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Recently three Chinese Indie bands (Ah5ive/Elyzia/Redpoll) have
released their "Live for the Moment" (LFTM) compilation album.
It's good to see that they decided to take steps and put words into
actions to promote Chinese indie music scene.

Ask yourself: Why am I still working so hard for $$$???
U might even wonder "Why the heck am I working so hard
instead of living for this particular moment in my life to shine
and live my dreams?"

Perhaps u might find an answer in the songs of "Live for the Moment" (LFTM)
compilation album.

Listen to the songs samples in the playlist below.

CD cost: SGD$15 for pre-order and SGD$18 for retail.
How to purchase: TYmusic center or e-mail your enquires to order online

Videos of Ah5ive @ a music conference (Music Matters)
in Hong Kong during 2010 where their
compilation demo album was circulated:

Check out the story behind  
below. (Thanks to Kay Wee Campaign Manager of LFTM)



Return to Base

03rd Oct 2010

Live for the Moment
Campaign Manager: Kay Wee
Email: (Pls note that I don't usually
reveal the person's mobile number for privacy purposes.
If u need to contact Kay Wee via mobile no, please contact me
via or u can directly email him.)

History and background of Live for the Moment
“Live for the Moment” (LFTM) was founded in May 2010 by a group of three Chinese-indie bands, all born and bred in Singapore.

Band Profiles
Ah5ive – Urban Alternative Rock
Elyzia – Nu Hard Rock
Redpoll – Fusion Folk Rock

We have been actively performing in Singapore’s Chinese indie music scene since 2007; to name a few recent events – Esplanade’s Chinese Festival of Arts in February 2010, in local clubs like home club, the ark at scape youth lab. Each band has had their own achievements to speak of, but most significantly, we came together with a common dream - to promote the presence of Chinese Indie music, compared to commercial pop that is often heard on the local airwaves.

Our vision is to create hype and gain recognition for Singapore’s Chinese Indie music by introducing our unique brand of music to everyone on a global scale.

Aims and objectives
LFTM is committed to developing a vibrant Chinese Indie Music Scene, enhanced by a diverse membership of musicians. LFTM strives to preserve and promote an inspiring environment for its members, in addition to the general community.

We plan to expand our membership by extending invitations to other local bands who believe in our mission. To further promote this campaign, we will offer support to promote the music and profiles of our new members – especially in the production of compilation albums to offer a diverse mix of music from various local bands.

LFTM Compilation Album – Return to Base
In May 2010, we proudly produced and launched our compilation demo album to promote the spirit of LFTM, and our music. Following the soft launch, LFTM was proud to represent Singapore during a Music Conference (Music Matters) in Hong Kong along with other international acts. Our compilation demo was circulated during our performances in Hong Kong.

To bring our achievements and dreams to a higher level, we jointly produced Return to Base, our very first official compilation album for LFTM. Return to Base features a mix of songs that aptly showcases the best of each band’s unique style.

The design concept for our album is inspired by the excitement of mankind’s first forays into space – pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. Eventually, we gain wonderful experiences and return home feeling victorious about our achievements. The launch of Return to Base is a milestone for LFTM, and we sincerely hope to garner the support of media authorities for our very first launch in our hometown of Singapore. Our launch date will be on 20th Nov 2010.

Ultimately, our main purpose is to inspire Singaporeans to be proud of being a part of the growing Chinese Indie Music population. When we dare to dream, we can realise our dreams with our talents and abilities.

-We Live for the Moment -

More Links:!/pages/Live-for-the-Moment/112115792165086?v=wall

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