Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YingYang Rooftop Bar Presents DOOMPH! ON THE ROOF - 15 Oct 10

Information provided by Ashe Narayan
15 October 2010
Press Release

Historical Backgrounds:  With it's roots firmly based on Funk, Soul, Boogie Italo, 80's electronica, electric-funk & Disco, DOOMPH started out in November 2009 as a small monthly party brought together by DJ's Jean-Baptiste (FRA), Matty Wainwright (UK) and Brendon P (SGP). Not content just to stay within the realm of music from the past alone, the trio used their global DJ'ing experience and vast knowledge within the spectrum of sound to fuse the music of the past with the futuristic Nu Disco Sound of present day.

The Plan & The Concept: Generally to bring to punters, not just a quality night out, but a fun one as well that is musically diverse and interesting from start to finish. Brendon's 30 years as both a well known veteran DJ, remixer and producer see's him churning out re-edits, remixes and re-arrangements of popular and underground disco, funk, soul, and nu-disco gems that have are also being sought after and played out by several dj's around the globe as well, and a quintessentially elemental feature of every DOOMPH party.  The party also pays host to guests every now and then; the focus not being on big name dj's (as our boys do just fine, if not better), but to bring out quality local talent within the island.

The DJ's: Jean-Baptiste (FRA), Brendon P (SGP), Matty Wainwright (UK)

Guests so far: Ramesh K (SGP)

Forthcoming guests: Niko Alphonso (SGP)

Present day:  The party continues to grow in numbers and with a current 3 month stint at the newly opened YING YANG rooftop bar space atop the Club Hotel, Singapore, DOOMPH has plans to go places where no party has dared to go before, with an massive up and coming boat party in the works in the first half of the new year.

Publicity and Support: Ashe Narayan, Knightrunners & 42 Below

Technical Support: Pop Trash

The future...looks very bright. But don't just take our word for it, come and experience the spirit for yourselves.

For More Info on us, including DJ Biographies, demo mixes etc... follow these links:



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