Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Singapore Too Many Music Events!!! 20 Aug 10 - 22 Aug 10

Whoever says that Singapore is a culture desert have to
think again.

Singapore simply has too many music culture events happening!!!
I wish I am a ninja where I can spilt myself into different
forms to watch all the performances. But I can't go
to every single one.

So here are the highlights of the major events
happening tonight and the rest of the weekends.

20 Aug 10
Celebration @ Marina Bay (Free): http://www.singapore2010.sg/public/sg2010/en/en_celebrations/en_performances.html
Alicia Pan will be performing tonight 7 pm - 745pm.
Is she worth watching?
Check out my post link about her (with music videos): http://www.musicnewalbum.com/?p=625
Furthermore Taiwan Artist Singer Zhang Dong Liang (Nicholas Zhang) will be performing
Where music lovers gather to watch the music performances:

21 Aug 10
1) Play your part and support the cause of foreign workers in
this free music concert to raise awareness for NGO Migrant Voices:

2) Sixx: A Live DVD Recording @ TAB. Check this hip hop band where
simply crazy blend of musical ideas and sounds fly all over your body:
Cannot decide if u should go? Then check Sixx link (with music videos). That
should help u make a decision:

20 Aug 10 - 22 Aug 10
Singapore Baybeats 2010 Music Festival (Free)
Celebration @ Marina Bay (Free)

So many events....almost free.
What are u waiting for?
Bring your friends and rock the stage
with them!!! :)

I bring u the last news...below:

Who are the performing artists and bands
from the various countries in the Baybeat Festival 2010?

They are listed as below:
Perfoming Artists & Bands for Singapore BayBeats Festival 2010

SUCHNESS once ruled the airwaves in the mid-1990s when "Spellweaver" was voted Best Local Song by popular radio station 91.3 FM. Plans to record its full-length debut came to an abrupt halt when frontman Noel Yeo (Vocals/Guitar) left for studies overseas. Now the four-piece returns with its unique brand of energetic, guitar pop for one night only, fourteen years after its last performance.

Fishtank’s unique punk-ska sensibility was fresh, immediate, weird and exquisite – a cacophony of melodic intricacy tempered by a quirky, childlike enthusiasm. 2001’s albums Souvenir Novelties & Party Tricks hurtled towards jaded, unsuspecting music fans at warp speed.

RUDRA is a well-known name in the South East Asian Metal scene. The band was formed way back in 1992. Since then the band has never looked back or stopped its activity in the Metal scene. The band evolved from being a humble Death Metal band to the 'founders' of a new metal genre called Vedic Metal. To date RUDRA has released 5 full-length albums which have won critical acclaim in different parts of the world.

With a line-up that hails like a who's who in the Singapore indie-rock scene, TYPEWRITER could easily be touted as an indie superband. The band owes its musical influences to the Pop-Underground movement which includes inspirational songwriters like Big Star, Weezer, Wilco, Guided By Voices, Aimee Mann and Elvis Costello.

LUNARIN consists of Linda Ong, Ho Kah Wye and Loo Eng Teck. They have been playing together for more than 15 years. Initially inspired by grunge bands such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, they have since expanded their musical horizons to create a soundscape reminiscent of the progressive art-rock/heavy metal stylings of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Mastodon coupled with the lyrical sensitivities of PJ Harvey and Tori Amos.

Cosmic Armchair
COSMIC ARMCHAIR is an Electronic Pop duo based in Singapore that has their music distributed internationally. Cosmic Armchair’s unique brand of electronic pop music has been described as “Trance with a New Wave feel”. In their latest album, A Different View, Cosmic Armchair combines dance and future pop influences with thought-provoking lyrics and driving beats in 5 fresh and original Electronic Pop Songs.

Created in 2006, ELEKTONE has been busy guesting for notable visitors to Singapore shores such as Jens Lekman, DYKO, IGO, Goodnight Electric and Montag. Codenamed de_selecta, themes of the ELEKTONE sound is intimately pegged to the love+hate/forgiveness+revenge equation. Coupled with their computer-aided manipulations, crying guitars, coaxing synthpads and a stable of beats, ELEKTONE has progressively made significant changes to their ‘live’ setup to streamline their bedroom creations into forms of realism.

