Thursday, November 20, 2008

Music News on 14th Singapore Hit Awards 2008 - MediaCorp Radio Network

If u guys are looking for some latest news on a local music award in recogition of Mandarin Pop Singers in Asia, the news on "Singapore Hit Awards 2008" from MediaCorp Radio should interest u guys.

Do come back and check out the video of a live music performance under TCS TV channel 8 by our very own local singer songwriter Sean in my upcoming future blog post. Apparently he was featured and nominated as one of the artist entries for "BEST LOCAL ARTISTE" in Singapore Hit Awards back in 2002.

Now it's time for u guys to read some news on music. Credit goes to MediaCorp Radio Network for the information provided below (Source:

Singapore Hit Awards 2008

The 14th Singapore Hit Awards was held on 25 October (Saturday), 8 pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Organized by Y.E.S. 93.3FM, co-organized by Channel U, and supported by RIAS, the Chinese pop music event presented awards to outstanding talents including Taiwanese rock band May Day, Hong Kong artiste Eason Chan, Malaysian vocalist Fish Leong and music industry newcomers Yoga Lin, Jade Liu, Joanna Wang, and Wu Jia Hui.
Eason Chan was one of the biggest winners of the night, taking home prestigious awards like Best Performing Male Artiste, Asia Media Award (Male), Album of the Year, and Outstanding Regional Artiste (Hong Kong). Popular Taiwanese rock band May Day, best known for their infectious music and stage presence, won Asia Media Award (Group) and Best Stage Performer. Local singer-composer Tanya Chua was awarded Best Local Artiste as well as Best Composing Artiste.

The music awards also acknowledged promising newcomers of the industry, presenting the Outstanding Newcomer award to local singer Wu Jia Hui and overseas artistes Joanna Wang, Aska Yang, Jam Hsiao, Yoga Lin, and Jade Liu. Up and coming Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin also won POTP (Pick of the Pops) Artiste with Most Chart Hits and Most Acclaimed Artiste of the Year for his fast-rising popularity in the industry.

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