Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yogyakarta International Music Festival Academy 2012

I recently had the privilege to
meet and talk to an international
New York based Indonesian pianist
Mr Aryo Wicaksono in Singapore.

From my interactions with him,
he's a real humble and wonderful 
person who shared his interesting
life story with me.

Being the Artistic Director of
Yogyakarta International Music Festival Academy,
he is also welcoming musicians & composers (world-wide)
to the festival.

For those who are seeking to explore your musical
horizons in the field of classical/modern music,
look no further.

Check out the festival poster for more details. 

For more details, visit
For those who wants the application form, u can also contact us!

Friday, October 28, 2011

14th Xin Qing Rong Ji 心情溶剂 Regional Chinese Song Writing Competitio​n (October 7, 2011 – December 11, 2011)

All students from Singapore and Malaysia are eligible to participate in this competition.

This year, 14th 心情溶剂 (XQRJ) is supported by Touch Music Publishing House.

Category A: Song composition. Includes lyrics, music, and performance. (The lyricist, composer and performer may not be the same.)
Category B: Lyrics writing. The music will be provided by Touch Music Publishing Pte Ltd.
Category C: Music composition. The lyric will be provided by Touch Music Publishing Pte Ltd.
Note: Participants can only enter one of the categories.

i. Submission period: October 7, 2011 – December 11, 2011
ii. Preliminary round: December 15, 2011
iii. Grand finale: February 12, 2012

The application form can be downloaded at
Please go to for more information.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A choice of DaVinci Code or C.C.C.D Code? Deciphering C.C.C.D. Looping interview with Randolf Arriola

If u have to make a choice between
DaVinci Code or C.C.C.D
code, which one will it be?

U probably don't want to crack
your brain in solving DaVinci Code?
Then it's an obvious choice to select
C.C.C.D Code!

But heck...what exactly is C.C.C.D code?
C.C.C.D is the brain title of the debut solo music
album by Singaporean guitarist/singer-songwriter/composer
Mr Randolf Arriola (one of the most respected and
acclaimed live looping musicians in the world)!

This amazing musician has been invited to
perform in Y2K International Live Looping Festival
in USA since 2007.

Channel News Asia Singapore features an interesting
TV news cover report "The Big Picture" on
Randolf Arriola's live looping on
his iPhone Guitar.

His debut solo album, "C.C.C.D"
will be released soon. Expect to catch
his "C.C.C.D" album launch concert
in the Esplanade Recital Studio on 28 October 2011.

Intersted to know more about him?
Well I had the good fortune to interview Mr Randolf Arriola.
Enjoy the interview and glimpse into his world of live looping!

Deciphering C.C.C.D. Looping interview with Randolf Arriola
1.How did u discover and start your journey into the world of live looping music?

I was always fascinated with sound.
From young I’ve always loved music,
that was a given but it was later in my teens
that I discovered that I loved sounds
and especially sounds made by and
with the guitar whether pure or distorted or processed.

I discovered early on the joys and wonders of
patching every available gadget
between the guitar and the amplifier
and the constant playful experiments with turning knobs this way
and oh the world of otherworldly sounds I heard just got me hooked!

I later learned that The Beatles were already experimenting with loops
and sound effects as evident in the 1966 track Tomorrow Never Knows
and then it was Pink Floyd followed by The Police and
then U2’s Unforgettable Fire album in 1984 and then King Crimson
and eventually Brian Eno. I realized that music and sound recreated
a whole world of colours in mood, emotions and ideas.

2.Which live looping artists would u recommend to music lovers who are new to the world of live looping music?
(u are obviously one of the artists we should listen to!)

Terry Riley
Steve Reich
Karlheinz Stockhausen
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
King Crimson
Brian Eno
Robert Fripp
Jaco Pastorius
Pat Metheny

The technology of Live Looping came about shortly
after the invention of tape recording devices in the last century.
But the concept of musical loop goes way back to
call and answer chants and songs in Africa.

The song The Lion Sleeps Tonight is a musical loop,
so is Pachabel's Canon in D. Most of Pop, Rock and Dance
and even in Jazz are based on if not incorporate the use of
musical loop arrangements.

For me it was Brian Eno and Robert Fripp back in 1973
who were the true pioneers of fine tuning the use of reel to
reel tape recorders as a live looping device that introduced
new creative possibilities in spontaneous

3.Do u use pre-recorded looping music in your set and encourage the use of it in live looping environments?

For Live Looping i do not use any prerecorded music.
I also do not use any quantizing (time correction) midi sequencing,
or auto tune. It may appear ridiculously and unnecessarily difficult
but for me it's much more liberating in a creative sense.

