Friday, November 21, 2008

Free drumming session gathering on 22 Nov 08?

Looking for some free drumming session this weekend? Look no more as a drumming session will be held on this Sat 22 Nov 08. Please sign up at to register as a member and rvsp if u guys want to go.

The details are as followed:

HangOut With The Beat Junkies!

Hey Beat Junkies!!!!!!
We are back again for another session of drum happYness..!!!!!!!!!!!
Pls bring your drums that day.....or any other hand percussions you may own as we have some members who do not have their own instrument as they need our generousity in sharing.

Sharing is caring and the more the merrier... For this next drum sessh...we are hoping to come up with some new beats.

So if you would like to help us in Creating New Sounds..pls share with us some of your compositions as we would love to hear from you. And I strongly encourage those who are more experienced in their genre of music to share with us some of your skills and techniques..this way..the education goes round like a cypher...keeps on turning..
Some of us may be pros and some just let the learning and creating of music carry on...and on...


Those serious may want to purchase your own pair of drumsticks as a start. Price ranging from: $8 -$16. Go to Bras Basah Complex or any nearest music store you can find. If you are purchasing,you may want to start on the cheaper ones for practice purposes. We most prob will be showing some drumming basics with the stick-if you are interested to learn,we are willing to teach...See it as an investment for future drum sessions.

For Non-Singaporeans:
If you are taking a cab,just say East Coast MacDonald's to the cabbie. It'll be easier that can take the cab from Eunos Mrt Station. Or if you're from Town(Cityhall),go by ECP to East Coast beach okay...
Pls...I beg you pls.....DO NOT BACK OUT LAST MINUTE okay.... Unless its an emergency,like your cat died or granny sick,family crisis,school project deadline or the President is visiting you that kinda thing..other than that... Pls try to make it once you Rsvped Yes..okay. I gurantee you won't regret it...

Alright then...From Leoni & Asaro,
Peace out Compadres!
Pls contact us if you have questions or even for direct confirmations & directions:-

Date: 22 Nov 08
Time: 1800 hours
Location: East Coast Beach
1000 E Coast Park Service Rd


How to find us: "Asaro will be holding the Brazillian Flag."


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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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