Friday, September 26, 2008

Bass Looping with Yamaha endorsee bassist Wendy Phua - 27 Sep 08

It's time to promote another bassist in the local music scene. Our very own Wendy Phua! Haha who says that Singapore is lacking of female musicians? Well this lady is a new female bassist whom I have met at "Liberations of The Moon" concert! It happened that she was one of the audiences in that concert who is in Randolf's (one of the performers in that concert) band Embryo! Isn't it a small world? (makes me remind of the song "It's a small world afterall" from Walt Disney classic songs) She is a pretty cool friendly lady who REALLY believes in music. I was really enjoying talking about music stuff and a bit about her background in music with her.

Interestingly she progressed to bass playing after deserting her piano keys on the side. She must have felt that bass guitar is her real favourite instrument! Yet I think that piano background music theory must have helped her quite well in the composition of her original music.

Anyway here's a chance to catch her live at Yamaha music school and store. She will be playing songs from her solo bass EP "Between Here And Then". U will be delighted to know that she will be sharing her own experience in being a solo bassist in Singapore and talking about her set-up! Is she worth catching? U bet! Don't believe me? Check out her music out on my previous blog post: Click HERE!!!

Following are the details of the talk:

Date: Saturday 27 Sep 08
Time: 1400 Hrs (2pm)
Venue: Plaza Singapura Yamaha Combo
Cost: FREE!!!

See u guys around if u are there for the talk! Well I will be writing down stuff, taking pictures and video on her if she Just say "Hi" to me if u see me around!

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