Monday, August 9, 2010


Hey Guys,

its national Day!!!

For Singaporeans and our nearest
Singaporeans who are living overseas,
U guys must be missing Singapore a lot.

For some who think that Singapore sucks
(eg high rising flat rents, living expenses
all going up and Singaporeans
Kiasu-ness attitude and some even not showing
graceful behaviors in public), I share
the same feelings "How am I going to live
in Singapore like that?".

But no matter what, I hope for real
radical changes in Singapore instead
of just complaining everyday.
Do something about it.

And if u think whether if it's worth it,
think again.

Below are youtube performances of
some local musicians/artists
performing covers of our National
Anthem "Majulah Singapura" that
might change your mind.

Singapore still deserves a place in
our heart! :)

Our famous and talented Inch Chua Singer Singer Songwriter rendition

Improvisation Demo by Eric Lee (I think it can be jazzed a bit more)

For Singaporeans who are living overseas...
A rendition done by our young Singaporeans
reciting the National Pledge and singing
the National Anthem song

And our Singapore song is even flying
high in the name of international
soccer competition FIFA WORLD CUP!!! 
Sung by Olivia Ong
(a Singaporean artist who went to Japan
for her singing career and recently
came back to Singapore. Now she is
developing her singing career in Taiwan)

Last but not least,
I leave u guys with a beautiful ac capella
version of "One People One Nation One Singapore"
done by local accapella group E's choir back in 2009.
Song composed by Jeremy Monteiro (Singaporean well-respectd
International Jazz Pianist)

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the love and take care! 


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