4.What were the challenges u faced in the CCCD album production?

The biggest challenge i constantly face with
any of my own personal creative work is really about
the struggle with option anxiety and coming to terms with necessary
but painful subtractive editing.

CCCD is originally 1 hour 45 mins long which is
impossible to fit in a CD format. It took awhile
before i decided on what's now the 67 min 1 track
CD version. Other than that except for
subtle improvements to the overall levels
and final eq balance no other edits,
no cut and paste corrections were
made to the one take stereo track recording.

5.You mentioned in playing your music with some visual video art loops by your visual medium collaborator Manuel Trucco (San Fancisco, USA) in the upcoming C.C.C.D. album concert. What made u decide upon on a live visual sound performance conception as compared to just playing your songs live with your guitar and looping equipments?

Maybe it's just the twisted way that i preceive things
but i've always sensed an overlapping of the senses.
For example I see shades and colours in sounds and music
and i hear sounds and music in visual images.
So it's only natural for me to express myself through
the combination of light and sound mediums to
communicate and evoke a multi sensory experience.

6.Since the whole CCCD album was recorded live without no overdubs, no cuts and pastings, no corrections except for overall levels and final EQ balance and mastering, what surprises would we be expecting in the songs of your album during your concert?

Improvisation and reinterpretation is where my heart
resides in creative expression. The range of
variations in what i do is very much subject to the external

7.Who do u like to thank for making the album possible?

NA (Too long a list la!)

8.How did u derive and name your album title as C.C.C.D?

I title my works with quirky codes
that usually has to do with what i'm thinking
or feeling or whatever.

They're like little diary entries to me
and each piece that i listen to today
even from way back still trigger vivid
memories of time and place and the
varying circumstances i was in when i recorded it.

9.What is your album C.C.C.D about?

CCCD is a one take unedited live recording
in the home studio which originally ran 1 hr 45 mins.
Because of the limitations of the cd format
I chose to release the 67 min version from
the complete take.

Basically the album is a personal and
artistic statement and my offering of
something truly unique for everyone
to enjoy and live with.

The creative decision arrived with
full consideration on my part that with
all my acquired knowledge, experience,
skills and know how with music, gear
and technology and the temptation
to create an album of sample resolution,
cut and paste edit and autotune virtual perfection.

I decided to truly reveal myself captured
in the process of that’s truly me.
I’ve many of such recordings in my own archives
but this particular take had something going,
a flow if you will but most important
of all the entire piece had a a
certain enigmatic power to transport,
and evoke deeper emotional responses.

I’m making the album available in
different formats including free downloads
of excerpts or the full album in mp3 resolutions
or the purchase of the cd itself.

Further down the road are plans to
release the album in 5.1 mix with
accompanying HD Video Art loops
perhaps in 2012 if the world doesn’t end that is.

On the coming concert and album launch on 28th Oct
I will perform the re creation of CCCD for the audience.

10.U recently took part online in 1st Boss Loop Station World Championship 2011. Its amazing that your viewership for “With Or Without You (U2 cover song)” have reached over 60,900 views (and still counting on…) as of dated 24 Oct 2011! What was your whole personal experience to be involved in this contest?

Since end of Aug 2010 the video clips on my youtube channel
( have been watched
by over 105,000 viewers from around the world of which
my live looping reinterpratation of With or Without You by U2
has proven to be most popular followed by my original "Take It All Away".

Interestingly i learned from my youtube account details that the top
10 nations viewing my clips are USA, Singapore , UK, Germany,
Italy, Brazil, Japan, France, Netherlands and Australia.

I was more interested in the opportunity to
reach out to a wider audience around the world
through the event. It isn't my concern in
finding out whoever are the better ones
among in the contest.

                          End of Deciphering C.C.C.D. Looping interview with Randolf Arriola

Enjoy C.C.C.D (Full Album Preview) by Randolf Arriola

CCCD (Full Album Preview) by Randolf Arriola

Attend his live C.C.C.D album
concert launch in Esplanade
on 28 Oct 11!

Who knows u might end up
deciphering C.C.C.D. and
developing your own new codes 
after the whole live
C.C.C.D. music experience!?

To find out more about Randolf Arriola and purchasing
tickets to watch his live C.C.C.D album concert launch
on 28 Oct 11, some links are provided below:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The White Shoes and The Couples Company, SayCet and B-Quartet Concert (8 Nov 11)

Three different bands from different countries (Indonesia, France and our homeland Singapore) will be performing in a concert on 8 Nov 2011.

