Friday, September 5, 2008

Djembe drumming Masterclasses by Grandmaster Mamady Keita from Africa

Latest updates (as of 05 Sept 08):

I was greatly inspired by the words and performance by Djembe grandmaster Mamady Keita when I did a search on him in Youtube. He was spreading the words of joy, peace, freedom & world harmony through his music and conveying the message to the participants that music have no boundaries. Below are two clips on the workship in Taiwan and performance by him:

If u guys still want to attend beginner masterclasses by him, its already fully booked due to overwhelming response! Well the finale masterclass is still available. So do sign up if u want to find about his life and music face to face!

Hey guys,

I had a whole of crazy experiences attending so many music events. Well I cant possibly go to I prob. go grooving non-stop. For latest upcoming BIGGEST music event, Baybeats Festival (featuring indie/alternative/punk music) is on 29th - 31st Aug 08 this month! Omg...its starting from 2molo! I will update more details about the Baybeats on my new blog post later. In the meantime, check out some drumming stuff below.

Had u attended the Wicked Aura in Zouk for their album launch gig previously? If u did, u would have witnessed and heard the most awesome crazy sizzling beat performances they have put in that nite! The most interesting part of the performance makes me remind of another drumming type - the tradition ethic drumming where we are back to the land of Africa where Afro-drumming, chanting and music playing with a bunch of Africans in the tribe is commonly found.

If u are into such Afro-drum beats, then get ready for a suprise! Why? The grandmaster Mamady Keita is coming all the way from Africa to teach u guys something abt djembe drumming!

So what exactly is djembe druming & who is this great djembe player? Click HERE to find out all about it!

Haha...better be fast! I will be the first few to grab a seat for the beginner masterclass....Man...I love those unique African beats. Someday I am going to use it for my future And details of the masterclasses are as followed (The information below is sent by Lila Drums):

Hi everyone,

All intermediate and advance masterclasses are full. There is still places for beginner masterclass and the finale masterclass. The man who makes the djembe speaks, Mamady Keita is regarded as one of the greatest djembe player of all time, don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend a class with the true djembe master himself!

Beginner Masterclass -total beginners-existing djembe players can also attend to refine your fundamentals
Date: 13th Sept. 3-430pm. Lîla Drums at Queenstown CC. Drums provided.
Fee : S$50, deadline on 3rd Sept 2008! (FULLY BOOKED! No Slots!)

Finale Masterclass-for all levels of djembe playing-Q & A with Mamady-learn unison rhythm breaks and traditional African songs-Mamady will perform a solo at the end!
21st Sept, 3-6pm, Lîla Drums at Queenstown CC. Drums not provided, add S$20 to rent a drum.
Fee : S$300, but due to high volume enquiries, we will reduce the price so its now S$200, deadline on 3rd Sept 2008!

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