dB), live vocalist Heather Wildman (Strictly Rhythm).Nomsta's taste is verified by industry-standard tastemakers Good Vibrations Festival, Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Festival and Singapore "style radio" Lush 99.5FM.

Time and Place
Start Time: Friday, October 24, 2008 at 9:00pm
End Time: Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 2:00am

Location: Hacienda - Click HERE to find out for contact details and directions to get there!
Street: 13A Dempsey Road, Tanglin Village
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jazz Concert " UNIT ASIA 2008" - Southeast Asia Tour (FULLY BOOKED)

Ok Guys,

I have to tell u was simply crazy last nite! What am I saying? It's the jazz group "UNIT ASIA" tour that I am refering to! If u have ever have thought of giving yrself a chance to listen live fusion music or think that jazz is freakly too "cim" (profound) to enjoy, then u will be SURPRISED and TAKEN ABACK by this group. Take my words, the audience was enjoying themselves last nite. Why was I so sure? I was there with my friends in LOUD claps of encore. For those who got the email confirmation for their concert 2nite, u guys are a hell lot of lucky "bastards"!!! Obviously the email confirmation of tickets are all fully booked!!! For those who really WANT TO GO, u guys can still try yr luck to call them @ (65) 6235-8855. No guarantee but it's better than doing nothing.

U can check their sound sample HERE!!!

Ok...I have yet to write a event review on this music concert. I should down. For those who cant, don't feel sad as u can still go for the music gathering 2nite for music lovers mentioned in my previous blog post. For those who got the confirmation, enjoy the concert tonite FOLKS!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The b.e.atsproject Meetup Gathering - 23 Oct 08

Hi there will be a new artistic/music meetup for another group "The b.e.a.tsproject Meetup" on 23rd Oct 08. For those interested to find out more, u may sign up as a member of The b.e.a.tsproject Meetup on the meetup website. Pls note to sign up and indicate yr attendance on the meetup group if u are really going. If u don't, they might just ignore u...(just kidding). It would be a polite attitude on yr side for them to know that u are part of the meetup group.

Details on the gathering:
Date: 23 Oct 08
Time: 1900 hrs (7pm)
Location: Global Sounds Cafe
Admission: FREE!!!

Purpose of the group:

The b.e.a.t.sproject mission is to allow individuals to Be .Enthusiastic. About .Thy. Self. That makes up b.e.a.t.s. in acronyms.

It is an avenue whereby all with talent,hidden talent and undiscovered talent will be able to freely express themsleves with no judgemnet or repurcussions as we encourage members to respect each others form of free form,dance,drama or music. It is a society that encourages different styles of art expression to collaborate with each other in its purest form of natural beauty. Because it being very 'Local' this sense I mean involves heartlanders from different walks of life and styles. Mostly,youths are involved in the b.e.a.t.sproject but the b.e.a.t.s welcome all age limit.

It is usually voluntary based if you would like to showcase your talent or work. We do not have a designated venue for b.e.a.t.s as events and shows happen at anytime and place. It's a meetup of ppl with similar interests..that's all. We just wanna soak in all this good vibes.
Thank you for reading..about the the b.e.a.t.s.

Hasta Luego Amigos Y Amigas

Muchos Gracias

Leoni Matahari & Asaro Tul

Saturday, October 18, 2008

FOLLOW THAT STAR - A Piano Recital by Quek BuChan - 19 Oct 08

Follow this very talented local pianist Bu Chan who was mentioned by renowned pianist Tedd Joselson: “It is a rare combination for a teacher to also be an outstanding performer. Buchan possesses both gifts in abundance". She is going to delight u guys with great pieces from classical to romantic pieces on 19 Oct08.

For more details, click HERE!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marco Minnemann in Clinic FIRST TIME MASTERCLASS IN SINGAPORE - 16 Oct 08

Attached is an music event sent by Singapore Drum Festival:

Hey Friends! Pls come for this clinic! Its Marco's first ever clinic in Singapore! Sure to be a blast and to see some of his mind boggling concepts! Ticket prices are fairly priced and the venue - Jubilee Hall is a grand+beautiful venue and a great sounding hall!See you there!

Singapore Drumfest
Music event details:

Pls also check out the photos of Singapore Drumfest 08 Day 1 and 2!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hey guys,

a free visual art exhibition party is happening 2molo nite! Our local electronic/DJ musician IKUMA will be performing at this party. Whats more, u get to enjoy free worm...oops I if u are one of those early birds coming. Now that's what I call good music with freebies all the way through!!! For those who have no idea who is IKUMA, he is one of the electronic musicians I met in ISEA party at post museum. Very cool guy with the music-making game consoles. His music ranges from Chip-tunes / 8-bit music in the acid house, electro-techno, 2step/garage , synthpop + other styles! U can check out his music @ myspace HERE!!! Do support our local musicians!!!

