Thursday, September 30, 2010

Progressive Band Lunarin Presents - Duae: Show Number II Album Launch

Having played for more than a decade together, progressive band Lunarin launches their first full length concert "Lunarin Presents - Duae: Show Number II" on 1 October 10. Here's Duae Video Trailer 2 for Lunarin's Upcoming Album "Duae" below:

Here's the song Zero Point Red from Duae album:

<a href="">Zero Point Red by Lunarin</a>

Zero Point Red Lyrics
Bearing down the anger from the sun
Voices tell me that it will go round
(In circles)
Terra firma here beneath my feet
(is red soil)
Runs a trail of scarlet red

It starts from zero
Red marks the spot from here
To lay these hands down
cuz I choose to live
I choose to live
I choose to live

Bearing down the anger of a son
(Bearing down the anger)
An enemy or foe
but we are one
(you say)

Sleight of hand
What’s his will come to you
(sleight of hand)
A trail of blood will dry under the rules

It starts from zero
Red marks the spot from here
To lay these hands down
cuz I choose to live
I choose to live

It starts from zero
Red marks the spot from here
To lay these arms down
cuz I choose to live
I choose to live
I choose to live


Tickets are on sale at Bytes ( and The Arts House box office (

MediaCorp TV Channel NewsAsia Singapore presents Lunarin on the recording of their new album Duae on 28 August 2010:

Lunarin performing their new song "Coralline" from Duae album live @ Home Club
on 13/08/2010 below:

Singer and bassplayer Linda Ong talks about the inspiration behind the song, "Coralline", from the new Lunarin album 'Duae' below:

Catch Kevin Mathews (music website owner - Power of Pop) interview "Talkin' the Line with Linda Ong (Lunarin)". Video edited by Patrick Chng (music website owner - Walk On Music) below:

To Linda and Lunarin: I just want to say that u guys definitely deserve
all the support from people for your music. You have made us all think
about the political and deep buried honest dark emotions within our society. 
Most importantly, I like and respect your unrelentless passionate fire 
in music for keeping us alive instead of walking zombies in our lives. 

Catch Lunarin band members talk about the making of Duae album in the video below:

[ the space between ] from lunarin on Vimeo.

My Thoughts On "the space between" video:
Time @ 2:55 - Drummer Loo Eng Teck expressed that "U have to be very SHAMELESSLY AWARE of the fact that if U are not WILLING to PUT 100% OUT THERE WITHOUT any SAFETY NET, u are not GOING to GET ANYWHERE!"

Wow...that striked a chord in me. We singaporeans
are so protected by our Singapore system that we are
scared to give all out and take any risks out there.

The very fact that if we learn to take calculated risks,
we grow and improve in life. It is this risk that
Lunarin have taken to achieve so much MORE in LIVING OUT
their TRUE STORIES and get noticed in our small busy society.

Time @ 7:00 - Linda exclaimed that "Social classes makes me FURIOUS....
The fact of HUGE difference between the very poor and very rich.
Some people could be part of the elite class and choose to ignore it. 
U got people struggling at the bottom and trying to meet endless means."

Isn't that what life is all about? We are all being "labeled"
with different social class status in life. If we can learn to put
all our indifferences aside and start caring more for our own
fellow Singaporeans, brothers and sisters in regardless of social
class status, this world will be filled with more love and care. 

Yaya...I am being idealistic here...but then again, this world
would not have existed without all these idealistic pursuits in 
compassion and sympathy.

The world would still probably be in chaos and Singapore will
still be under the rule of of Japan colony if Amercians choose
to ignore us during World War II. (Just citing Amercia as an example only). 

The very fact that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (Japan) in August 6, 1945 took place allowed us to be free from the DARK all because of one word "COMPASSION". 

It also made Japan realise for the suffering of their people caused by their bad karma deeds. 

Be kind to people! The same kindness will come back to u! :)
Not asking u to be SUPER KIND and start donating all your $$$ to the poor. 
Just start caring more for people around u daily.

Just be aware of swindlers and cheaters and check people out first before
people take u like a fool for your kindness.  

Ok...there are so much more I want to say. But I think I will leave it
when I meet Lunarin @ the concert. 

Haha it's funny to me that I am pretty quiet and "un-noticed" in life but I got so much to express and write.

I guess that's why music is so close to my heart. It always has the ability to express my emotions and thoughts fully as compared to simple speaking words. :) 

Ok...that's all folks! :)
Tata hope to see u guys in the concert!
Don't forget to buy the tickets!  

Tickets are on sale at Bytes (


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