Thursday, September 11, 2008



EPI-Stage Music Academy presents the BIG BANG - a huge party at Zouk where age discrimination is not allowed! (Read: No age limit!)

With 6 sponsors - COLLAGE ( the main name! ), Chapter 2, Ebenex, Blackwood Guitars, Jammatez and Punkstar, there's no way something this big can go wrong.

There will be 4 bands competing for the win! ( Shotgun Start, Audiocean, FaceOff, and Sunny's Violet Ray ) They'll be fighting for the Most Stylish Band, the Number 1 Band. And many more to play! Such as Great Spy Experiment, Cigarette Sex, and Deafening Silence. Supporters are a must and the only way you'll get good screaming/moshing/dancing room is if you come down early! There will also be 2 dance battles under the categories of freestyle and break-dancers ( featuring one of the best break-dance crews in Singapore - Floor Techniques – who will both guest perform and judge as well. ) Also, a mega fashion show by Collage! ( You really do not want to miss that! ) There's no better way to get the latest dirt on what's in!

And of course, 1 Band Privilege Card to be launched. It's the ONLY card you'll ever need this year. By the looks of it, this party on 13 September 2008 from 1230 to 830pm is all set to be THE event of the century!

You'll get free drinks, and for the first 500, goodie bags consisting of great stuff kindly sponsored by Collage - currently the coolest store around - and a limited edition guitar necklace, as well as chances to win the Band Privilege Card during the event!

All you have to do is get your tickets before 23 Aug 2008, and you'll get the card free! And get to party away at the same time. ( What on earth are you waiting for?! ) Also! All those 18 and above are welcome to stay to party the night away at Zouk free!

After which the price of the Card is only set to increase.
$4 for the card before 4th Sept 2008
$8 for the card before 10th Sept 2008

And if you don't get it now, who knows? You might just miss out on the chance to own this piece of exclusivity forever! The card gets you absolutely amazing discounts at places like Collage, Victoria JoMo, Homeclub, Dulcetfig, Jade Music Trading, Mono+, Trioon, and Critus Alley!

Tickets are $20 NOW, and $25 at the door. ( But hurry, tickets are selling pretty damn fast! )For ticket purchases, contact 94562076 - Louis! or

All who are interested to help out during this event please HOLLA for more information.
Proudly organised by Freemansland

Band privilege card video

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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