Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taiwanese backup vocalist Ying-ying Shih for famous Asian pop star Wang LeeHom (王力宏) @ CrazyWorld Music Cafe Gig - 28Oct10

A Taiwanese jazz, pop and gospel singer/songwriter Ying-ying Shih
who have toured with famous Asian pop star LeeHom Wang (王力宏) has
just arrived on Singapore shores.

Guess what?
She will be performing tonight at CrazyWorld Music Cafe.
More details on her gig can be found HERE!!!

If u guys have not heard of her, u should come.
Wondering why? Check out the videos of her performances below:

Why oh Why + Lonely Without You
Don't u feel lonely at times when u are alone by yourself?
Perhaps Ying Ying's song Why oh Why + Lonely Without You
can relate to u the best when u are lonely.

U can even catch a segment of her
imatating vocal trumpet!

Have u ever thought of your grandma or someone close to your
heart who u missed him/her a lot ever since he/she is gone?
Ying ying actually dedicated and sung a song
送乎阿嬤ㄟ歌 Song for Grandma for her Grandma.

That's really sweet of her. Catch the song below:

送乎阿嬤ㄟ歌 Song for Grandma

How can one forget Corinne Bailey Rae a singer songwriter with her song 
Like A StarLike a Star was such a smash-hit around the world
and landed into the Billboard Top 20 in the USA!!!

Below is YingYing's rendition cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's song "Like A Star" 

A few songs performed by her below:

If You'd Rather

Softly at Backstage Hong Kong

So u heard her music online. Have she touched your heart?
Then what are u waiting for? Grab those tixs now before it runs out!!!
More links details:

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