Thursday, September 18, 2008

World famous Bassists "S M V - THE THUNDER! TOUR" to Singapore on 19 Sep 08

For Bassist lovers,

if u miss this performance, I think u probably going to kill yrself... . Lol...just kidding. All the way from United States and the rest of the world, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten are three bass icons in the world who have shaped the music world in the revolution on bass playing and music.

Yaya...I know some would say that playing bass is no fun... . It's just musicians providing the background music support in a band. But come on guys, if u have really seen and heard great musicians perform live, they will wield out great amounts of musicality and techniciality with their instruments which probably knock u out in seconds! Don't believe me. Check out the youtube clip below:

Well u have heard the clip, so what are u waiting for? Go and grab a seat! Rob a bank or beg to borrow some cash from family or music friends to catch the one and only Asia tour in Singapore...Who knows....when they will be coming back to Singapore again? Information on the music performance can be found below:

Music Event: S M V - Thunder Tour
Date: 19 Sep 08, Fri
Time: 8pm
Location: Esplanade Theatre
Tickets: Get it from SISTIC!!!

For more details, click HERE !!!

Having a chance to catch Sonny Rollins live performance in Singapore simply sends me a sense of excitment and craziness whenever I think of it. Man...Sonny Rollins is such a great cheeky jazz master who totally amazes me with his way of playing and showmanship. Yet he allows his band members to showcase their music talents when it's time for them to show off their soloist parts. A truly great master who knows the right time to bring great talents with him under his name. Given his age, I don't think there will be a chance to catch him again in Singapore.

Anyone know if Herbie Hancock came to Singapore before? Gosh... I wonder if he will be back in Singapore. So much to learn from a great jazz pianist like him especially for a piano learner like me. Anyway for those who bought the tixs for S M V thunder tour, enjoy yr ride with THE GREAT BASS PLAYERS soon....Bom bom bom... .

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