Some music videos of the bands in the conert:


The White Shoes and The Couples
Company (ID), SayCet (FR) and
B-Quartet (SG) – 8 November, 2011
LaSalle College of the Arts, Main Theatre

Singapore – On the 8th of November 2011, LaSalle Main Theatre will host a
unique event in Singapore featuring three of the most innovative and original
emerging artists of the international contemporary indie music scene.

The White Shoes and The Couples Company, celebrated as one of the "best
indie pop band to call Jakarta home" by will play alongside
local band B-quartet and French band SayCet to transport the audience
into a different dimension of poetic and mesmerizing soundscapes and melodies.

Formed in 2002, The White Shoes and The Couples Company blends 1960’s
Burt Bacharach-inspired melodies with winsome indie pop to create a truly
unique sound that bring us back to the 1970’s or even to the 1930’s, with
charming, distinct melodies and orchestration. Singing in both English and
Indonesian, they have been named "one of the Top 25 bands on MySpace" by
Rolling Stone, featured in Times Magazine and praised by Pitchfork.

The concert will also showcase two supporting acts including Franco-Lao
outfit SayCet, performing for the first time in Singapore.
Warmly praised by Les Inrocks and Trax, the trio plays
an unforgettable blend of experimental pop and electronica,
matched with bewitching video projections.

The second supporting act, B-Quartet is a band that defies genres in search of a unique musical language, challenging conventions from concept to composition. Rising stars of the local scene, their eclectic palette marries jazz with folk and rock accents, topped with exquisite vocal harmonies. With a spontaneous, almost telepathic energy on stage, they enchant and mesmerize audiences, winning fans wherever they go.

This concert is brought to you by Figure8 Agency, a Singapore-based
organization specializing in the management of international and local artists;
the production of indie events in Singapore; tour coordination in Asia,
merchandising and promotion (online and offline).

Event details
Date: 8 November 2011
Venue: LaSalle, Main Theatre 1 McNally Street 187940 Singapore
Open: 7.30pm
Start: 8pm
25$ with reservation
30$ at the door
Tel. +65 986 69259

Last but not least,
Enjoy listening to SayCet Mixtape below:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 Coming Soon to Singapore! (29 Nov 11)

Mnet Asian Music Awards (one of the biggest Music Awards in Asia)
will be arriving soon in Singapore on 29 Nov 11.
For those k-pop music lovers in Singapore,
u definitely cannot miss this!

Here's the teaser video for
Mnet Asian Music Awards below:

Apparently the tickets sale are not released yet.
I will keep u guys informed about the sales of
the tickets commencement date
if I have any news from the organiser
for this event. Do subscribe via email
to my blog!

A Shuffle Dance contest!
Check out the video below
to see how u can win cool prizes
as well as meet your kpop idols!

In the meanwhile, check out the awesome youtube
music cover of SNSD (Girls' Generation) - Mr.Taxi Collab
by Singaporean musicians & Hongkong singer below!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview with Raphael Lim (RGEN Entertainment) Part 2

The 2nd part of the interview video with Raphael Lim (RGEN Entertainment) 2011 is
shown below. (If u have not seen the 1st part of the interview video, click
here to watch it.)

Check out the credits after the video interview...
(I will be sharing u guys some information 
on a interesting video).

For those who attended the talk by Raphael Lim,
u can contact us to share your experience
or thoughts about the talk as well as your music
website (if u are a musician or involved in
any music aspects).

Friday, October 14, 2011

Interview with Raphael Lim (RGEN Entertainment) Part 1

Raphael Lim (Australian presenter)
was in Singapore during July 2011 to
conduct a lecture on
"How to organise a Youtube
celebrity concert"
School of Management (Sma).

And I had the honor to conduct an interview with him.

Here's the awaited....
MusicArtLifeSG interview with Raphael Lim (RGEN Entertainment)
Video Part 1

Subscribe to MusicArtLifeSG
via email for the upcoming 
2nd part of the interview.

If u are interested in contributing
music entertainment/international
news from Singapore or
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

S2S & TAB present an exclusive Bevlyn Khoo performance! (19 Oct 11) - Postponed

For Immediate Release (By S2S Music Label: Latest News As of 12 Oct 2011)

Bevlyn Khoo’s performance postponed due to unforeseen circumstances

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Bevlyn's performance at TAB scheduled for next Wednesday, October 19th has been postponed till further notice. S2S deeply apologises to Bevlyn’s fans for the sudden postponement of the concert.

The concert at TAB was to be Bevlyn’s second solo performance for her latest album <> and her attempt to reach out to the English Jazz Community.