Celina Foo
CELINA has held aspirations of becoming a successful singer-songwriter since weekly singing competitions at her grandmother’s when she was five years old. Armed with her 90s-style brand of music and her ability to translate the inspiration she receives from listening to an artiste into original songs, Celina hopes the experience of this showcase will bring her closer to her dreams. Celina was mentored by Kevin Mathews in TAP2010.

4 Imaginary Boys
4 IMAGINARY BOYS is a deejay collective described as “Bobby Gillespie with 2000 John Peel records at a secret disco party for punks in pumps. Following indie night residencies at Liquid Room's SoundBar and at Barbaablackchic, the Boys have been spotted behind the decks at Butter Factory, Cocco Latte, Q Bar, House and, Zouk's Flea & Easy. They are ARC, Cloudy J, 4Nik8r and Half Biscuit.

Jon Auer
JON AUER is co-founder of the power pop band The Posies, along with Ken Stringfellow. Auer and Stringfellow have also been a part of the rejuvenated Big Star. Auer was a founding member member of Sky Cries Mary. As a solo artist, Auer has released an EP, 61/2 and a full-length record on the label Pattern25 called Songs from the Year of Our Demise. Auer is also a producer. Auer will be performing 1 solo set and as a guest artist for local band Typewriter.

David Choi
David Choi is a Korean American musician and youtube video producer living in Los Angeles. He usually performs a mix of original songs and covers of pop hits. As of April 19, 2010 Choi is the 14th most subscribed musician on YouTube and the 82nd most subscribed overall, with 273, 866 subscribers and over 6.2 million channel views. His humourous song “You Tube, A Love Song” has received over 2.5 million views.

Mixhell comprises of Igor Cavalera (drummer of legendary / seminal thrash metal band Sepultura) & his wife Laima. They will be having their debut performance for Baybeats right after their performance at Glastonbury Music Festival.

Handsome Furs
HANDSOME FURS is an electro punk indie rock band from Montreal, Canada. The band comprises husband/wife duo Dan Boeckner, from Wolf Parade and Atlas Strategic, and Alexei Perry. The band signed on to Sub Pop Records in late 2006, and released their first full-length album, Plague Park, in 2007. The duo also star in a new original travel web series, "Indie Asia" produced by CNN.com that premiered January 21, 2010. The weekly documentary series follows the bands travels in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

Hugely popular with both musical hipsters, for the brilliance of their compositions and performances, and with rock and roll party animals, for their wild, out of control pop frenzy, Hedgehog’s music is approachable and unique. Percussionist and vocalist Atom (阿童木) is a tiny girl who just barely peeps over the top of her drum kit but who bangs out explosive rhythms like a monster possessed. Bassist Box (博宣), punches out the tight bass lines that hold the songs together while seeming lost in oblivion. Guitarist and vocalist ZO (子健) slashes out huge waves of chords while jumping, twirling, staggering and even falling over several times during his performances without letting up for the slightest pause.

Modern Children
MODERN CHILDREN was formed in the winter of 2006 in Hong Kong. Chih (Guitar/Bass) who was greatly inspired by indie-pop band Belle & Sebastian roped in his twin brother Tony (Drums) and subsequently found other members Kenneth Tsang (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), and Jimmy Cheung (Guitar/Bass) through the internet. The band’s use of unconventional instruments like toys and effects brings their music to a different level.

ChicoSci (often spelled as Chicosci) is a 5-piece Filipino rock band based in Manila. The highly-successful debut record established Chico Science as one of the forerunners of the new generation of rock. The album “Revenge of the Giant Robot” spawned hits such as Amen, Soopafly, and the MTV hit, Sink or Swim. This album was also nominated to the prestigious Awit Awards for Best Rock Recording. Their first-ever music video Sink or Swim, directed by Lyle Sacris, also won as the Best Directed Video for the 2001 MTV Pilipinas Awards. Later on, they decided to change the name Chico Science to ChicoSci, in order not to be confused with the Brazilian singer.

Carlos Castaño
Singer-songwriter Carlos Castaño draws influences from names such as John Mayer and ray LaMontagne. He has just completed his first solo album “City Light Soundtrack” at Kerplunk! Studios in Makati with production of the album headed by Kelvin Uy of Angulo and Pat Jalbuena. Prior to this full album, he previously released a six-song CD.

