Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Corrinne May Newsletter - November 21st 2008 (Asia)

Hey guys,

In my past blog post, I promised that news of our international Singaporean song-writer Corrinne May will be posted up here if u guys have been following faithfully to my blog. Anyway Kavin Hoohas (Corrinne May's husband and music producer) have just released his first solo instrumental album 'A Moment in Time' and Corrinne is featured as a singer in some of his songs. A great peaceful tune in one of Kavin's tracks "Forever Yours" (free download in his Corrinne May's newsletter below to find out where to download). She also co-wrote a song " Stranger" for 'It's My Life' musical concert in Nov 08 - Dec 08. Interested parties can buy tixs for the musical here.

Without further ado, here's the latest newsletter from Corrinne May:

Dear friends,

It's been a little while since we last spoke and I wanted to just write a little note to update you on what I've been up to. Some of you have wondered if I am going to be back in Singapore for a concert any time soon. Well, I'd love to, hopefully, sometime next year. I'm also working on getting a book of piano scores to my songs done.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some new music that I've been a part of. For the past few months, my music producer and husband Kavin Hoohas been working on his newest solo instrumental album, 'A Moment in Time'.

For those of you familiar with Kavin's music, you'll know that it's the type of music that reaches really deep into one's soul and tugs at the heartstrings. It's the type of music that makes my heart soar. It's piano instrumental music at its very best.

Kavin's previous 9 albums, have done very well at the American-based Target Stores nationwide,under the COMPASS records label. This newest album, titled 'A Moment in Time' is his first album for our record label Pink Armchair Records and we're both excited to share it with you.

I'm honoured that Kavin asked me to sing on five of the songs on his album. You can hear samples from the record, including two of the songs featuring my vocals 'Pilgrim's Journey' and 'The Winding Path' and even download a free song at

For our friends in Singapore, the album is being released by Warner Music Singapore and you can now find the album for sale at all good music stores in Singapore :) For our friends in other countries, The album is now available for pre-order at a special price at
And yes, we do ship to every part of the world.

I think the music on this record is the perfect soundtrack for this Autumn season of reflection and introspection and I hope you'll agree :) (it also makes a great stocking stuffer)
My personal favourites on this album are the sweet strains of 'Hush Little Baby'and the very touching 'Miracle of Life'. Also listen to 'Revelations'. Very evocative, emotional, visually-rich music.

The other piece of news for those of you in Singapore, is that I've recently co-written a song titled 'Stranger' for the 'It's My Life' musical which opens in Singapore at the NUS University Cultural Centre from the 27th Nov. to the 7th of December. It's a very meaningful musical and I'm honoured to be able to contribute a song for it. Read more about the musical at this link

Thanks for listening :) And I'll update you on more news soon.

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