Friday, August 20, 2010

Esplanade Presents BayBeats 2010 (Music Festival): 20 - 22 August 10

Dear readers,

I believe that u have seen the banner of Singapore BayBeats Music Festival
on my music blog.

Want to know more about the festival and audition bands
who passed the auditions to play tonight and this weekend?

Find out through the media publicity information
(by Winnie, staff of Esplanade) sent to me below:

Esplanade Presents
Baybeats 2010
20 – 22 August 2010
For more information, please visit

Presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Baybeats is an annual three-day alternative music festival held in August for free. The three main performing stages include the Baybeats Arena (Outdoor Theatre), Powerhouse Stage (The Edge) and the Chillout Stage (Concourse). Additionally, there is a series of up-close-and-personal interview sessions at the Observation Deck (Library@Esplanade).

Into its ninth edition, Baybeats has been recognised as an edgy and eclectic festival that discovers young, trendy and dynamic independent Asian artists and is an essential destination to experience the spirit of alternative music in Asia. With a diverse selection of quality performances from Asia and around the world and featuring a wide spectrum of alternative music genres, the festival attracts not just local audiences, but international musicians and music-lovers to Singapore too.

Held from 20 to 22 August 2010, Baybeats 2010 will feature over 50 free performances by 36 bands from 10 countries as well as eight local bands that have made it through the Baybeats Audition to make their debut at the festival. In addition, Baybeats also covers an exciting line-up of alternative genres from folk (e.g. Carlos Castano), to electronica duos (e.g. Elektone, Cosmic Armchair), electro-punk (e.g. Handsome Furs), metal (e.g. Rudra), indie-pop (e.g. The Camerawalls) and even a myriad of different rock bands (e.g. ChicoSci, Kyoto Protocol, The Brandals, Hedgehog).


2010 marks the fourth year of the Baybeats Audition which seeks to profile local bands that have never been presented at Baybeats and progressively prepare them to be showcased at the festival. These bands went through two gruelling rounds of auditions to be selected to be presented at Baybeats. The 8 Audition Bands are:

Run Neon Tiger
Channeling song writing vibes of The Killers and melodies of The Strokes, Run Neon Tiger’s own brand of tuneful indie rock is very much a sound to behold. Complementing Paddy’s distinct vocals is Jude who provides rhythmic guitar chops over Ben’s perfectly timed bass lines & Christian’s frantic drumbeats. They may be a new band but with an ardent fervor to perform missing this talented quartet would be the biggest mistake at Baybeats 2010.

Meltg Snow
Since 1999 Zach (Guitars), David (Guitars), Lord Insanity (Vocals), Bexxx (Bass) and Adrian (Drums) have been plying their dark arts in the Asian Goth-Metal scene. With a characteristic aggressive sound replete with intense vocals, these arcane lords have been spreading their metal psalms around the region and winning over a faithful following from as far as Thailand. Their “Black Penance” album has even been picked up and is slated to be released by an international label followed by a 2010 tour.

Duxton Plains
A forward thinking ethos coupled with their diverse musical background is what sets Duxton Plains apart. Comprising of Adil (drums & vocals), Iman (bass), Zan (guitars) & Sulaiman (guitars / vocals), though Duxton Plain’s fusion of frenzied riffs, insightful lyrics juxtaposed with the positive splendor of metal, emo & hardcore (to name a few) deviates from the normality’s of conventional songwriting but never at the expense of catchy melodies & pop-infused lyrics.

The Zozi
With a debut album titled “Hilamony” (their version of Hilarious Harmony) you know you’re in for an aural treat with The Zozi! Inspired by musical luminaries such as Morrisey to Ramlee Sarip, the Zozi’s upbeat tunes & simple comic-esque lyrics have never ceased to put a smile on many a punter’s face. Infusing a surf punk attitude with neu-bohemia rock, The Zozi have performed their songs about their daily lives at gigs such as Radioclash ‘08 and last year's DiskoPapan held at Cloth and Clef, Kuala Lumpur. Proving that these live wires are an act not to be missed.

Barely two years old, Cockpit’s showmanship at Baybeats 2010’s audition proved that age ain’t nothing but a number as they won over a new legion of fans. Fusing storyteller-esque lyrics & theatrical arena rock posturing they were part compelling, part entertaining. Comprising of Johnny Danger (Vocals/Guitars), Sludge (Vocals/Bass), the Collapse of Uncertainty (Drums) and Psyence Fyktion (Vocals/Guitars) these rock opera-tistes are indeed a force to be reckoned with this Baybeats 2010!

Basement in My Loft
Basement In My Loft is a power trio, still trying to find a comfortable genre. Comprising of the vocalist / guitarist Adrian Jones, Bassist Zhong Ren and adding some beat clout is Mr Lightning. Drawing influences from a gamut of bands like Fugazi to Neil Young, Johnny Cash to The Jam summing up their sound as “Beat-writer's spiritual melodic grunge grind” would come close. Nuff’ said, so Listen. Engage. Change something.

Reminiscent of a light breeze during a picture-esque summer holiday, Postbox’s pop / rock tunes takes you on a toe-tapping journey. Combining the collective musical talents of Ariff (Guitar), Isa (Bass), Adzim (Guitar), Hussein (Drums) with the unmistakable voice of Samantha, their cheery lyrics juxtaposed with catchy jangle guitar melodies has clearly defined them as one of Singapore’s leading indie pop darlings.

Comprising of Weiwen on vocals, Safith on drums, Nicholas & Joey on guitars & Leon on bass, this diverse quintet have been busy promoting their post hardcore sounds since 2007. Playing numerous shows around the island has seen their impressive fan base grow from leaps & bounds. It’s no wonder as these manic scene-stealers are a sight to behold when they’re on stage. Their latest release; The Silver Lining showcases their ability to craft provoking lyrics with tuneful melodies making them an act to look out for at Baybeats 2010!

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