Monday, August 9, 2010

Music Documentary on rock music scene in Singapore: Radio Station Forgot to Play My Favourite Song

Hey music lover or readers out there,

its been a while. Have been pretty busy and excited.
Nowadays I am getting more music invites and emails
from musicians, companies and other cool musicians
even from USA!

So some little updates here:
1. Writing a music review on Slash Guitar Contest for Ruder Finn Asia
after that contest in Hard Rock Cafe.

2. Went to watch Angie Mattson (USA songwriter)
play at the bar/restaurant TAB.She's a
real friendly cool chick to talk music and chill out.

Those who have not been there, u should really check out TAB!
Its such a cool place. Somemore
it's a venue for supporting live original music.

3. Had a crazy cool time enjoying Jeremy Monteiro
Jazz Trio and Singapore Chinese Orchestra concert
playing original songs.

One People One Nation One Singapore
(national song composed by Jeremy Monteiro) was being jazzed up
by them. Made some new connections with marketing/publicity staff of
Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Guess I will have to help
them publicize a bit more on their interesting concerts here :)

Talking about music scene in Singapore,
I chanced upon this music video documentary
on the contemporary rock music scene.

I decided that its a good thing to share
the real situation about the music scene
in Singapore instead of relying on mainstream
media only.

The mainstream media don't necessarily
reflect the truth and sometimes
serves as propaganda to the government.

For those who are in mass communications
industry or currently studying mass communications,
u would know what I meant. :)

I shall not say no more.

Enjoy the video and see the music industry players
and people!

Of course subscribe to my music blog
if u like my stuff. :)




"Radio station forgot to play my favourite song" is a 23-minute documentary on the contemporary rock music scene in Singapore. It features commentary from and footage of renowned DJs, music critics, industry bigwigs, producers and musicians.

Director : Gavin Chelvan
Editor/ cameraperson : Siau Che Sheng
Sound editor : Billy Tan

Gavin, Che Sheng and Billy, all 25-year-olds, first met at the School of Communication and Information, NTU, and quickly bonded over a shared interest in social commentary and a passion for rock music. Fans of the Singaporean rock community, they decided to pool their collective talents in video production to create an account of the state of Singapore rock music.

Gavin is currently involved in producing programmes for MTV Asia. Che Sheng is a trainee teacher with the National Institute of Education who produces short independent videos in his free time. Billy works as a sound engineer and is currently involved in producing programmes for Singapore television.

Dr Pieter Aquilia was the project supervisor for the documentary.

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