Sunday, September 26, 2010

"COME CLOSER WITH KEWEI" Album Interview @ TAB Media Press Conference

Dear readers,
For our non-speaking Mandarin audience
who had been waiting to find out more about
the talented singer-songwriter Tay Kewei and her
the long awaited interview of her with me is finally

For the benefit for those who have never heard her,
here's her playing the song "Plastic Mannequin Love" from her album:

[Official Video] Please be Careful With My Heart - Beautiful Tay Kewei & 4th Finalist contestant for ABS-CBN’s reality singing "Star in a Million" Heart Throb Filipino Singer Christian Bautista MV where she and Christian Bautista sings in English and Mandarin:

U guys can also check out her few songs in the album and her song
covers of other artists @ the audio player widget sidebar at the top right corner on my blog.

Man my audio/video editor and I spent hours to go through
the process of listening and editing the audio interview. Tough
but worth doing! Hope to do such more interviews in future. :)

I can only imagine the effort required to edit video interviews
to be even more intense!

All in all, we wanted to present the best in Kewei's story 
with a personal touch rather than the normal boring interview stuff.
Afterall who wants to hear the facts where u can find it elsewhere in internet?

Music Playlist at

The audio interview was recorded in PCM 96kHz 24bit format on
a semi-professional audio/video recorder ZOOM Q3.

The edited audio interview presented here is in MP3 192kbps format.  

EVENT: Tay Kewei's New Album "Come Closer with Kewei" Media Press Conference
RECORDED DATE: 25 August 2010

If u listen to the interview,
some picture and youtube video
were mentioned in the interview.

I am still waiting for Kewei/her S2S music label company
to send me her youtube performance and picture.

Currently at the moment, Kewei is doing
a overseas music tour with some Asia Madopop star "Lee Hom".
So I guess I probably have to wait for a while
before I can get back to u guys.

She is also having her next album gig in October.
Details of tix purchase "Tay Kewei feat. Ein Ein" can be found @:

I leave u guys to enjoy her Mandarin song "可不可以" in her album as heard
in MediaCorp Radio YES 93.3FM below:

"COME CLOSER WITH KEWEI" album are sold in all major music stores 
in Singapore. For those who are overseas and want to purchase her cd,
u can find out more information on

Other media link news about her and  her "COME CLOSER WITH KEWEI" album

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