Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tribute to Gopal and Fundraiser (15 Aug 10)

Dear readers,

For those who are currently or used to play music,
remember the times when u get inspired by
musicians or music lovers who just come into your
life and change your perspective on music as well
as your outlook on life?

Yea...then u share the same sentiments
with local blues guitarist Victor whose
drummer Gopal inspired and
changed his music life.

Below is a story of how Gopal
changed his life the moment
when Gopal played with him:

P.S. For the benefit of those who've never met him before, how about we share some anecdotes about our man? There's a length limit on wall posts so if it's long just send it to me and I'll put it up here. I'll start the ball rolling...

"It was another Saturday night along Prinsep St at Roomful of Blues, where we were doing our usual blues jam thing. Feeling rather uninspired on this particular evening as jams occasionally are, we were sort of plodding along, trading licks rather aimlessly.

In walks Gopal, barefooted. My first thoughts were that he must have been robbed of his shoes or something. Turns out he was walking in the Thaipusam procession(!) and decided to drop in for a jam...we hadn't jammed in a while and to have him drop in unexpectedly livened things up. The evening suddenly became a rip-roaring blues orgasm as we engaged in our usual musical tomfoolery.

When we were done, he went back out to re-join the procession just as suddenly as he came in. From that day onwards I could never look at Thaipusam the same way ever again. Amongst the buckets of milk, kavadis and devotees in trances, I keep thinking there has to be a blues drummer itching for a jam somewhere in there."

Feel touched? Want to listen to
music videos of Gopal? :)

Here's some interesting songs for u
to handle the hot sizzling situation
when you gets into BIG TROUBLE
with your girlfriend/wife

When your girlfriend/wife keeps aruging and refuses to believe that
u are not being unfaithful to her especially with all those deadly rumors
that her "bitchy" friends keep telling her about your affair with the sexy
ladies in your workplace or bars that u visit and meet frequently.
Sing her this song "Hush Hush" by Jimmy Reed below:

And when your wife blows up when you really pisses
her off despite your lousy attempt to explain your innocence, 
sing her this "Mellow Down Easy" song to cool her down:

If all fails, then use this song "Mojo Working" to charm your wife 
with your vodoo power:

When she is finally charmed, sing her this song "Idolize U" to show
how much u love and idolize her:

Enjoying the videos, right?
The sobbing part comes...
crying....sob sob.

Gopal passed away. What???!!!
Such an inspiring musician had
left the world???!!! :(

Sad...but here's something
that u would be able to do something
for his family in the upcoming fund
raising event.

Below are some words of Victor
that he want to say for the fund raising

Hey folks,

Gopal was the drummer in my first blues band and about as colourful a character as you could ever ask for in your first band. His unabashed passion for the music and fun-loving approach to drumming probably shaped my perspective on music as well as my outlook on life.

He left behind an elderly mother who had been taking care of him in his poor health for the last few years when he was unable to work. Their financial si...tuation wasn't great and the bunch of us blues musos are putting up a tribute concert to raise funds with 30% of the FnB takings going to her, which she could definitely use. It would mean a lot to me personally if you could attend and buy a beer or pizza.

In return, I can offer some insight into how my musical life got started with our motley crew as our first band will be getting together again to do some of Gopal's favourite songs when he played with us. Hope to see you there.


My Thoughts:
I am sure that some of u guys have families and might even be
the sole breadwinner. And if u are gone, u would be worried 
for your family. Who is going to take care of your family
in Singapore?

So let us share our kindness to light up and bring
a little warmness to his family and the world
by showing up at the fund raising event:

Details of the event as below:
Fund Raising Event: Tribute to Gopal and Fundraiser
Date: 15 August 10
Location: Timbre Substation
Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm

U can also find out more information from the facebook link below:

Last but not least,
I leave u guys a tribute song to Gopal
by the local musicians below:

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