Date: 16 Oct 08
Time: 2000 Hrs (8pm)
Location: The Other Side, 66 Rowell Road
Website: Mutantstyle
Blog details on the music event: Click HERE!!!

Signing off

YOSHIRO OKAZAKI performing Jazz@Southbridge - 15 to 18 Oct 08

For those who love jazz, be sure to catch renowned Japan trumpet Yoshiro Okazaki in Singapore premier jazz bar @ Clarke Quay:

Details are as followed
Music Event: Yoshiro Okazaki
Date: 15 to 18 Oct 08
Time: Pls call the bar to check timing (should be around nite time)
Location: Jazz @ Southbridge
Bar Contact No.: 6327 4671 / 6327 4672

Monday, October 13, 2008

John Scofield & Joe Lovano Quartet

Top Jazz music legends guitarist Scofield and saxophonist Lovano will be here in Singapore 2nite! For those who really want to hear real awesome jazz music, u should really be queuing up to buy tickets to watch this concert! Or else u might have to wait for a long time...considering the fact that music fans actually wait for almost 20 years for this music collaboration to come!

Details are listed below:

Music Event: John Scofield & Joe Lovano Quartet
DATE: 13 OCT 2008, MON
TIME: 7.30pm (90min, no intermission)
Esplanade Concert Hall

PRICE Adults: $58*, $78**, $108 Concessions: Concessions for students, NSF and senior citizens: $40*, $60**

Chijmes Jazz Festival

Hey guys

Apparently Chijmes Jazz Festival is happening during evening in Chijmes this month starting from 5 Oct onwards. For more details, please call Chijmes to check. I will see if I can get more information (such as poster) on this festival. In the meantime, u can also check out another local jazz music act happening till the month of Nov 08 here.

Phone to call: 6332 6277

Friday, October 10, 2008

《那个疯狂的人》YET叶敦鸿环岛签唱会"Crazy YET Debut Album Performance & Autograph Session" - 11 Oct 08

这是叶敦鸿环岛签唱会的第一站。到时,叶敦鸿将现场演唱专辑里多首动听的歌曲。签唱会现场也将能购得叶敦鸿亲笔签名专辑。到场支持的最疯狂的观众也将有机会获得叶敦鸿为您精心准备的小小礼物。This is the 1st stop of YET's Debut Album Island-wide Performance & Autograph Session. YET will be singing several of his compositions from Crazy Yet Debut Album. There will be an autograph session for people who have bought his album. YET has prepared little gifts to give away to the craz-iest ones.

Music Event: 《那个疯狂的人》YET叶敦鸿环岛签唱会"Crazy YET Debut Album Performance & Autograph Session
Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: Tampines Mall, Open Plaza, Level 4
Street: Tampines Central
City/Town: Singapore City, Singapore
To find out about Yet: Click HERE!!!

Duo Concertante Violinist Darin Qualls & Pianist Lim Yan - 10 Oct 08

2nite u will see two fine musicians (internationally acclaimed violinist Darin Qualls & local awarding winning pianist Lim Yan) performing different music pieces from acient Greek to modern American period by composers such as Aaron Copland, Maurice Ravel, Karol Szymanowsky and Gabriel Faure at Young Music Society.

Music Event: Duo Concertante Violinist Darin Qualls & Pianist Lim Yan
DATE: 10 Oct 2008
Time: 2000 Hrs (8pm)
DURATION: Approx 2 Hrs
VENUE: YMS Auditorium
More information on the concert: Click HERE!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

JOHN PEEL DAY 2008 Tribute Concert - 9 Oct 08

After the death of British DJ and music champion John Peel, get ready to see an annual live music tribute by local bands to celebrate his impeccable and eclectic music taste in Princes of Wales.

Music Venue: Prince of Wales
Date: 9 oct 08
Time: 2045 Hrs (845 pm)

Info. from fellow blogger tajmall: Gig Info. , Newspaper Info. & Poster


For those who are jazz music lovers or interested to find out more about jazz music, there will be another meetup in Singapore on 12 Oct 08. Please take note to register for the meetup if u guys want to go! Slots limited! For those who miss the deadline to register, dont Just talk to me...should be able to arrange for u guys. But pls no online stalkers...I dont like the idea of entertaining people who are ninjas where u can't see them appearing @ the event itself. Btw just say and wave "HI" to me if u guys see me over at the Tanglin CC. For those staying in the north who have no idea how to reach there, feel free to contact me.

