Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Join in the fun with Black Forest Band...They Need You!

Hi readers,

Here's a fun band I want to introduce. It's Black Forest!
The first time when I heard them was @ the gig in Hark Music Cafe
a few years back. What left me a deep impression of them was
the amount of infectious laughter and fun on stage that they
showed to the audience. They just wanted to be HAPPY doing music!

I mean isn't that what music should be?
It's about the feeling of joy and fun
playing and sharing music.

After so many years, this band have really grown a lot.
To be honest, they were not the best back among all the
bands in the gig back then. But they were very entertaining
and fun to watch! :)

Don't believe me?

Check out the Blackforest version of Ke$sha - Tik Tok Cover:

If u notice in the video, some mysterious guests like Mr HUGE Microphone Man
& Green and Red Light Bear twins came out to join in the fun lol...man that's crazy enough!

I particularly like the funny "O" face expression on the lead vocalist/keyboardist Renny's dramatic face towards the end...hehe. ;)

Talking about creativity, Blackforest have also done a combination of different English popular songs mesh-up in one whole song take "Love The Way You Lie /Airplanes/ Club Can't Handle Me/ Teenage Dream Mash Up":

For those who listen mostly to Mandarin pop songs, here's the famous
"One Night In Beijing 北京一夜" Mandarin Cover by Black Forest:

After so many years, I am delighted and surprised that they improved
SO MUCH when I heard them again @ Esplanade recently again.
It's really inspiring to me to see beginner musicians improving
to become better in their playing through the years.

It shows that it does not matter where u start off from.
What's most important is where u set to be! Head towards
in the direction and stay committed to it. Most of the time,
it's not how talented u are. It's your perseverance in life
which brings u to a whole total different level to become the best.

I believe in the power of perseverance and belief as such character helped many
become great legends like basketball player Michael Jordan. He did not
start off as a talented player and was practically unknown in the
international basketball scene.

If u know the story of Michael Jordon, he worked

SideTrack: Story of Michael Jordan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrl2NsLGItk

As a opening band for the famous Taiwanese Mandarin pop band "FIR" live
@ Singapore Indoor Stadium in July 2010, Black Forest was seen performing
their original song "La La La".

我这个傻瓜 爱你到天荒

公主的神话 王子的童话
请帮我 打开你心房 能直入你心上

让我们大家一起唱 (la la la la la这首歌)
歌曲很简单 (la la la la la)
用爱的力量 (爱的力量)

若你有,爱上你的她 (la la la la la爱上她)
许也一样 (la la la la la)


Wow...they are having so much fun!!!
Want to have a chance with them to have fun too?

Here's your chance!
See the video "Black Forest - We Need You!" below
to know how u can do that! They really need u!!!

Black Forest - We Need You!

Black Forest have also made a MV from their song "My Freedom".
Haha...it makes me think of Singaporeans like us being trapped in
our political and ruling system where we are walking zombies
working so hard to survive in Singapore. Do we have freedom
of speech...maybe in Hong Lim Park where the police will
watch after us? :{ Enjoy the video below:

Black Forest Band MV - My Freedom (还我自由)

Last but not least, I leave u guys to enjoy the song of a man being a fool in love?

April Fool Lover Fool (Original)

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