Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Chance to WIN Songwriter Singer Yet's Limited Edition CD Single!!! (Updated as of 23 Sep 2008)

Latest updates:

It was great to hear Yet perform on last Saturday. For those who didnt manage to hear him live, u can hear him out 2nite. In the meantime, I haven't got the rite answer from any winner yet!!! It means that u guys in Singapore still stand a chance to win his Limited Edition CD single!

Yet LIVE on Razor TV (online), 7pm, 23/09/2008 (Tues) !!! http://www.razor.tv/site/servlet/segment/main.

Yet LIVE on Captial Radio 95.8, 10pm-11pm, 23/09/08 (Tues)!!! If u guys noticed that I have added different Mediacorp Radio channels near my tagbox. The first radio is Captial Radio 95.8 (Stop the rest of the radio channels from playing or else u will hear too many radio playing at the same time). Please note that Internet Explorer is required. If u guys still cant hear, u can visit Medicorp radio website Captial Radio 95.8 HERE !!!

Hey guys,

remember giving the quiz I mentioned on my previous blog post in winning Yet's CD debut album? Well guess what? Yet will be giving out his Limited Edition CD Single instead! What? U mean Yet's autographed Limited Edition CD Single? Yes u are rite! Once given, its pretty rare to find unless u get it from him. I don't even think he will sell his CD single at any available places. Here's the question to win the quiz.

1. Name two LOCAL radio stations which have featured Yet's songs.

Hint: Read the blog posts in Yet's Blog section to find the answer.

First come first basis to the first viewer who gives the right answer in the quiz! So hurry and get Yet's Limited Edition CD Single! Of course u must answer correctly lah or else I cant give to u mah. But its very easy if u bother to read the blog posts.

Send yr answer together with yr name, IC & contact no. (for verifying purposes only) to my email: wjvocalist@yahoo.com.sg

Winner will be notified via email and my blog post. Pls note that the winner must be in Spore to receive the CD...lol. I mean I can't flying over to Africa to give to the Africans if one of the native Africans in foreign Djembe music tribe groups (check the link for local Djembe groups) visit my blog and answer it correctly!

I will be waiting for my dear winner but don't make me wait long long hor. I will doze off and snooze like a pig... . May the fastest human triumph and send his/her rite music words to me hehe!!!

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