The Camerawalls
The Camerawalls is an indie pop band based in Manila, Philippines formed by Clementine (Clem Castro) of the defunct band Orange and Lemons on September 10, 2007. A continuation of his songwriting prowess that manifested in his earlier works, Clementine (guitars/vocals) now collaborates with Ian Sarabia (drums) and Law Santiago (bass) to become another significant group in the country. With the release of their debut album "Pocket Guide To The Otherworld" on July 3, 2008 under Clementine's own independent record label Lilystars Records, The Camerawalls became an example of a remarkable music production in true indie spirit in The Philippines.

Techy Romantics
When the Techy Romantics start playing, the beats begin breathing, guitars come a-stirring, vocals creep in, and then the songs, they just come alive. There’s just this powerful surge of energy that nobody can resist. That cosmic force is exactly what greeted Ryan Villena, Dondi Virrey, and Camyl Besinga that Sunday afternoon in mid-2008, when the three, for the heck of it, decided to jam. In less than a month, the Techy Romantics had written enough songs to fill the usual gig sets.

The Standards
Thai-British band The Standards were formed in June 2007. They have since launched themselves to become one of the more recognisable indie bands in the Bangkok music scene. Ayu, Mc and Nit make up the Thai half of the band, while Matt Smith and Paul Smith complete the British half. They describe their music as somewhere between Kasabian, Blur and Chas n Dave!

de…connextor started out as a side project, grown from Bangkok-based indie band REVENGE OF THE CYBERMEN. While the band is essentially a duo, they often perform with guest artists so every gig is slightly different. They sound like an electronic mis-mash of their influences Ladytron, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, M83 and The Horrors.

The Brandals
Formed in late 2001 as The Motives in urban polluted Jakarta, The Brandals are Edo Wallad on vocal, Bayu on Lead guitar, Tonny on Rythm guitar, Doddy on Bass and Rully Annash on Drums. They spent most of 2002 rehearsing and performing their own materials, as well as classic Rock n’ Roll standards from The Who, The Stones, Hendrix, Kinks, some Pistols and The Clash. Early 2003 saw Edo leaving the band but introducing Eka Annash (Rully's older brother) to the line-up. As the band gained more new fans in the subsequent years, their album sales rose to dramatic numbers of 35,000 copies nationwide in Indonesia.

Established in 2003, SANTAMONICA is the brainchild of duo Joseph Saryuf and Anindita. Describing their sound as the musical version of a trip down to Alice In Wonderland adventures, it is an eclectic mixture of pop, bossanova, electronic, and classic waltz which drawing influences from Astrud Gilbeto, Antonio Jobim, My Bloody Valentine to classic Disney soundtracks.

An Honest Mistake
This 6-piece rock band from Malaysia writes catchy tunes with poppy choruses. In 2009, An Honest Mistake rocked several music festivals in Malaysia as well as played the circuit in popular live venues like Laundry Bar, Urbanattic and The Library. They are set to take 2010 by storm, having just won VIMA 2010’s Best College Act Award.

Car Crash Hearts
Catchy and dynamic punk rock band Car Crash Hearts was established in 2008. To date, the band has released a full album in Malay as well as an English-language single. The name Car Crash Hearts suggest how their music should be. They wear their expression on their sleeves and are always a little punk, a little rock and a lot of fun!

Kyoto Protocol
A band that everyone has a hard time describing (and a much easier time enjoying), gusto rock group Kyoto Protocol has come leaps and bounds from their humble beginnings piecing together splinters from two separate bands in 2008. Drawing their influences from bands such as Pearl Jam, Sonic Youth and The Clash, Kyoto Protocol wowed the judges at Yamaha Asian Beat Competition in KL, proceeding to the National Finals where they finished as the runner-up. Kyoto Protocol has also played on stages of varying sizes, from intimate sets at No Black Tie to the festival-sized Rock the World 9. Thematic, unconventional but deceivingly catchy, Kyoto Protocol, like their namesake, is divisive yet utterly undeniable.

Prema Yin
Prema Yin is no stranger to the music industry in Malaysia. Having launched her EP, “Eyo Eyo” in August 2009, she has thus received great reviews from the local media. The press has dubbed her as the upcoming “Rock Princess” of Malaysia. She was the winner for NTV7’s Malaysian Topstar in 2004. Although she was awarded a recording contract, she declined the offer and dived straight into building her experience and knowledge in the music scene.

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