Saturday, May 30, 2009

'Sound Advice - Symptoms of Sound' A Vocal Workshop by Amanda Colliver (Vocal Coach for Nicole Kidman/Ewan Mcgregor/ Hugh Jackman) - 7 June 09

Poster and information provided by Verve Music School:

Join Amanda Colliver, veteran vocal instructor behind the stellar performances of Superstars Hugh Jackman in Beauty and the Beast andSunset Boulevard, and Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in Academy Award-winning Moulin Rouge in Sound Advice- Symptoms of Sound VocalWorkshop!Sound Advice- Symptoms of Sound Voice Workshop presents to you bulk ofepiphanies that offer insightful discoveries about the inter-relationship between speaking and singing, including the effective use of vocal techniques to communicate intentions that trigger desired emotional response from audiences.
'Sound Advice- Symptoms of Sound' Vocal Workshop is happening on June 7 (Sunday),
A: 3-5pm & B: 5:30-7:30pm at Verve Music School located in
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6,
Blk 713 #01-4040 (Walking distance from AMK Mrt Station/AMK Hub).
Please refer to the following for a rough program synopsis:
Areas covered in the Workshop by Amanda Colliver:
1) Placement (tonal quality, support, projection, range)
2) Register Changes (chest/head)
3) Styles and their differences (genres)
4) Speech and singing (their relevance to each other, safe singing)
5) Psychology (performance anxiety)
6) The X factor (interpretation, communication)Other areas that may be explored in the workshop includes...+ Identifying and correcting the common mistakes (`Airy' voice, Dull/Monotonous Voice, Lack of Stamina, Pitch problems while switching registers) to produce a more effective verbal speech and compelling singing voice.

+ Condition one's mind to effectively utilise the voice to correct the bad singing and speaking habit.Tickets should be purchased from Verve Music School, at either $15 (observer), or $40 (participants) . Participants will get direct advice from Amanda Colliver herself, attaining some valuable enlightenment with regards to your voice.

About Amanda Colliver
Amanda Colliver has 25 years of experience in vocal instruction, garnering superlatives from her co-workers such as world-famous Musical Directors, Pop artists, actors, dancers, Speech Pathologists and Yoga teachers.The humble veteran from Down Under had performed with the Symphony Orchestras of St Petersburg and Novosibirsk, and worked as a vocal coachfor Miss Saigon in Korea. Her extensive knowledge in this area of performing arts enabled her to be actively involved in Singaporean theatre productions such as Cabaret, Forbidden City, Little Shop of Horrors, The History of Singapore, Beauty World and Jaques Brel by Sing Theatre. For more enquiries about the workshop, please e-mail to , or call Joyce @ 6554 4097

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