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Band "Typewriter" Official Album Launch "Indian Head Massage" Gig Press Release - 17 Sept 10

<a href="http://typewriterband.bandcamp.com/track/hospital-nurses">Hospital Nurses by TypeWriter</a>

Band: Typewriter
Official Album "Indian Head Massage" Launch: 17 September 2010
Location: Home club
Time: 8pm with support acts Midnight Marvel and The Pinholes.

Cost: Free entry with "Indian Head Massage" CD shown at the door or $15 inclusive of a standard drink.



Indian Head Massage

Album Release Date: August 20, 2010

What makes a song resonate deep inside your soul? While the answer is purely subjective to some, one cannot deny that good songs often come with great melodies and lyrical integrity.

And these very elements - a passionate dedication for song-craft and heartfelt honesty - are the very epitome of the power-pop indie rock quartet, TypeWriter.

Formed in 2001, the band has journeyed through the past 10 years with various line-up changes and a vast catalogue that has been reworked with different contributions by its changing members. With its current line-up of Yee Chang Kang (vocals, guitar, harmonica and keyboards), Patrick Chng (guitar, vocals and keyboards), Desmond Goh (bass and vocals) and Redzuan Hussin (drums and percussion), TypeWriter is finally ready to finish this chapter with their labour of love - Indian Head Massage.

“We wanted to release an album around 2006/2007. Other than our day-job commitments, artistically, it just did not feel right to release the album then. We were still 'searching' for that last few songs. The final push came when we finished writing “Sunlight Takes Over” and “That Deepest Blue” - we felt really good about things and the chemistry was just right, to bring closure to the whole album,” explains Chang Kang, the band’s chief songwriter.

Not only are these two songs crucial to the fruition of the album, they are also the key tracks of Indian Head Massage. “Sunlight Takes Over” opens the album with fearless aplomb and a strong, uplifting message of finding hope in dark times. “That Deepest Blue”, which is the first radio single off the album, is another warm and infectious, heart-on-the-sleeves nugget about the hope that a great love could shower upon one. The album trail-blazes with great power-pop gusto on “Enemy”, “Details” and “Beautiful Knows”. There are also the mellower, heart aching, tender moments in “Cry So Well”, “Kinda Lost” and “Every Nite”. The underlying theme of the album is as such – Indian Head Massage, in the words of Chang Kang, is an album about “feeling hopeless, yet being hopeful” at the same time. Just like living life, it is all about HOPE.

“As a band, we are inspired by albums such as The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco. There is a lot of soul searching, and tonality to the songs on the album, they are all as thought-out as they possibility could. Every song has its own beauty, production values and space. We have also brought in an eclectic mix of instruments (violins, trumpet,accordion, theremin and mandolin) and guest musicians (Ken Stringfellow of The Posies/Big Star and Natalie Soh of Serenaide) to bring out the different flavours in the songs. For instance, in “Every Nite”, we managed to find Krassi Tasleva, a Buglarian music teacher living here, to add her wonderful accordion playing to the song. The album is really a labour of love. We hope that this honesty will transcend to the listeners, and they can be genuinely moved by it,” says Chang Kang.

And if you are wondering about the quirky album title, it all stemmed from an interesting,instructional DVD that Chang Kang spotted at Mustafa Shopping Centre about four years back.

“I like the irreverence of the title. At the same time, that cosmic quirkiness of the title does compliment the album. A massage gives relief and to me, songs work the same way. They provide solace and are a cathartic experience to both the songwriter and the listener. The songs on Indian Head Massage are songs of comfort, and there is also that sense of wonderment in the title. Plus, the title rolls off the tongue really well!” explains Chang Kang.

The album is accompanied with an additional disc - Extra Service, which consists of 8 band rarities. Indian Head Massage will be released on August 20, 2010, and be distributed by Universal Music Singapore. The band will be playing Baybeats Music Festival on 20 Aug 2010, and an album launch party is also penned on 17 Sep 2010 at Home Club. An exclusive TypeWriter concert, Late Nite @ The Esplanade, will be held on 28 Jan 2011.

For more information about TypeWriter, do contact us at:






Introducing TypeWriter

TypeWriter Biodata

Yee Chang Kang 38, TV Commercial Director ( The Shooting Gallery )
- Fronted his previous band, The Ordinary People from 1987 to 2000. Besides the demo tapes,the band had 2 proper album-releases. From 2001 onwards, together with Patrick, TypeWriter has been his main musical focus.
- For his day job, the best known TVC he has directed so far is the award-winning, M1's Mumbai India! TVC.
- Chang Kang is also an ardent indie film-maker, and he has written and directed a series of acclaimed short films, collectively titled - The Loners' Trilogy. He is now working towards his first feature film – Sunlight Takes Over!

Patrick Chng 42, Freelancer
- Probably needs no introduction. Patrick has been contributing to the local independent music scene since his days with The Oddfellows, one of Singapore's most iconic and beloved indie rock bands.
- A multi-instrumentalist, Patrick has been an avid member of the local music scene, producing and organising gigs, as well as writing about Singaporean music for various publications. After a stint as Senior Editor/Supervising Producer of MTVAsia.com, Patrick has been a music mentor to Noise Singapore, and a part-time consultant with Gibson guitars.

Desmond Goh 34, Artiste Manager ( 19 SIXTYFIVE )
- Desmond has been with TypeWriter since 2003. He also plays the bass in a very high-profile Singapore indie rock band, Electrico.
- Putting his great interpersonal skills to task, Desmond has been working as an Artiste Manager and manages a pool of music artistes for various media events and performances.

Redzuan Hussin 29, French Cuisine Head Chef ( Choupinette )
- Though the youngest member in TypeWriter, Wan as he is affectionately known, is no stranger to the local indie music scene. He has played with several well-known indie bands, alternating roles between the bass and the drums. For instance, in his other band - Moods, he plays the bass.
- He has recently been promoted to Head Chef at his French cuisine restaurant, Choupinette.

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