Tuesday, November 25, 2008

THE AMPS Concert featuring local songwriters of the theme song in our famous local movie "881" - 28 Nov 08

Hey guys

remember our local hit movie 881? It was a really touching movie to me especially on the part where one of the sister was losing her hair due to cancer. I am sure that u guys will have a faint impression of the theme song...it makes me remind of the Chinese lyrics in the song which can be translated into Singlish "each person get half of the pie...feelings won't spilt"...lol. Anyway the song-writers who wrote this theme song will be performing in Esplanade this coming Friday 28 Nov08. So do catch them.

News featured below from Esplanade:

Dreamed up by well-known homegrown producer/songwriter/guitarist Eric Ng and made up of members who are individually established music-makers, The AMPs is a bilingual collective that delivers uniquely re-interpreted English pub favourites and Mandarin chart-toppers from the likes of Jolin Tsai, A*Mei and Tanya Chua, in addition to their self-penned originals such as the theme song for Channel 8 drama serial The Defining Moment, as well as their contributions to hit movies 881 and 12 Lotus.

The AMPS are Eric, charismatic singer/songwriter Ngak, backing duo Clement Yang Xi and Brandon Khoo, regular hard-rocking performers at Hard Rock Café, Wala Wala and Timbre, and ex-Dreamz FM member and singer-songwriter Jim Lim who has toured with superstars such as Lee Hom (Wang Li Hong), JJ Lin Junjie and A*Mei for their worldwide concerts.

Source to get tickets: http://www.esplanade.com/whats_on/programme_info/amp/index.jsp

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