Friday, August 13, 2010

Sixx @ 4flo - Hip Hop Festival 13 Aug 10

Local hip hop band Sixx is performing 2night to
do some fund raising for a family whose family
member Mr Ahmad was killed in a freak accident

It's free!!! Come down and support them!

If u miss Sixx, u will be banging your
head on the wall for missing such an
awesome band.

Sixx is sizzling HOT on
stage presence and music!!!

Dont believe me?
Here's some videos about them
for u to decide:

Cost Free of Charge!!!
7.15pm - 8pm
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Sixx is dedicating this performance to the family of Mr Ahmad bin Lispa, who was featured in the first season of MediaCorp Channel 5's RenovAID, was killed in a freak accident on 16 July 2010.

...If you have read the news: a crane mounted on a lorry belonging to a landscape management company, smashed through a double-decker bus along Bedok North Road yesterday afternoon.

The casualties: 1 dead, 2 in intensive care, 6 outpatients.

He leaves behind his wife and four sons, 2 of which has kidney failure/problems, and the youngest son still in primary school. He was the sole breadwinner of his family.

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Cabbage soup is what Charlie's family had everyday, because they could barely afford anything better.

Their monthly income is barely 1k in a month, and this is with Mr Ahmad, putting in hours of OT at his cleaning job. With him now gone, his wife - Mdm Rokiah, really needs financial help to carry on... "

Sixx and Brown Sugar will be donating all funds collected in the coming weeks to the family direct.

Peace and Love.

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