Below are the details posted by the meetup host:

Location: TANGLIN COMMUNITY CLUB - Basement Studio ,Whitley Rd
Corner of Whitley and Malcom Rd
Date: 12 Oct 08
Time: 1430
How to find us "ASK FOR JAM MASTER"

This is the 2nd meetup...and we are serious about jazz. How about you? Every Sunday afternoon, jazz musicians and enthusiasts gather at the The Tanglin CC basement studio to do their thing. We don't just talk the talk..we walk the walk. Afterwards we chill out at the wine bar or even have dinner together. Later in the evening, if our creative urges are still unsatisfied, we drop by Jazz@Southbridge to jam with the best in town.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FUSED! - 9 Oct 08

FUSED is an orchestra set up as an expansion of Calypso Quartet, which is made up of Jeremiah Chong, Chen-Ouw Mingtse, Arif Atmadja and Herbert Fan. Teaming up with other fine musicians from Singapore and playing all genres of music from Baroque to Jazz, the orchestra seeks to give the audience a musical experience not to be forgotten. The goal set out by the orchestra is to show the public that classical instruments do not have to be boring and should not be forgotten.

Don’t miss this enchanting evening of diverse musical genres, featuring works ranging from the World Premiere of the Trumpet Concertino by local composer Wong Feiyang to the great classical masters Bach, Mozart and Albeniz!

Programme to include:

- Tango : Albeniz

- Concerto for 2 violins : J.S. Bach

- Divertimento KV136 : Mozart

- Trumpet concertino : Wong Feiyang

- Czardas : Monti

- Meditation from Thais : Massenet

- Grace Chen : Temujin

- Liew Kong Meng : Sandcastles and Dreams

Date: 9th October 08 (Thursday)

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Lee Foundation Theatre, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Campus 3, 151 Bencoolen Street

Ticketing: $15 per ticket, free seating.

Sales start from 6.00p.m at the door on the day of concert.

For advance bookings, please call: 97765499 or e-mail:

Quintessential - 7 Oct 08

Get ready to catch fine musicians in Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music faculty and our international local famous quartet "T'ang Quartet" perform chamber works by Mozart and Schubert.

Not forgetting a String Quartet music piece by the famous music composer Tan Dun who composed the music for the award-winning film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" will definitely open yr ears to modern music in the concert.

1) Mozart Wind Quintet K.452
Thomas Hecht, piano
Rachel Walker, oboe
Ma Yue, clarinet
Zhang Jin Min, bassoon
Han Chang Chou, horn

2) Tan Dun Eight Colors for String Quartet
T’ang Quartet

3) Schubert Quintet in C D.956
Qin Li Wei, cello
T’ang Quartet

For more information on the concert: Click HERE!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A*Mei Star Tour in Singapore - 4 Oct 08

Mandarin Pop Diva Singing Icon A*Mei is back in Singapore! For those who enjoy crooning to her songs and watching her powerful emo vocal performance, be sure to catch her live in Singapore.

Details can be found HERE!!!

Octoburst 2008: Ministry of Bellz - 3 Oct 08

Like handbells? Well u are in for a free treat to watch handbells performance at Esplanade. For more details, click HERE!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ASH "Live In Concert" and other music shows At Singapore Beer Festival - 2nd Oct 08 to 5 Oct 08 (Latest Updates as of 2 Oct 08)

Latest Updates as of 2 Oct 08:

For those who find the tickets too expensive but still want to join in the joy of celebration in Singapore Beer Festival, u can still enjoy other music shows by our local musicians/bands at Fort Canning Park at cheaper prices on 2 Oct 08 - 5 Oct 08. For more information, click HERE!!!

Hey guys,

Have u gave a thought on the 50 bands to see before u die? If not, well u should! Q Magazine ranks ASH #2 on its list of "The 50 Bands to see before you die!". The Irish alternative rock band is coming to Singapore in celebration of Singapore Beer Festival within these few days. Details are listed below

Music Event: ASH "Live In Concert"
Date: 2nd Oct 08
Time: 2000 HRS (8pm)
Venue: Fort Canning Park
Where to get Tickets: Click HERE!!!

Information on the event, venue location and the band "ASH":
ASH official website
LAMC Productions
Singapore Beer Festival
Fort Canning Park

Pipes@Victoria - 2 Oct 08

For those who love the SOUND OF ORGAN, we have a rare chance to catch Asian Korean organist award winner Dong-ill Shin who will be performing some music pieces from Bach to Mozart!

Music Event: Pipes@Victoria
Date: 2 Oct 2008
Time: 1930 HRS (07:30PM)
Pre-concert talk at 6.45pm
Tickets and info. on the concert: Get it HERE!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Addicted Entertainment presents LIFEHOUSE 4 Oct 08 Sat 6:30pm

Addicted Entertainment Presents LIFEHOUSE

Free Seating

$70.00 * price(s) excludes booking fee

DATE: 4 Oct 08
Time: 1830

VENUE: ST James Powerhouse

Get it @

For more information on the gig, click HERE!!!

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