Monday, August 11, 2008

A memorable National Day Celebration & tune-in for music events!


How are u guys feeling in this early morning after National Day celebration on Sat? I bet u guys haven't had enough of the fireworks sightseeing and cheering rite? Some of us still have to come to work 2day. U guys must be feeling pretty sian with the Monday blues atmosphere... . Don't take it too hard lol... . In yr mind, perhaps some of u are cursing and swearing at yr boss: "Boss can don't come back anot? I am still in my wonderland." I am in the same boat as u guys. So not to fret, here's some news to brighten up yr day!

For those who went to watch the gig "*scape presents, Electrico 'Live' at the Youth Park, 9th Aug 2008", did u guys enjoy Electrico and the other bands' performances at scape Youth Park? I am sure u guys did! It must been a blast! Too bad...I wasn't able to make it to catch them! Haha...I was too busy singing and enjoying myself with YoungNTUC Play Choir in singing National Day songs at The Padang. Can u imagine that we had the privilege to sing together with the original singer for our favorite national song "Count on me Singapore"? He is nope other than our local well-known composer and singer Clement Chow! I even had the chance to take a picture with him! I will upload the picture and song soon to let u guys see who he really is. Man...this song has been existing for 20 plus odd... years and it's still going strong!

Anyway do stay tuned for upcoming music information especially on electronic music. U will find more updates on future gigs, concerts, music courses and auditions for bands or musical groups. And if u guys have any information for upcoming music concerts/events in the month of Aug and Sept, do send it to me. I am constantly looking for such local news. It's always a pleasure to see other Singaporeans contributing news to the music scene in Singapore.

P/S: If u guys like my blog, do give some comments or tag me in my cbox. Come on guys, I do deserve some credits for giving u so much music information freebies lol... Well I am out of here! Take care and see u guys soon!

Yr dearest music connector and lover

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