Tickets will be refunded as soon as possible. The company apologises for the inconvenience caused and would like to thank fans for their patience and support.

For Immediate Release

S2S & TAB present an exclusive Bevlyn Khoo performance! (Postponed)

Earlier this year in July, Bevlyn successfully capped a sold-out concert together with her 3rd major album launch "Feel about you" at Late Night @ Esplanade. It was deemed so successful that Bevlyn, winner of the 2009 Indie Award, is now set to wow the crowd once more at TAB this coming October 2011. This will be the second concert for her latest album and is a significant milestone in Bevlyn’s attempt to reach out to the English market in Singapore.

TAB specializes in showcasing international talent. They recently brought in Youtube stars, Jayesslee and David Choi, who both gave a fantastic performance for their Singaporean fans. This time, they are bringing in local talent Bevlyn Khoo. Fans will stand a chance to enjoy her performance live at TAB’s special concert venue.

For fans who had missed her at Esplanade and fans who wish to see her perform once more, this will be a great chance to catch Bevlyn sing her heart out and showcase her soothing vocals at Orchard Road, TAB, on 19th October 2011, 8.30 pm, Wednesday. There will also be a meet-and-greet session with Bevlyn as well

Singapore local talent Bevlyn Khoo, who has been a singer since 1999, has come up with 3 previous albums which were well received in the Jazz Community, most notably her sophomore effort "Bistro Affair", the all French easy listening album which charted in the top 3 in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Jazz charts. "You are my Angel" from 2009 was in the HMV Singapore Jazz Chart at the 4th position. The experienced singer is sure to give a performance that you will not want to miss!

There will also be a guest performance from Kevin Mathews, who is best known for the hit song “My One and Only” in 1993 with his previous band, Watchmen.

Fans who wish to buy tickets can get theirs via TAB’s official website,

442 Orchard Road
#02-29, Singapore 238879

Date: 19th October 2011
Doors Open: 7.30pm
Performance start: 8.30pm
Ticket Price: $25


Kevin Mathews:

Friday, October 7, 2011

“Reggae Singapura” by Bushmen (15 Oct 11)

Does reggae music even exist in Singapore?
Of course it does!!! In fact Bushmen (one
of the Reggae band based in Singapore)
is launching their concert at Substation Theatre
on 15 Oct 11.

After winning the second runner-up in Band Alert Contest
organised by YAMAHA and MTV in 1998, they got
signed with Hunters Records(s) for a recording contract
in 1999. Shortly in March 2000, they released their mini album “RISE UP”.

Check out Bushmen's live cover song performance "Concrete Jungle"
by the late Bob Marley (Reggae's first Jamaican iconic artist figure to achieve international superstardom):

A video on Bushmen talking about music in their lives (featuring music "RISE UP")


“Reggae Singapura” by Bushmen
Saturday 15 October 2011, 7.30pm
The Substation Theatre
Tickets at $18 available at The Substation Box Office
(6337 7800;

Bushmen returns onto the artistic stage with old time 'feel good' hits plus their original fusion of Malay reggae music in a true Singapore style. Whether you are into discovering the talent of homegrown trendsetters or wanting to soak in some nostalgia of the rocking good times, the Bushmen will give you the ultimate reggae experience in their one night only performance at the Substation, home of the alternative and experimental. Join us!

For the band, it may sound strange to most that a reggae band would sprout from an eclectic scene that is dominated by the top 40s and the international arena at large. But for the young members of Bushmen, theirs was a co-existence realised by a common aim when they start performing at the International School of Singapore in 1997.

Taking the assemble on the road, lead vocal and rhythm guitar Izaar, lead guitar Restam, bass guitar Hassan, keyboardist Hairul, drums Sofy, and percussionist Rahman performed live and direct to the masses at local pubs, clubs and restaurants. Harking back to an older generation of musicians who built up their followers by performing live, Bushmen’s popularity soared at venues such as the Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, The American School, Youth Park and La Salle School of Arts.
The first steps towards success were embraced when the band placed second runner-up in Band Alert Contest organised by YAMAHA and MTV in 1998. The following year, the group signed a recording contract with Hunters Records(s) and March 2000 sees the released “RISE UP”.

This mini album features five original compositions that are filled with lively hooks and grooves that draw the attention of local and international media and listeners. Track “Don’t you worry” was also featured in the local movie soundtrack “Stories About Love”. To date after the release of “RISE UP”, Bushmen has been invited to work and perform at countless prestigious venues and events.

Check out Bushmen's bio & music link:

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