Friday, September 3, 2010

Accompanying vocalist Tay Kewei for Asia Mandarin Pop Stars "David Tao, Lee Hom and JunJie Lin" finally launched her new album "Come Closer ! 郑可为终于发片了!

Tay Kewei our home-born famous yet
humble singer songwriter
is launching her first official music album launch
on 8 Sept 10.

This lady has toured with Asia Mandarin Pop Stars
like "David Tao, Lee Hom and our famous Singaporean
artist Lin JunJie" as the preferred backup and
accompanying vocalist for their music world tours.

I was invited to her media press conference for her
album launch at TAB on 25 August 10 and was treated
with a wonderful 3D visual and audio experience.

Of course I had a chance to talk to her. My impression
of her: Sweet, demure and humble lady with fiery music
passion in her heart despite her great music achievements.
U will know what I mean when u hear her songs in her album. :)

For those who do not understand Mandarin,
I am also in the process of bringing
u guys surprises for those who want
to know more about her and her album.
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I have a real small team here in terms
of music publicity and promotion.
So anyone who wants to help out
for my blog would be appreciated.

Videos about her, her album and
how she rose into star fame in
securing her first vocalist slot
to tour with Asia pop Star David Tao
are shown below:

Note: Microsoft Silverlight is required to view this video
and the video conversation is conducted in Mandarin.

Check out the press release of the post media press conference
event given to me by her music label company S2S (It's right
after the videos.

Video 1
<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="Tay Kewei finally launched her new album! 郑可为终于发片了!">Video: Tay Kewei finally launched her new album! 郑可为终于发片了!</a>
Xinmsn News Link in Mandarin:

For some weird reasons, I cannot seem to embed the second video on the same post.
I will post the second video in another blog post.

S2S Press Release for Post Kewei Press Conference as shown below:

August 26, 2010

25th August, Wednesday saw the successful launch of Come Closer… with KeWei Press Conference at the new concert venue, Tab, for her debut solo album Come Closer…with Kewei (可為). Warmly received by close to 40 invited media, industry friends and die-hard fans, Kewei (可為) performed two new original compositions from her album, “So in Love” and “This too shall pass”, pouring out her heart and soul with each note. Kewei also shared what each song meant to her as a song-writer.

Kewei (可為) and her audience were treated to a pleasant surprise from her overseas friends and long time collaborators, JJ Lin (林俊杰), Wang Lee Hom (王力宏) and David Tao (陶喆). Each artist gave his support and best wishes for her debut album launch. From David Tao (陶喆) who could not make it down for the press conference described Kewei (可為) as a “hardworking and talented singer song-writer and continue to persue her dreams”. Wang Lee Hom (王力宏) gave his support too and “admires her as a multi-talented performer and friend”. Fellow Singaporean artist, JJ Lin (林俊杰), offered his moral support to put Singapore music on the map”.

This was followed by a 3D showcase of her “live’ music video recorded in July made possible by Vue Networks. The audience was treated to a 3D experience using 3D glasses to enjoy the music video of “Plastic mannequin love”. This song is featured on her debut album, written and inspired by her love for the environment and is currently used for the NEA eco challenge campaign.

“Come closer…with Kewei” is a soulful R&B outing from Singapore’s rising singer/songwriter pop sensation that is slated for release on 8th September in Singapore will be distributed to Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia later this year.

This is a dream come true for the local singer who is looking forward with excitement and enthusiasm about her current slate of promotional activities for the launch of this album including a sold-out one night only concert at Esplanade on 27th August together promotional tours in Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia.
Described as a ‘multi-talented singer”, Kewei (可為) is set and ready to take Asia by storm.

Visit website: - or

About: S2S

The Company
S2S was founded by Ken Suzuki who was the founder of AVEX TRAX, Japan. S2S established in Singapore on October 1997 as an artiste management and production house.– S 2 S Pte Ltd. In 1999, S2S Inc, Japan was set up as a distribution, artiste management and publishing company in Japan, Tokyo. S2S Pte Ltd is chosen as the head office for all business functions such as the duties of communication, liaising and licensing on the behalf of S2S Inc, Japan. S2S Pte Ltd also spearheads the company’s business model and has expanded into Southeast Asia and other territories. It had discovered and groom local artist such as Mirai, Hanjin Tan and Olivia Ong into Asia.

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