Monday, November 24, 2008

Personal Thoughts on DJing music?

Hey guys,

I am really happy to see that more Singaporeans are helping local musicians in Singapore. Recently I just went for Denon DJ workshop in Republic Polytechnic. It was really an eye-opener to see our one and only Denon Ambassador Brand DJ Razaq and his fellow helper DJ Timo (Resident DJ of DLBo) giving us an introduction to DJing workshop. I must say that I had a lot of fun doing scratching and pressing the buttons on the latest Denon DJ equipment to "mis-mix" the groovy hip-hop sounds....Yo House Music. To some, u might not consider DJs as musicians. But I think as long as they are producing or composing music, I feel that DJ are also musicians.

Coming back to DJing, I have heard of bad DJs mixing music. It totally sucks. Can u imagine that u are dancing half-way through the music when there is an abrupt change of music from the first sound track to the next sound track??? It totally kills the mood!!! Maybe...that's one of the factors why one of our famous local clubs closed down recently in Singapore. Alrite I am not going to name the club. U guys should know. And I am going to kill the next DJ who don't mix properly (just joking). DJs out there...pls learn to mix the appropriate tempo and chords between different tracks properly to avoid scaring customers like us away.

For inspiring DJ wanna-babes and hunks, U really have to work yr way up into the DJ industry even if u have the talent. DJ Razaq and DJ Timo had their ups and downs too. I really respect Razaq for his sheer determination. He actually self-taught himself and went to watch how DJs were doing all those mixing & scratching where DJing was considered as a secret music skill-trade market among DJs back in the old days. DJ Razaq also teaches his own personal DJ mentoring course (for a few years) to inspiring DJs. What's the difference??? U actually have OJT (on-job-training) with DJs in local clubs!!! Such invaluable experience...where can u find???

Razaq is such a busy guy who goes around touring and DJing in various famous clubs in the world. If u guys are waiting for Razaq to start the DJ course, u will have to wait for a while. Those interested for the course, just email me. Who knows??? If the response is so good, he might consider starting the course earlier. In the meantime, I will keep u guys updated if he is ready to launch his next session in DJ mentoring course.

It's also heart-warming to see our DJ Razaq (who is also the Group Entertainment Manager of The Emerald Hill Group Pte Ltd) searching for young music talents to play in one of the new outlets in his company. I have recommended D'Fusion (a local music-duo band who I met in the Songcraft Songwriting Circle gathering) to him. Hope that this news will inspire more musicians to improve themselves in Singapore.

If u guys have any local or international news about our local musicians or upcoming local music events or any venues which promote Singapore Music, contact me via email or leave me a msg in my tagbox. Singapore Musicians...u guys are also welcome to send me news or happenings about your latest album launch, events or anything related to music in my blog.


Do come back soon to watch out for the upcoming news on our international song-writer Corrinne May.

If u guys are wondering who's the people in the picture on top: It's DJ Timo (Left), Me (Center) & DJ Razaq (Right).

Signing off
Yr dearest Music Blogger

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